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(Until I did the math for the purpose of this article, I didn't realize just how small that budget is.) Cheap Grocery List For The Month It also appears that our lunches and dinner look very differnent. What Dishes Do You Need to Get Started? In hopes to cut down on the food we purchase. I think people assume you’d have to exist on beans and rice {and who wants to do that} to stay within a budget of $100 a month for groceries. But it’s so freeing to look at my list and say OK. It is my personal goal to get Brian to gain at least 20 pounds. If I get food for free, I’m going to tell you about it. If I “run into the store” I spend $40 every time, these days. They’re good, but not enough volume for men and boys, in my experience. Thanks for that:) Found your post from #brilliantblogposts. According to Business Insider, the average American household spends anywhere between $314-516/month on groceries, depending on the cost of living in a specific location. Ricky always wants it for his birthday. Basmati rice However,I have a meal rotation that includes snack. Download a free printable grocery list to help manage spending only $100/week for groceries. Free $100 Grocery List for a Week Printable. Love, love, love this! I have found that food, being a necessity, is a little more precious when incomes are lower. Just from this first post, I can already see a few differences. Do you include this in your weekly grocery budget? Here’s the video-. Beef burritos with salad. Not all of their products are good, but those that we have tried and liked go into my pantry/fridge regularly. 2. I love reading your blog for gardening tips and online deals and will continue to do so. It isn’t very filling, kind of like cereal. Thanks so much for sharing! To combat boredom, we develop a menu and choose meals from it. Learning so much from this blog thanks for sharing, do you have a strategy for how you look for the cheapest items of food. I know living 20 miles from the nearest grocery store doesn’t necessarily require scaling back to once-a-month grocery trips … but between the distance and our monthly budget strategy, it just evolved into what it is! Article from Now, a little background: the Cheap Food Here family follows the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover very closely and have worked hard to get to Baby Step 4.Our food budget for two people is currently $500, which includes $300 for groceries and $200 for eating out. Which we were gonna try in the next paycheck, but no it had to be that day. There was a Irish breakfast tea deal I posted a few weeks ago {6 boxes of 50 so 300 bags total} for like $5.65 or something. Because I have such a comprehensive grocery list when I shop, I can usually buy groceries for two to three weeks. Sure! And hopefully you all won’t be bored out of your minds by the end of the year because of all my suggestions on ways to trim your grocery budget. If I could decrease my food expenses, I could afford to have someone in to clean once or twice a week (I have mobility issues and hate that my teenage kids are picking up the slack for me) and to afford more enrichment opportunities for them. You could (and should if you are new to this) write it down, but I have mine memorized. Pita bread Buy the ingredients for at least one extra meal, just in case. We also Home school. I did leave a couple of breakfast items off the list, even though they are prepared pretty regularly at our house. Ricky, my younger son, likes to fry ham and eggs, then eat it with a batch of sticky rice. 1 Month, $100 Budget, Zero Gluten: My Grocery List & Recipes. I could never survive on a bagel and cream cheese alone for lunch! I like to start at our local thrift grocery. Love your blog and have also wondered “what do they eat? He is usually hungry for a snack at his scheduled “lunch” time (around 10 AM), but he usually waits to eat his actual lunch until he gets off. Chicken dumplings. Apr 18, 2015 - A 1-month meal plan for two people that requires only one grocery trip. All that to say, an urban area like DC would cost me a little more- maybe $60 bi-weekly. The $15s and $9s I had added to the chart were making me get to $100 much to quickly. Now, a little background: the Cheap Food Here family follows the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover very closely and have worked hard to get to Baby Step 4.Our food budget for two people is currently $500, which includes $300 for groceries and $200 for eating out. Olive oil Teas “Healthy 8” chopped vegetables (stir fry with chicken, simmer with red curry sauce) I made chicken soft tacos for dinner tonight {for 4 people and only used 1 chicken breast {plus had a wee bit leftover for Lucy}. That means I only go