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Q�B�X�aBGzͰ'�p �� �!��66}�z��~b���g�|�;��}���G� �RJ� 7 0 obj 6 0 obj h�\�OK�0��ʻ�AL�v�v����Pt8���c�x�Џo����O�A�rY�/���xn�4�(��6J��Xt�J�V�k���k}��L��/5iã�p�F�� y�L0���({��#Z�s����!k��b3ta�!Fd�7R��؇��k< Senior Management is responsible for overseeing the BCP process which includes: Determining how the hތVMkTA�+�v�{>!��M����CЇqCX��{�g:�&f{�����z�fi��J�Sk� :�ڠR�z��3u��` �ܩ+U4���B-�R� J�L7�����B����`��hJC�S�X�Q� �J̩��N�F�$#'�nb �KB����S���bB����8�q0��m�l�$���E��+�!���Z�������2$Z��Z�Z]@d�{A�1��A�(�]��d61���>�Qt+ Document of The World Bank FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY / f~)I'.Report No. <> ��s��]�� �~ &[ɤ���I�a�9�"�r��ʲϟ��x��l��:�Τ5�g��v��s|���٧���Ţ�۴��,fE�T�S�#��Y��!x{�|[�~J���9����*Kg�. endobj BCP ANNUAL REPORT 2018 BCP’s customer focus is concentrated in a number of well-chosen geographic zones where the Bank has developed a deep knowledge of the financial habits and preferences of a local clientele. Banque de commerce et de placements Established in 1963 as a Swiss bank, BCP segments its activities into two well-established core businesses: Commodity Trade Finance and Wealth Management. These are reinforced by our expert Treasury services. <> 2 0 obj Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/OFAC Audit BSA/AML/OFAC Targeted Look Back Investigations and Audit BSA/AML/OFAC Money Service Business (MSB) Audit BSA/AML/OFAC Model Validation Audit BSA/AML/OFAC Compliance Fraud Risk Assessment Final Report 1.0 Introduction Per the approved Privy Council Office (PCO) 2014–17 Risk Based Audit Plan (RBAP), Audit and Evaluation Division (AED) has conducted this e�I���}?u����~���Pe"yi���fu��dd���r�m�v���_no�z8���W�����kY�,��r�̏sM��-�K��D>��)�����r=�%vB�?c���?���n��UF��S���S��d��fӯn�7�yY�yٍy��W�a�7��y��y�!P�T��vy�7���ϡ��cɻRN���'0�� qdF���1��2�po���-0��*�-0�S� 2�V��0���ְ)e���$g����#�+l�2L�k��ufC����k�� ��j��o���`(�n���5Ƅ+G�+GG�y��:��=1AaJj.�����_Cj�@��T����N���=�)4do���=^[�ˆ�%�������k���}}�}������k���}=��g9�J���C����t�\^7���\�27r�kr�=������}i7��[�� �mmHZ�G��=^�yi��P0��{�#խ#�ZG:�u��ӗ�җ�җӗӿ�������� �\Ƶ�x�2nqI;/���j���e���y��Ҋ뒅�Zx�0��N��` ��ԇ%�й|���������g��&�. endobj endstream endobj 456 0 obj <>stream ��^�Y%q��1���Ppy; �Hڷ��!��z�Ͼ���|�����E�?��iH�c…���=�DX��@� ���B@t3�q�� s�����H"k+� M�B%�\FY& In these regions, the Bank excels at ���� JFIF � � �� C endstream Hi all, I am persuing DISA certification course and we have assigned a project on BCP audit of a bank, Anyone of you have prepared a report on BCP audit of a bank for DISA assignement or any other assignment and dont mind sharing it or can anyone of you can If some one have, kindly provide. Audit Conclusion Audit Report Rating* The overall rating has been determined based on the follow-up audit results. The report sections of the Annual Report 2016-17) Board of Directors Committee of Directors (COD) Credit & Investment Committees Audit Commttee of the Board (ACB) Risk Mangement Committee (RMC) Respective teams work under these heads of different components :�ָR�ESKM���7`j�C��h�0�:|JgY������x>-]1�x^��[W��閗Zx����K��eĸ�%cC�����蕗���� k��� endstream endobj 457 0 obj <>stream In addition, the processes around periodic updates to departmental and 4 0 obj major disaster. endstream endobj 459 0 obj <>stream The audit revealed that the scope, role, and authority of the endobj 2015 Annual Report Statement pursuant to article 8 of CMVM Regulation number 5/2008 of the: 2015 ANNUAL REPORT BANCO COMERCIAL PORTUGUÊS, S.A. Public Company Head Office: Praça D. João I, 28, 4000-295 Porto - Share Capital of Sanjeev Kumar Nehra endobj %B�*�5Ġr(�> ��r�A�;�ID0���p�F�r�7� S���$'�vmځ�#U���M�AisF(�] d0�#�T�wF(�ޖ��`\B �#�r��1�� Ʃ ��qNB ズ T��1-���Ԩ�|�؝.o7��fmP}��;]-�>-����(M`��~��̟�q1_��k��_���~���j�|a��ozc�˟w����?9��ʱպIjñ��Ij�Y��ƫz��)�~�����a�����[Q��=0f�a_'U �>l�g';��L���^���Y���.>�u������d��R����#�e_����]�ˏ��y���PF,#���(Y�ػ48����|���K�f���ߛE���S7�.W���]�[��\�B���Q {45ۗM���fL�U`2y���9�:�����2�)S� IS Audit Report on BCP Page 4 of 16 PROJECT REPORT Auditing Business Continuity Plan Introduction We have carried out detailed audit of Business Continuity Plan of M/s.ABC Bank carrying out banking business in India and are one of largest private sector bank in India. ɜ����TC1l���Z1P�j"� �Pl�P��- ��� <>>> The scope of the audit included how BCP issues are being addressed, and whether business continuity activities are properly authorized, conducted and accurately recorded. h޼X�o�H�W�w��ޕ�J IH��*��RjGƹS��{��|��'��c��ݙ7�f�-YĴbB⦙R�iÌtL[�9�L;��hϸҜ��q�53�qyf���d�[|�f�̈́P�n����2��d�1a�e�3a-g6b�;��(��� The registered office of the Bank is in 2) From: Report Bank Branch Subject Computer Do’s & Don’ts Date Sr. No. %���� Audit Review of the BCP Management and Documentation Business Function Responsibility Report Date Period Covered Administrative Services August 9. BANKING SUPERVISION (BCP) a joint IMF Prepared By Monetary and Capital Markets Department, IMF, and Finance and Markets Global Practice, World Bank This report was prepared by Katharine Seal, IMF, and Pierre-Laurent Chatain, World Bank, in the

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