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Coast Southwest was incorporated in 1985 in Placentia, CA as a regional distributor. Closes 10/21/19 at 11:59 PM PST, A post shared by Oribe (@oribe) on Oct 17, 2019 at 8:18am PDT, The one thing to pay attention to when purchasing a product with glycolic acid is the pH level. Coast Southwest provides sample formulas that chemists can use to develop a variety of applications, from leading- edge products that use the latest in ingredients and technologies to economy products for the mass market. array(3) { ["key"]=> string(15) "afp-hair-health" Glycolic acid will benefit all skin and scalp types, and since it helps increase cell turnover, its results will be best observed in anyone older than their mid to late 20s, which is when this process starts to naturally decrease – even for scalps. Here’s why it’s popping up everywhere and is the new need-to-know acid on the scene. string(16) "affiliateproduct" ["meta_query"]=> We supply the ingredients, experience, and expertise to help our customers formulate the silicone products they want. int(-5) As a chemical exfoliant, glycolic acid works to shift dead skin cells from the skin’s surface by breaking down and lifting the substance that causes dead cells to cluster together. ["numberposts"]=> Glycolic acid for the scalp, much like for facial skin, helps reduce the impact of scalp aging. string(20) "afp-homepage-feature" The capstone of the program is the annual California YBTC Challenge. array(9) { Glycolic acid is excellent at combating scalp acne, because it is the skincare ingredient most able to quickly penetrate the walls of the clogged skin cell of a blemish. In order to both prevent and treat scalp acne outbreaks, exfoliation is key. Make sure you are following @cosbar and @oribe 2. Once pores become inflamed or clogged, the hair follicle and pore becomes plugged, and this leads to the formation of a blemish. To enter: 1. Plus, regular scalp treatment with glycolic acid-based products ensures regular and prompt skin cell exfoliation on the head, preventing future problems over the long term. Product is not available in this quantity. } Program, which enhances K-8 science education by introducing the science of chemistry as it relates to our everyday lives. “If acne bumps develop, look for products containing glycolic acid or even tea tree oil to apply directly to the offending bumps. Heavy or irritating hair products can also lead to buildup on the scalp and eventually clog pores, causing a blemish flareup. #oribeobsessed, A post shared by Oribe (@oribe) on Oct 15, 2019 at 1:14pm PDT. string(15) "afp-what-to-buy" string(2) "OR" Coast Southwest is a leading full-service, chemical distribution and ingredient technology company. } It triggers your skin’s healing processes and prompts them to produce more collagen fibres,” she continues. ["value"]=> [1]=> However, glycolic acid doesn’t just exfoliate the surface. 3. Luckily, chemical exfoliation with hero ingredient glycolic acid is a gentle and effective option for consumers to heal current scalp acne outbreaks and prevent blemishes in the future. The first step in acne is a condition called follicular-hyperkeratinization or hyperkeratosis. @the.wrinkle.phobic is setting the bar high with this #shelfie ✨ Want yours to look this cute? } Speaking of the scalp–HERE are give at-home remedies for scalp psoriasis. ["key"]=> This can assist in eliminating bacteria and speeding the process of eradicating the pimple,”, Many consumers are embarrassed by hairline and scalp acne, but this combination haircare, Coast Southwest Announces Kisameet™, a Mineral-rich Glacial Clay with Unique Properties, Coast Southwest and Infinitec Activos Expand Partnership to Texas/Southwest Region, Jillian W. Cimo Elected to Board of Directors of the Chemical Industry Council of California, An Interview with Jarrod A. Kaltenbach about the Surfactants Sector, Jillian W. Cimo Elected Chairperson of CICC, Keith W. McKethan Joins Coast Southwest as Regional Sales Manager, Society of Cosmetic Chemists Annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase, Soothing Dry Skin with Glycolic Acid Body Serums, Getting Glass Hair with Bio-Based Leave-In Conditioners, Trend Alert: Body Oils for Dry Winter Skin, Mild, including blackheads and whiteheads, Moderate, including papules and pustules, which appear on the skin’s surface, Severe, includomg nodules and cysts, which are imbedded under the skin. Secondly, since glycolic acid also drives new skin cells to the surface of the scalp, healing and recovery time of any sore, itchy, or burst blemishes is exponentially decreased. Take advantage of our new anti-aging guide, featuring the most innovative, highest-quality ingredients in the personal care industry. As a member of NACD and verified Responsible Distributor, Coast Southwest meets the highest standards in environmental safety. Join our VIP Shopping Event by using code MYVIP2019 to get 15% OFF those must-have products + free shipping. View this post on Instagram. And for superior scalp exfoliation, glycolic acid is the unparalleled ingredient to accomplish the task at hand, because this Alpha Hydroxy Acid is quick, effective, and gentle. “Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) has a smaller molecular structure than other acids (like lactic acid, for instance) so it can penetrate the skin easily,” she explains, noting that glycolic acid It is the star ingredient in the brand’s Liquid Gold: $59.95 product. A more severe form of the condition, which includes inflammation of the skin, is known as seborrhoeic dermatitis. Glycolic acid will benefit all skin and scalp types, and since it helps increase cell turnover, its results will be best observed in anyone older than their mid to late 20s, which is when this process starts to naturally decrease – even for scalps. “It works to exfoliate the skin by breaking down the intracellular glue which holds dead cells to the outermost layers of the skin.” Once it’s applied to the skin, glycolic acid does everything from soften wrinkles, to fade pigmentation and sun damage, generally improve skin tone and texture, and even create moisture from within the skin. Coast Southwest sponsors the California YBTC! “Glycolic Acid is a natural fruit acid that’s most commonly derived from sugar cane,” explains LeeAnne. We have the most comprehensive and diverse personal care specialties portfolio in the business. string(0) "" Give them the gift of color that'll last longer!

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