CSS Zen Camp

I’m excited to introduce my CSS Zen Garden. As well as completing this assignment for my university studies, I also intend to port some elements of the design to the Free Trappers website that I work on. Hopefully it suits the pre-1840 era of mountain men and fur trappers for the group involved.

I’ve wanted to make my own CSS Zen Garden for ages. In making this garden, I’ve definitely expanded on my skills in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and especially Fireworks. Filters > Other > Convert to Alpha – is the best process I found for treatment of the photographs. An understanding of what the HTML id and class attributes are, is essential. Along with that, a solid CSS knowledge, and an eye for good design will go far toward creating a good CSS web page.

If you’re thinking this is for you, be sure to:

  • make sure you check out plenty of winning designs that have been submitted to the pool – visit all designs for the thumbnail gallery
  • learn (what not to do) from bad designs – it pays to spend a few minutes looking at the other designs that didn’t make the grade
  • follow Dave Shea’s resources, FAQ, and his posts on the design process and implementation (in the garden)