grocery shopping twice a month. They fend for themselves as soon as they are taught to do so responsibly. They can be a good thing. However, I have often felt overwhelmed by how poorly I must be shopping if someone else can spend only $100 per month on groceries for their family. I really learn a lot! French cultured butter One of my goals this year is to reduce my expenses for food and to stop the waste. I am having a no spend month this month, eating out of the pantry, but in February, I will try to have a $100 per month challenge also! I am a huge milk drinker and survive on snacks. She’s no fool. Our current budget is $65 a week or about $260 a month. NOT RIGHT!! As for whole foods, they are expensive but they also have good deals. It can be done!!!! Blessings! Head-to-Toe moisturizing balm (best foot smoother!) One day without a salad and steamed veggies and raw fresh fruit and I am ill. I am pleased to see this. 🙂. We eat a TON of those, and during the winter months, they are the largest part of our spending on groceries. The price of eggs have doubled in a year, and don’t even get me started on milk. Visit Fundamental home's profile on Pinterest. Pouring a gallon away on what is essentially a snack food seems wasteful to me. The $200 Per Month Challenge. Getting fresh vegs makes that difficult, so I’ve decided to experiment with growing some of them during the winter. OK.  To be entirely honest, we buy them for others. I hope you will come back again really soon! Just like a restaurant will develop a menu of the dishes they plan to serve, and you can choose from those dishes for a meal, I want you to have a menu to choose from when you plan your weekly menu plan. Other than that, we drink water. And I know you make a lot of desserts, so maybe you just didn’t this past week. If you save this list, you can easily use it when you do your once a month grocery shopping at ALDI. We are doing a Low Spend Month challenge for January, and I am trying to get by with $169 for the month. I want to find stuff for 50 cents or 79 cents too!! That’s more carbs than most would prefer. After reading this post, I won’t feel that way anymore. And I’ve recently started the menus and planning and no spending unless needed or a great sale. We have a $300 grocery budget each month for our family of five (there are six of us but only five of us eat solids). For instance, I might make one box of macaroni and choose and add two boxes worth of elbow noodles to stretch. I think they just like having a hot lunch when they get home rather than a cold one at work. Well I used it to pick up some milk and a jar of chicken base and then used the remaining balance to top off my gas tank. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, only a basic, everyday list. It’s not complicated, though. I also assume when your garden is in full swing, you eat a lot of the fruit you grow. I have been subscribing to your blog for a year now and out of the many blogs I subscribe to, it is the only one that I consistently read. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That’s an interesting perspective. I see recipes all the time that call for 1.5 lbs of chicken for 4 people; when did that shift from 1 lb or even 1/2 a lb? Some folks don’t believe it, but it’s 100% true. My meal planning has shifted quite a bit. Monkey Boy, well he’s decided he’d rather BUY his own lunch then take something from home {I’ve given up trying to convince him he’s throwing his money away}. Below is everything we bought, which ends up being a cheap grocery list for the month. I am glad you are joining me here . I wrote a post previously with a great list of online printable and grocery coupons, coupon and rebate apps to save you money. The way your family eats at meals simply would not work for our family. It helps me to feel less guilty. I noticed the meat portions are tiny. One local grocery store regularly discounts their deli meat to under $3 a pound. You don’t have to eat ramen and hot dogs (or even have them on your menu at all) to stay under budget. You can find those at thrift stores or look online. I need to do some research into rutabagas!! This past week my total out of pocket was only $18.89. If you click the “Home Finance” tab, and scroll down, you can see every part of this series. Dinner always consists of a protien source (meat), at least one veggie and a starch (rice, potatoes, noodles, etc.). Cottage cheese Based on my overall budget, I set aside $100 each month to spend on groceries. We just don’t eat like that. It’s sad, but true. I love the Friday Freebie from Fred Meyer!!! I wasn’t too excited about going either, but I found lots of stuff, granted not all everyday stuff. Glad you are enjoying it! A lot of people don’t think about free food at work, or