how to prepare your home for after surgery

Before Surgery. Be on the lookout for these warning signs: Your recovery will go quicker than you think. Your home should be prepared for recovery well before surgery. Set up sleeping arrangements - If your bedroom is on the second floor, set up a … Include a healthy amount of fiber in your pre-op eating regimen. Stock your pantry and freezer before you leave for the hospital. Vishal Kothari, MD, assistant professor of surgery, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha. Outside your home. Oral surgery will have you home in time for dinner, but a knee replacement might mean staying at the hospital for up to five days. Equipment. Arrange for a family member or friend to be with you for several days when you return home. Use pockets in an apron, walker basket, fanny pack or backpack. Getting your home ready - knee or hip surgery Before you go to the hospital for surgery, set up your home to make your recovery and life easier when you come back. How to Prepare. As women, it can be hard to accept help, but now is the time to take all the help you can get! Understand what to expect on the day of surgery and if you stay in the hospital overnight 5. For instance, if your bedroom is upstairs, you may need to sleep on a lower floor for a while. Unless you have someone who can cook for you, shop for food and treats such as prepared meals, frozen dinners, pudding, Jell-O, and such. Pick out a chair to sit in when you come home. Inside your home Have clear pathways and remove clutter around your home. For example, if you had a hernia repair or a major procedure in your pelvic area, you might need to wait for 2 to 3 weeks. (Grab bars should be installed into wall studs to ensure they are secure.). Instructions for taking care of your catheter will be provided by the hospital. Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcuts. "People get dizzy because they haven't eaten for a few days and from being in bed," says Frederick L. Greene, MD, a surgeon in Charlotte, NC. Work. You may move a bit slowly after surgery and will be limited in the things you can do around your house. Move low-height tables away from the couch and chairs. A … Whenever you are in your house, have a pillow or towel handy in case a cough sneaks up on you. When you come home after surgery, you won’t feel your best. Some night lights turn on by themselves after dark. Make sure family and friends will not be on vacation or unavailable on the days following your discharge from the hospital. We'll discuss purchases like icing and pillows, furniture placement, food … Here are a few suggestions for you, your family and friends. Seek Forward →. Plug in a night light. Reduce household hazards now. In case of emergency, head to your nearest emergency room. Should you prefer to go back to your own home, there are preparations that will need to be made in order to make the house more able to facilitate your recovery while suiting your new needs. Think about your needs before and after surgery. Apply adhesive slip strips or a bath mat to the tub or shower floor. Prepare food or purchase easy-to-prepare foods before coming to the hospital By planning ahead now, you’ll have less to worry about during recovery. If you spot trouble early, though, you can help avoid some serious problems. Of course, if your surgery was abdominal it can take some time to get over the swelling and pain to feel like eating anything. Detachable shower head. Ask someone to help you move heavy or hot items. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You’ll have some pain and need to wear a sling for a few weeks. In this article we'll cover the best ways to prepare your home for knee replacement surgery and recovery. My Center/Clinic _____ • If you have questions about anesthesia, the pre-op process, or what medications to take before surgery, please call the Pre-op Center at 716-845-1673. 1. We're here to help you as much as possible. Spend the time before the procedure being as active as you can, eating right and getting good sleep. Plan ahead if your doctor tells you that you need oxygen tanks, elevated toilets, shower seats, supplies to care for your cut… Get a second, third, and fourth opinion. Your mobility will be limited at first, so you should prepare easy access to all of the essentials needed to … Plan ahead for an easier recovery at home. Part 1: Before Surgery. You’ll have some pain and need to wear a sling for a few weeks. National Patient Safety Foundation: "Safety As You Go from Hospital to Home.". Once you are released from the hospital, have that person or someone else watch over you … Many home health aides can even go to the grocery store for you. Also try these tips to avoid stumbling: Surgery can be a big deal. Do this well in advance of your surgery. Here are a few tips for how to prepare for after shoulder surgery: Consider the arm Which arm are you having surgery on? Make your phone accessible to your main sitting area and bed. Do you have access to a portable commode? Have a bathroom or a portable commode on the same floor where you will spend most of your day. How to Prep Your Home for Spine Surgery Recovery. Learn exercises to do at home before and after surgery 7. You may need help bathing, using the toilet, cooking, running errands, shopping, going to provider visits, and exercising. Make sure that anyone who will be caring for you also knows what to do so they can help you effectively. Christine's Journey: Mitral Valve Surgery. Talk with your friends and family to arrange a visitation schedule for the weeks following your surgery. After some types of surgery, you'll need to get special gear at home. If you smoke, stop as soon as possible — even if it’s just a day or two before surgery — because smoking can cause problems with breathing and recovery from