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The swords, axes, and spells are what the novice player attends to, it takes patience and knowledge to obtain a good set of armour. This is a light armor based on the Charlotte Dunois Bunny figure. reverse bunny girl Costume dosen't need B variation . Posted by 2 days ago. 34.8k. The weight and armor ratings are as follows: Weight Armor Rating Charlotte's Bunny Heels 2 17 Charlotte's Bunny Cuffs 0.1 3 Charlotte's Bunny Suit 3 48 Charlotte's Bunny Suit 3 48 Charlotte's Bunny Ears 0.1 0 How to obtain: At a blacksmith Forge: Here are the 15 best armor enchantments, ranked. This mod replaces all of Skyrim Armor and Clothes with UNPB versions, all armor and clothing has been reshaped to match the UNPB body shape and belly weights were added to all clothes and a few the armors that has the belly exposed. cos reverse bunny loosed already.. support bodyslide bunny costume include hand cuff, shoes, bunny tail acc, neck acc, pantyhose (9 variation) bunny ear isn't include it is from other mod ( i can't exactly rememberd may be bless armor made by TeamTAL) reverse bunny girl costume include ... More posts from the skyrim community. I'm not the best at modding experience but if anyone needs questions on installa Other people can use, too. Additionally you can also convert the following pieces of armor into equivalent bunny girl items that have identical stats at a forge/anvil in case you want to prance around in a bunny costume with decent stats: - Adept Mage Hood and Master Mage Robe - Glass Helmet, Cuirass (Armor), and Gauntlet - Daedric Helmet, Cuirass (Armor), and Gauntlet FAQ: 0. This might actually be the single lightest piece of armor in all of Skyrim! Black Sacrament Armor is a standalone, fully modular and customizable armor system comprised of multiple parts, add-ons and color variants, as well as a handful of new weapons. Steam Workshop: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. *Some armors acquired via recipe drop from monsters and bosses may be missing from this page. This is a light armor based on the Charlotte Dunois Bunny figure. These are the best armor sets in the game, and how to get them. I typed in the code to add that item to me, and it said "rabbit added" at the top of the screen. By Green Nov 29, 2019. Description: This is a collection my friends wanted me to make so they know what mods I use. It looks exactly like the regular shrouded armor set but it has a ton of effects directly enchanted on it. There are two types of … With over 30 apparel enchantments available, Skyrim players are spoiled for choice. Name: Bunnytoys Version: 1.0 Date: 09/05/2015 Category: Modders resource Requirements: Skyrim Author: Garnet New toys for your children. Comment. Skyrim: The 15 Best Armor Enchantments, Ranked. When I checked the armor section of my items there was no rabbit, so I tried again. Your armor can make all the difference to your experience while playing Skyrim. The Black Sacrament Armor pack is the first installment of The Black Phoenix Stealth Assassin guild mod. There was under Armor, a Rabbit. Share Share Tweet Email. The Ancient Shrouded Armor gives you a base defensive value of 72 points and it only weighs an incredible 7.5 points. 1 Head 1.1 Warrior 1.2 Ranger 1.3 Mage 1.4 Rogue 1.5 Druid 1.6 Other 2 Torso 2.1 Warrior 2.2 Ranger 2.3 Mage 2.4 Rogue 2.5 Druid 2.6 Other 3 Arms 3.1 Warrior 3.2 Ranger 3.3 Mage 3.4 Rogue 3.5 Druid 3.6 Other 4 Legs 4.1 Warrior 4.2 Ranger 4.3 Mage 4.4 Rogue 4.5 Druid 4.6 Other 5 Cape 6 …

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