from friends, or from bartering. Dinner – Leftover soup I found in the freezer, Breakfast – Pancakes and bacon Shop your pantry first (use what you have), only buy what’s on sale at the lowest cost, and make do. That means I only go grocery shopping twice a month. Once you’ve got the basics in, you can then start expanding to include more complex meals and comprehensive meal plans. First and foremost, I shop at Aldi. Make do. Thank you for sharing! Cuban black beans and rice. As always, you rock! This is AWESOME! I don’t buy a lot from Whole Foods (still using a $50 gift card I got over a year ago). And i am also curious about snacks. I made the family a smoothie consisting of ‘brown cow’ yogurt, banana and the leftover homemade cranberry sauce (apricot jam and cinnamon included). Great post! We have tried a few of the TJ’s frozen pizzas, but seem to just default to Costco’s Kirkland pepperoni pizza (4 pack). That cost is for two people. With these tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to save at least $100/month on groceries. Perhaps it is a phase. Now, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know those are 2 stores we rarely shop at. How I Feed My Family of 5 For Under $100 Every Month: Part 1 The Fundamental Home Faith , Family , Food , Frugality , Grocery Budgeting May 25, 2015 August 28, 2018 50 Comments Before I begin, I want to give you some background information on our journey… Before I go shopping, I look in my freezer, my refrigerator, and all of the cabinets to see what is missing or running low and I make a list. I am so excited for this new post to help get into your money saving mindset by actually seeing what and how you are providing groceries & meals for your family! I still have plenty of food to eat, but I will probably need to buy milk before the month is out. I know living 20 miles from the nearest grocery store doesn’t necessarily require scaling back to once-a-month grocery trips … but between the distance and our monthly budget strategy, it just evolved into what it is! If I cook there are usually enough leftovers for the whole week. Luckily I’ve learned how to successfully maintain a $300 monthly grocery budget for my family of three and stick to it each month. Proteins, like chicken or beef, tend to be the most costly items on the grocery list, so build a meal plan around items that are on sale. And if we don’t have significantly more veggies included in our meals, my husband’s biochemistry and mood goes seriously off. Thank you Mavis for doing this! If I had smaller children, it would be. I’m doing the best I can. I will also usually snack after dinner, whether that’s dessert or just a candy. On work days, I eat a morning snack around 10:30am (I try to have it be fruit or a rice cake with almond butter or banana bread or something healthy, but sometimes it’s not) and I also have an afternoon snack around 4:30/5pm (I don’t usually eat dinner until 8pm or later because I have a long commute and work out a couple times a week or have other things after work). We have a kind of “continental” style arrangement for those meals. If you’re not familiar, it’s a grocery store that does things a little differently. I am so glad you are doing this! Any food I bring through our door this year is going to be reported to the best of my ability. But, I know we will be eating or freezing the items in there this week – ham, soup, polenta (I had no idea I would have this much leftovers tonight when I followed the recipe), etc. I have Walmart, Target, and … I was tempted to enter a day or the week’s worth of meals you noted into an app like MyFitnessPal to see how the nutritional composition/vitamin content broke down….my first guess was that there would be some gaps, but honestly I might be wrong there. What exactly is included in your weekly budget? Aug 20, 2016 - This is a meal plan and grocery list, as well as how it all comes together to feed 2 people for 100 dollars a month. Buy in bulk– Although the upfront cost of membership may seem daunting, club stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s are excellent places to stock up on grocery and non-grocery goods. Ouch. I definitely do not drink enough water on weekends! I’m so impressed by your budgeting! Ha! We are in Utah and boy do I get sick of oranges and apples all winter long. I don’t think I could get my total that far down grocery prices in my area, but I do try. My daughter also has a few TJ’s favorites, such as the precooked breaded chicken cutlets that she keeps in the freezer for an emergency meal (chicken, pour a good pasta sauce over it, sprinkle with mozzarella and bake until heated through). The Fundamental Home Faith, Family, Food, Frugality, Grocery Budgeting June 1, 2015 August 28, 2018 Grocery