anesthesia and surgery. If you’re scheduled to have back surgery, you’re probably a little worried about how it will turn out. You’re … © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. Getting in and out of the car can be a painful and laborious process because it requires some twisting and turning as well as lifting the affected leg. Your feet should touch the ground. If it's a complicated one, like a joint replacement or stomach surgery, you may need to tweak a few things: Stairs. Prior to your surgery, move commonly used food items to an area that’s easy to … While recoveries vary from procedure to procedure, and even person to person, there are things you can do to make your first few days at home less stressful and calmer just by making some arrangements before you even leave for the hospital. Learn the steps to take, whether the surgery is for you, a child or other loved one, or in a hospital, outpatient facility or doctor’s office. 10 Pre-Surgery Tips to Boost Recovery Before your operation, exercise regularly, eat plenty of protein and follow your doctor's instructions. Being on your period will not delay or affect your surgery. If you had some types of surgery, such as an operation on your eye, your doctor may warn you against flying. After hip surgery there are things you can do to help make your recovery easier and safer. Any items you routinely use, should be within your reach, without having to bend or twist for them. Breathing (respiratory) exercises to prepare for total knee replacement surgery, Discharge equipment: Items you may need after knee replacement surgery, Preparing your home for your needs after surgery, Food and liquid restrictions before surgery, Medicines that may be used during your recovery after surgery, Tips to prevent falls while you are in the hospital, Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Allina Health's Patient Education Department experts. Remember: You don't have to do everything alone! In the hospital, it was likely you receive a big red pillow or towel to hold against your chest when you cough or sneeze. "If you had a [hernia operation] and pain of any kind in the abdomen, you can't push on the brake.". Confirm the help of your spouse, friend, or relative. Prepare your home. Careful preparation for surgery and anesthesia helps ensure a successful procedure and smooth recovery. It will go a long way to provide emotional support during your recovery process, and chances are they’ll bring a treat to share when they pay a visit. Once you’ve had surgery, you’ll want to follow doctors’ advice. Clear power cords. Youll be busy resting up, taking care of your knee, and starting your physical therapy. Frederick L. Greene, MD, clinical professor of surgery, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Charlotte; member, American College of Surgeons Patient Education Committee. If you will be returning home, your doctor may ask the home care coordinator to arrange for a visiting nurse and/or therapist. You achieve the best results when you work with your foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon to prepare for surgery and post-surgical recovery. Before you even set the date for your surgery, start thinking about how it will impact your life. However, please, please, please get your home ready BEFORE you go in for surgery to make sure your are prepared. Use this three-part guide to help make your orthopaedic foot or ankle surgery and recovery go smoothly. Since you may feel tired during your recovery, prepare some meals before your operation and put them in the freezer. Check stair railings to make sure they are secure. Your body might be sore or swollen from surgery, or you may have bulky bandages over your incisions. You may be able to enjoy your love life soon after surgery, but it depends on the kind of operation you had. A nurse will phone you the day after your surgery to see how you are feeling and to answer your questions. Check stair railings to make sure they are secure. After you have returned home, please be sure to follow your surgeon’s orders. Recruit family or friends to assist with laundry, grocery shopping, and transportation for appointments and errands. Lisa Spruce, RN, director, Evidence-Based Perioperative Practice, Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), Denver. The chair should be tall enough that your hips are level with or higher than your knees. Increase Volume ↑. “Get a second opinion” is common advice. Dean Mitchell / Getty Images Following surgery, you will likely be interviewed by an occupational therapist and physical therapist about your home … This once scary surgery is becoming more-and-more commonplace, and with increasing success rates, more people are recovering at home after their hospital stay. If you are adding a railing, extend it a few inches past the end of the staircase. If you have extra low furniture, you can increase the chair height with extra cushions or furniture risers. Consider using double-face tape to secure carpet edges. Then all you have to do is come home and relax. Find out from your doctor when it's safe to have sex again. Before Surgery: Preparing Your Home. If you use a breathing exerciser (IBE), be sure to bring it with you from home, as you will probably need this right after surgery. Getting your home ready. Wear comfortable clothing. If you have a tub-shower, there is a good chance that your occupational therapist will actually have you practice entering one, as this is one of the trickiest moves after surgery. Prepare meals in advance and freeze them. Before your shoulder surgery date, plan and prepare your meals for the next several weeks. Make sure you're well supplied with the right food before you get back home. Pick out a chair to sit in when you come home. Something loose and comfortable to wear when it’s time