on the road

Bolivia's dangerous roadIf like Jack Burton, danger is your middle name, then try some of these world famous most dangerous roads. On the other hand if you want a more laid back Australian pace, then rent a car and drive our famous Great Ocean Road.

A word of warning for all tourists thinking December is summer and it should be bikini weather 24/7 – sometimes you will need more warm dry clothing. And another thing, apparently the windscreen wipers and indicators are on the other side of the steering wheel in England. The question is though: Why? Answer: I’m not sure, but it certainly has been amusing during both today’s trip and yesterday when we were visiting Phillip Island.

to see the penguins on Vimeo

Using the tourists in town as a good excuse, I can’t recall whether I have or haven’t ever experienced this amazing journey myself. With Hong, Kate, Gill and myself cruising in the rental, we soon joined up with Boyun, Chi-he, Orapin and Chris.

First stop was the Erskine Falls, a lovely little spot just 8 kilometres off the main road. Beware: You’ll need more than the best Korean shoes to escape the disturbed trees.

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The morning’s weather was shite. However it did improve as the day wore on. I had the B52s in my head as we cruised down the highway. Down on the beach front there’s nothing to do but jump! The random pick of sites I thoroughly recommend include:

No longer is it embarrassing to have my friends from overseas proclaim they have completed several laps of the Great Ocean Road when I couldn’t tell if I’d been or not. Whatever you do, make the opportunity. Don’t miss Australia’s world famous Great Ocean Road.