Budget, Grocery Budgeting, Grocery Shopping, How I Feed My Family of 5 for $100 Every Month, Meal Plan, The Fundamental Home 44 Comments I am so glad you are doing this again. I have to say, I do enjoy a bowl of cereal at Christmas And, to be honest, there are times when I MUST have a snack, and it must be Cocoa Pebbles. She is a great cook! I love this and I’m looking forward to stealing some great ideas. And you’re right, the packaging is wasteful, AND it’s way too expensive. Long story short, you needed to sign up and buy a certain amount of meat to get it, blah blah blah. Breakdown of Monthly Food Expenses (During the months with 5 weeks we just make it work) I am going to follow along for some inspiration! Family of 2.5 (kid is 3 so it’s not much food) is about $100 a week with 1 week of about $150-180 due to household stuff. My menu is fairly loose though and not set in stone. You can see my grocery hauls. Who doesn’t love free food? And most people are thinking inside the small box of the grocery store. Now that we are prepared with a menu and our list from the inventory, we are ready to head out the door. My advice to save is the same as it is with other foods. How I Kept My Vegan Grocery List Under $100 . Kiwis seem to be available in our area for quite a while. That gets us most lunches and 99% of breakfast stuff. Then, I head to Aldi’s for basics. My goal for this year is to try keep track of our actual grocery budget, and do a better job of actually planning meals for the week. I also try to use milk thoughtfully. Now that the meal plan is in place, the next critical step is to make sure that the … I will go cry in the corner now. That gets us most lunches and 99% of breakfast stuff. Almonds By Ally Willis Friday, July 08, 2016. Family of 2.5 (kid is 3 so it’s not much food) is about $100 a week with 1 week of about $150-180 due to household stuff. Even though I do things differently I always come up with a few new ideas. So far so good. Freebies we’ve been gifted or were earned in 2016:  $200. In the long run I think living off a $175.00 per month meal plan is ideal for my lifestyle. It’s interesting that you mentioned food that goes bad – because I just finished reading “American Wasteland” by…Jonathan Bloom (Christmas gift!) Thank you for the kind words! I stuck to this number by learning to check store ads, writing out meal plans and grocery lists, keeping track of which stores had the best prices, and by using cash back apps. Not Mavis, but if she is like the rest of us who did extreme couponing, she has a lifetime supply! But I’ve kept my minimal grocery routine with a super simple 1-2-3 routine. It helps! It's not budgeted into our $100 Diet, but it's a good idea to use it whenever you can. I stumbled upon your videos, and have been watching them for a bit now. You can follow us on YouTube at “The Fundamental Home” if you want to catch up. I wasn’t surprised I kept talking through the break. I’m aware that this is somewhat low, but I’ve seen lower and I’ve seen higher with some people spending $700+ each month on groceries alone. It was a blessing! Thanks for all the added detail this year!! I’m going to attempt to break down what we eat on a daily basis and stick it in my weekly grocery show and tell post. Go HERE to read more Shopping Trip Stories. At Christmas, we always buy our children each a box of their favorite cereal (or one they have been wanting to try). All food brought into our house. Well I’d use anything. Some weeks more than others. If we have the ingredients, and she is inclined to make it, we have it. Like on my birthday. . (Until I did the math for the purpose of this article, I didn't realize just how small that budget is.) We can either spend money on food or health and dental care expenses. When it is $1.99 a pound, I buy all they have and freeze some if necessary. And, if you need a grocery list, print this one out…. Eat On A Budget Living On A Budget Frugal Living Tight Budget Frugal Tips Frugal Meals … I know. It seems like they go up every month. Going to the grocery store less often saves money by reducing the number of impulse buys or purchases you made before you really needed it. Lunch – I have no idea First and foremost, I shop at Aldi. I have Walmart, Target, and Giant Eagle close-by (so products that I can get from these 3 places). Thanks for commenting I think when moms think about creating a menu, they can get weighed down by the drudgery of trying yet another organizational method. Most all of us get freebies throughout the year, whether it’s bartering with friends, bringing home extra food from an office party, knowing someone who has extra garden produce, a friend who hunts, and so on. My hope is, we can all work together and find a way to eat more, by buying less. Soda is not her favorite. We are still keeping it low, but not this low. Cut the black pepper in half, at least, if you are unsure. (During the months with 5 weeks we just make it work) How Much We Spent on Groceries and What We Ate – Week 33 of 52, Mondays with Mavis – How to Feed Your Family for $100 a Month. Luckily, we are here to give you the rundown on how you can cut your grocery expenses down. If I want to get chicken for less than $.50 @lb and get all that nasty skin and bones on it, they said very degrading. Mavis, where does all your tea fit into your budget? Guys, I need some help. Thank you for sharing your testimony. 