portrait photo of Vernon FowlerHi! I’m Vernon, a Digital Library User Experience (UX) Specialist designing inclusive digital services.

I help Deakin University Library design inclusive digital services with empathy for user wants & needs. I’m passionate about user research, from analytics to interviews, communicating with user groups, measuring impact of changes to experiences, collaborating on complex problems, sharing insights and recommending improvements based on data. Best practices and culture shifts interest me too.

I was an English Second Language teacher in my second career, starting from Japan where I first blogged. That blog forms the script for a trilogy of Running Bull productions films starting with Japan – a year in the life.

I am a flickr enthusiast, the family computer saviour, a hiker, cross-country skier, climber, a father, a good husband. I travel when the opportunity arises. Born in Melbourne, Australia, I live in a nearby suburb.