An outdoorsy type, I enjoy many things in life, movies, food, music, beer, a few books, great people and excellent friends.

I tweet via my Twitter, maintain my LinkedIn profile, and a profile on TED.

I enjoy listening to U2, Hans Zimmer soundtracks and more at my last.fm profile.

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Creative Commons LicenseI like to know where and when my work is being used/published. Please contact me and I’ll be more than happy to allow use of anything, just ask me first!

Blogs and sites…

The original super blog blog o vfowler is at http://vfowler.blogspot.com – censored folk who cannot access the blogspot domain, try http://feeds2.feedburner.com/BlogOVfowler

I work/ed on other websites, including Teach ESL with Technology, Steve Curtain’s Eucalypt Productions and the Southern Cross Free Trappers site. In November 2010 I started as the Web Analyst for the ADIN website.


Plans for another trip to Italy are always on the back-burner…

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