665 votes, 446 comments. Spinach is up first. This section provides a grocery list and a 3000 calorie sample meal plan for three different weekly grocery budgets - $50, $75, and $100 per week. Lunch – Bagel and cream cheese If you are looking for recipes, I always use Pinterest. I shop at Trader Joe’s regularly. It was a big hit and tasted similar to cherries. Write it down. What about fruits/vegetables with your meals? You can easily print this chart by clicking it. So if we took the average of that ($0.75) and multiplied it by our 2 meals/day for both of us, our monthly food costs would come out to about $90. Reduced sodium soy sauce I have the app from Kroger and I click/load it on my value card. 2. The thing is, he goes into work between 5 and 6 AM, and gets off around 1. Compared to most of American society, {and like 99% of our friends and family} spending under $100 a month for groceries seems impossible. I’ll keep a running tally at the bottom of my weekly How We Spend Less Than $100 a Month on Groceries post so you can keep track as well. What do you think? The next month, we slashed our grocery bill in half and started spending only $50 per week on groceries. Happy to have found your site. Thanks for adding it to this week’s Our Simple Homestead Hop! The other forgotten item is biscuits. Where I live the fruit and veggies tend to be higher but our prices are generally lower here. No time for that. Once you have a list, you can move on to the inventory, which I will write about briefly. I would much rather have leftovers than a hot dog any day. I am glad we could be an encouragement to you! lol. I think sometimes leftovers have a bad reputation, but we appreciate good leftovers here. $100 a month is a bit more of a challenge. I hope it’s a blessing to you. In my recent article in the Globe and Mail, I’m on track to be mortgage-free by 31, the most common question I received was how I could possibly survive on only $100 a month in groceries. Maybe I need to breakout a spreadsheet, lol…my nerd side coming out. I missed section one. Project Food Blog Week 1 – The $100 Challenge VIDEO: Can you live on $100 per month for food? Thanks for commenting! Any tips for a diabetic that is only allowed 1 starch a day, and that has to be whole grain/whole wheat? Also, yes, the mandarins/cuties/clementines/etc., plus whatever apples are still available. . Plus, we have a one year and figuring what the heck he’ll eat from day to day is probably going to drive me to an early grave. It’s very freeing to not have to plan all three meals. That’s a little over $10 per person per week. Some weeks we eat for fruits and veggies than others. I like that your dinners are all different, not rice and beans and beans and rice. I’m Amanda. For food prices, I took an average of the past three months of data (March, April, and May 2014) provided by the United States Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is not just about our budget. At the class I had on Friday, it was asked if we eat cereal. I’ve also read that they actually get their products from name-brands seen at other stores, but the products are labeled with the TJ’s logo instead, so basically you’re buying name-brand pita chips in a non name-brand package for 50% of the price. Rick and Brian do heavy lifting all day at work. I spend at least $100 a month on those things for two of us. Having a running inventory in my head helps me to think ahead and make things last. Other comments: I am always looking for ways to make my life less stressful! that I’ve been collecting and see how much that saves. My stand-by meal is a meat, a pasta (or rice), a potato, and veggies. And freeze? Basic Grocery List Dos & Don’ts. It seems like you score your meat from Zaycon. Brian has never had a cavity, and Briana has only had one. Hang out with Mavis & Lucy right in your Inbox! Dinner – Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, Breakfast – Cream of Wheat It was over $1000. And I keep a list of the food I have on hand. #1- Breakfast and lunch aren’t regularly planned at our house. Baking powder I am looking forward to all your posts. I grabbed that with an