Packaging and the Premiere


packaging dimensions

Poor packaging can lead to poor sales and interest from intended users. Generally most multimedia products are packaged as CD-ROMs inside a shrink-wrapped box approximately 9 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches deep.

Your product is only as saleable as its wrapper. Packaging needs to entice as well as inform, while remaining true to the essence of your product or service.


Vital elements to be included on the front of the product packaging are:

  • An eye catching graphic
  • Clearly visible title
  • Logo of the publisher
  • Logo of the developer
  • Genre of the product should be obvious
  • The intended target age of the users
  • The platform and operating system the product runs on
  • Any slogans and product blurbs

front cover - Disney print creations movie collection


Information on the back of the box can be more technical and descriptive of the product. Items on the back of the packaging include:

  • Details of the minimum system requirements required to run the product
  • Contact information, such as address, phone, email, website
  • Copyright notices
  • Barcode with inventory control number
  • Screen shots to give customers an idea of the look and feel of the product
  • Blurb and highlight points
  • Information about other products by the developer (cross selling)

back cover of Tomb Raider Underworld

CD-ROM and slip cover insert

Avoid cluttering the CD-ROM face with too much information. Space is limited, and it isn’t helping to sell the product. Best keep it brief but attractive. A slip cover insert can contain some promotional as well as instructional information. It might have the product key or a serial number for installation purposes.CD art - Age of Empires 3
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The premiere of your product is as much a marketing event as a release from all the hard work done on the project. Some things to consider for a successful product launch are:


  • Draft a premiere plan, at least a month prior the big event. Studio 1151 has a premiere plan form.
  • Organize invitations and remember to invite:
    • Key stakeholders
    • Project investors
    • Media representatives (for publicity)
  • Organize marketing materials, including handouts, banners, balloons, etcetera.
  • Organize refreshments, entertainment, waiters, etcerea, and have speeches written and rehearsed before the event.