to go home. Ask your doctor what you won't be able to do at first while you're healing up, and get help from friends and family to prepare your living space. You may move a bit slowly after surgery and will be limited in the things you can do around your house. If you are adding a railing, extend it a few inches past the end of the staircase. Be aware of uneven ground around your home and in your yard. If you know others who’ve recovered from the same surgery, you could ask what they did at home after surgery, keeping in mind that your doctor should approve any plans. The recovery period after total knee replacement surgery is crucial to the success of your procedure. Cardiac surgery could lead to a two- … Part 1 will focus on what to do before your surgery. For example: In the kitchen, you may want to move certain cooking utensils to the counter-top vs a lower cabinet. You may want to make a few simple changes around the house before surgery. Whether it’s stocking up on groceries or rearranging furniture so you can move around more easily, think about what you’ll need when you return from the hospital. Ryan, P.M. Journal of the American Medical Association, Feb. 3, 2015. Kitchen. Here are 10 tips which can help you manage your time before your hysterectomy and prepare you, your family, and your home for your surgery and recovery. You may need some help from your family or a health care professional. Pack a bag with comfortable, easy-on clothing: Even if you’re just staying the night, you’ll need … Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to make sure your operation is successful. It is best if all stairs have railings. Follow these tips from our experts here at Arizona Foot Health for the fastest, smoothest recovery after bunion surgery. Body. You will need to arrange for someone that will drive you home after the procedure. If in doubt, ask your occupational therapist which seat option is right for you. Making a casserole or stocking up on frozen meals the day before surgery is one easy way to minimize the stress of having to cook a meal for yourself or your family. In Rama’s recent surgeries, my vet has used what she calls a … "You want to get up and walk around." You need to know how you will get to and from your appointment, how to prepare your home, what hospital procedures are like, and what to expect during recovery. If you live alone, or if your partner is physically unable to help you after the surgery, there are a number of home health care agencies where you can find trained caregivers to help you with things like bathing, dressing and getting around. You can get recommendations from your friends, doctor, hospital’s home care department, or insurance company. Johns Hopkins Medicine: "Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)/Thrombophlebitis.". 14. The information is produced and reviewed by over 200 medical professionals with the goal of providing trusted, uniquely informative information for people with painful health conditions. Sometimes it can sap your energy for days or weeks afterward. You may need to get a walker or crutches to cut down your risk of a spill. 2. If you are having surgery, planning ahead can make your recovery after surgery easier, quicker and even less painful. Make sure that anyone who will be caring for you also knows what to do so they can help you effectively. If you have a hip replacement scheduled there are several tasks you can do beforehand to prepare your home (and your mind) for your recovery. Pick up all throw rugs in your walking or standing path. You shouldnt use your time in the hospital to plan all of your recovery details. You need to be careful about falling after an operation. Having pizza delivered after surgery isn't a luxury, it is self-preservation for someone who is too sore to handle a sink full of dishes. Ask your doctor when you can go back to your job. If you can't climb up and down them after your surgery, you might have to make some changes. Know what to bring to the hospital on the day of surgery 4. You will be discharged from the hospital within 24 to 48 hours. Also, limit the amount of reaching and stair climbing you’ll have to do. Arrange for a family member or friend to be with you for several days when you return home. You are not going to be up to housecleaning for at least a few days after your surgery, and probably longer. You will likely meet your leg elevated and in a brace to keep it from moving when you wake up. Arrange for someone to drive you home, as you may still be in some discomfort and shouldn’t drive yourself. Use this check list to help you get ready: If you live alone, consider having a friend or family member stay with you initially after discharge from the hospital. Optimal healing occurs when you’re not stressed and can truly care for the site of your surgery. All rights reserved. Get in touch with your insurance company to see if they're part of your coverage. Having surgery is never easy, but being ready at home can help reduce anxiety for the post-op experience and make you more comfortable after shoulder surgery. In the time leading up to your surgical procedure, be sure to … Pick up all throw rugs in your walking or standing path. Move low-height tables away from the couch and chairs. Since you will be spending the majority of your recovery at home, it is crucial that you prepare your living area ahead of time. Inside your home Living room. Have access to a shower, tub transfer bench or both for showering. Taking the time well before your surgery to prepare for your discharge will do wonders to help ease your transition after you check out. "I would recommend not sitting for prolonged periods of time," Greene says. Arrange for your advocate to be informed of your progress during and after surgery. 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