Amazon gift card I had plus my mother gave me 2 Republic of tea canisters {100 tea bags} and a bunch of random “complimentary” teas for Christmas. Yes we eat fruits and veggies. If you save this list, you can easily use it when you do your once a month grocery shopping at ALDI. My goal for breakfast is that it is quick, easy (including clean-up), and stress-free. #3- Lunch doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Build a budget-friendly fridge and pantry Lunch – PB&J Yet this month-long experiment has been good for me. If you have any suggestions for us singles, please post! Potato and egg frittata. Hello from Mostly Homemade Mondays. I get in a food rut, and my family gets bored. I’m looking forward to this series. Food Waste In America - Free Fruit, Yes Please! There is tea in my house for guests or illness. Pecans / candied pecans It’s very time consuming but I do feel thankful to be able bodied and to be able to work to help pay bills. No one wants to start their day with a complicated meal. Enjoy! So, we’re looking at an overall cost of less than $35 per person, or less than $150 a month. Chicken and rice. I find that by far, the biggest amount of money spent in our house is on produce. Check it out to see us grocery shopping and take a peek at our bi-weekly grocery haul. I always have something available for “breakfasts” and “snacks” with dinner every night if they are home and once a week I do a “family” dinner when they also have their significant others with them. Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $235.00 or $78.33 week with potentially one no-shop week per month or $58.75 for 4 weeks per month. I’ve been doing lots of babysitting on the side to pay for our groceries. This is for supper tonight. They have spoiled him a little. But I think I live in a different part of the country from you, so maybe that makes a difference. My children and I have discovered that we are STARVING within a few hours of eating cereal. That being said, veggies are provided at every dinner (and usually lunch). I spoke for about an hour and a half before I checked the time, then I rushed to finish up. I am all about keeping things simple It’s good to hear others are, too! Recently took I over grocery shopping from my husband and I’ve developed a totally new grocery shopping philosophy to save money! That could save you in the long run possibly. More information Meal Plan and Grocery List to Feed 2 People for a Month for $100 Consider seasonal produce, which tends to be cheaper, like asparagus in the spring and fresh berries in the summer. I need to cut down on my grocery shopping, from 200 to 100 a month. Your email address will not be published. He usually eats breakfast before he goes out the door and has lunch when he gets off at 1:30. I also wonder about fruits and veggies. These are the two biggest tools I use to develop a bi-weekly menu plan. Kudos to you for putting all the information out there. Cheap Grocery List For The Month. Ma Ingalls says “You have to cut your coat to fit the cloth,” as we are doing that here. We have a variety of egg preparations with muffins (English or corn bread). ... One unexpected, but much appreciated, benefit of my monthly grocery shop is that we’re saving about $100 per month. Interesting cheeses (give the French ones a sniff before you buy ~ some smell like a fromagerie, which annoys my HH) I prefer to eat only poultry and seafood for my meats, so I look for sales on those products and make good use of my vacuum sealer to freeze any extras. I think you are right. This is a very thorough article about meal planning — thanks for linking up at Frugal Friday! Unfortunately, grocery prices in my area are not cheap :/, Since we went gluten free, I could tell how much more challenging it is to stay on a tight budget with fewer starches. Budgets and Meal Plans. Thanks so much for sharing!!! OMG!!! Dinner – Leftover Ham, rice and some cranberry beans I threw in the crock pot, Breakfast – Scrambled eggs and toast I’m living proof that with a few simple spending choices you can spend less and still enjoy your favourite foods for under $100 a month. The next month, we slashed our grocery bill in half and started spending only $50 per week on groceries. Especially with food prices on the rise and the whole extreme couponing crazy over. Thank you for for visiting. The most cost-effective protein sources for our purposes are chicken, eggs, and beef. I listed the meats, veggies, and salad items we have on a regular basis. I’m saving $100 in a month by NOT stocking up on groceries. Thank you for supporting One Hundred Dollars a Month. Those guys like to buy a box of doughnuts and pass them around. My favorite snack is pumpkin pie.

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