Rhythm is a dancer

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A visual tempo or beat. The principle of design that refers to a regular repetition of elements of art to produce the look and feel of movement. It is often achieved through the careful placement of repeated components which invite the viewer’s eye to jump rapidly or glide smoothly from one to the next.

In any artwork, it is possible to distinguish between rhythm of color, line, and form. In the continuity of the three comes the whole rhythm of that work.

Rhythm unites the visual culture with music, but in visual culture, rhythm is more evident in the applied arts than in the fine arts. In the former, it is often the foremost means of aesthetic expression.

via ArtLex on Rhythm.

Rhythm exercise

On an A4 sized page, create a rhythm with great variation. Use vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines, dots, squares, and type.

Although creating an A4 page, I used Fireworks to create these rhythms. It seems easier than Photoshop at handling, positioning and aligning a larger number of objects. For text, I’ve attempted both an Eastern flow with the Chinese words for “my love”, and relied on the trusty Lorem Ipsum generator for Western copy.