new features on

I am pleased to announce that we now have a gallery on the Southern Cross Free Trappers website. It can be accessed directly via or visitors can simply click the new 5th menu link, aptly titled ‘Gallery’.

In order for an event to appear in the gallery, I simply need to add a ‘gallery’ tag to it. There was no point in simply adding all the past events as some do not yet have photos.

There has also been a couple of small changes to the Events page. It now shows all upcoming events ordered from the nearest to the most futuristic. Also, the sidebar has been completely stripped off to simplify the content presentation even further.

Finally, printing the newsletter will now produce a great hard copy product. The presentation in print media should look great now with photos/illustrations and their captions appearing centred (as on the website). See a PDF of Around the Traps – vol 23 for instance. Although a paragraph may spill over 2 pages, everything else should avoid a page-break.

I hope you like these new features.

Updates: 3/10/2010 –
Navigation bar received a text size-up. The Gallery is now also full width, with pagination in the footer area. Newsletter Archives has been given a major overhaul and now features a thumbnail image and an extract from each newsletter. As always, it’s free to subscribe.

Updates: 17/10/2010 – A revised home page was developed. The old design included the complete latest newsletter. From studying the Google analytics reports, I realised that there was no way to determine whether visitors were just looking at the site in general or genuinely interested in articles from the latest newsletter. This revamp has not only reduced the load on the home page to an excerpt of the latest newsletter, but also added the next few upcoming events in the side column. Finally, following ideas from Jeremy Keith’s book HTML5 for web designers, the code has been cleaned up a little and a start made on HTML5 semantics.