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You can Run Away on 5 or 6. . Starting with the player with the highest Level, everyone else chooses one card ... in case of ties in Level, roll a die. If it is a curse, they typically apply immediately, unless they are continuous. . However, your combat strength can be negative, if you get hit by a Curse or suffer some other kind of penalty. The same rules apply to Half-Breeds. You can not have more than one Class or Race card that is the same in play. Cards in play may not be returned to your hand - they must be discarded or traded if you want to get rid of them. After, discard it. The rules for Classes, above, also apply to Races. . The only trade-able cards in the game are items. Once you have died, you don't have to Run Away from any remaining monsters. Both are shuffled and each player gets 4 cards from each deck. Any player can play one during combat. Munchkin Axe Copis based on the original Munchkin game and the hit webcomic Axe Cop. Each monster you kill gives you 1 level up. Some have extra effects, take card to read the instructions on the card thoroughly. Munchkin Munchkin Races Centaur (Munchkin 8):Over Herd.Whenever another player discards a Steed, you may discard two cards from your hand to take it into your hand. Each monster has a Treasure number on the bottom of its card. You'll probably have to bribe someone to help. Treasure cards can be played as soon as you get them, even if you are the helper. If you have a card that can be used to make a monster Undead, you may play it with a non-Undead monster to use this rule. Humans have no special abilities. 5. If drawn face-up during the Kick Open The Door phase, Curse cards apply to the person who drew them. The Draw 2 Cards phase, where the current player draws two cards and discards down to 10. This is still "winning", but you don't get a level. If you draw any other card, you may either put it in your hand or play it immediately. You may not sell Items to go to Level 10. If you play Super Munchkin in conjunction with another Class card you get all the advantages of being in that class and none of the disdvatages assiocated with that class. Selling Items for Levels:During your turn, you may discard items worth at least 1,000 Gold Pieces and immediately go up one level. Undead monsters in hand can be used in combat to help other undead monsters, if you do not use a wandering monster card. You may not belong to more than one race at once unless you play the Half-Breed card. If acquired some other way, such as by Looting The Room, Curse cards go into your hand and may be played on any player at any time. Draw 1 card from the Door Deck, face-up. This site is dedicated to promoting board games. You will be reincarnated as a new character that looks exactly like your old one. © 2020 Ultra BoardGames. Munchkin rules do not include a stack, which means that every card played resolves instantaneously, with few exceptions (which include the use of the card Wishing Ring to cancel curses). When your cards are arranged the way you want, go to phase 1. Selling Items for Levels: At any point during your turn except during combat or Running Away, you may discard Items worth a total of at least 1,000 Gold Pieces and immediately go up one level. These cards can also affect how many Treasure cards the monster is worth. Humans do not have special abilities. However, you retain your Class, Race, and Level, as well as any Curses on you at the time of youe death. During combat, you can use Race and Class abilities or One-Shot Treasure cards. Otherwise, you must give them to the lowest-Level player(s) who can carry them! Items may only be traded from the table, not your hand. Note: all rules quotes below are from the Munchkin rulebook PDF. If the card is a curse - see Curses, p. 5 - it applies to you immediately (if it can) and is discarded (unless it has a persistent effect or you keep the card as a reminder of an upcoming effect). Generally, to receive help you must offer a bribe. If there are multiple monsters in a combat, the person who plays each Enhancer must choose which monster it applies to. Most of these cards say when they can be played, and whether they stay in play or are discarded. When using Super Munchkin*, can you discard one of your Classes* and replace it with another, or just not replace it? They cannot help you or be taken away. Trades may occur at any time other than combat. Look For Trouble: Play a monster from your hand and fight it, just as if you had found it when you kicked open the door. More importantly, you go up a level. However, some Curses give a penalty later in the game or have a continuing effect. Keep Half-Breed and Super Munchkin cards. Any Treasure card may be played to the table as soon as you get it, or at any time on your own turn except during combat (unless the rules below or the card itself says otherwise).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'ultraboardgames_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_11',117,'0','0'])); Most Treasures are Items. Play proceeds in turns, each with several phases (see p. 2). Class: Characters may be Warriors, Wizards, Thieves, or Clerics. If it is a monster you have to fight it. Big Items: You may carry any number of Small items, but only one Big one. They roll separately, and each player chooses in what order to Run Away. If you are equal are lesser in combat strength you lose. Likewise, some Items have restrictions: for instance, the Mace of Sharpness can only be wielded by a Cleric. Discard after the effects resolve. An action is almost always used to iplay a card from your hand. When you discard a Class card, you become classless until you play another Class card." During your turn, except if you are in combat or running away, you can discard Items that have a total value of a1,000 Gold Pieces (at least). If your corpse runs out of cards, tough. Epic Munchkin: Alternate rules that increase the level cap to twenty. Draw face-down if you killed the monster alone. There are two decks, the Door deck and the Treasure deck. If there are more than one monsters in combat, the person who played the enchancer must decide which monster it effects. If you fought a monster in phase 1, skip this phase and go to phase 3. They are typically used in combat for an extra boost of strength. After all, when you're a Munchkin, it doesn't matter if you go mad. Combat strength can go negatve if you are it by a curse. Any Item you receive in a trade must remain in play. Discard these cards as soon as the combat is over or their effect is resolved. Q. Remember: while you are in combat, you cannot sell, equip, unequip, or trade Items, or play Treasures from your hand, unless these rules or the card says otherwise. Sometimes a card will let you get rid of the monster without killing it. You may not look through the discards unless you play a card that allows you to! Cards can either be played or kept in hand. Note that a Thief cannot steal while he or the target is fighting - and as soon as a monster is revealed, the fight is on! You must still pay for abilities. Certain cards, called Monster Enhancers, raise or lower the combat strength of individual monsters. If you both win, discard the monster and redeem your treasure. The rules in this section will get you started playing Munchkin Gloom right away. If you eliminate one monster, but then run from the other(s), you don't get any levels or Treasure! Some Door cards may also be played into a combat, such as Monster Enhancers. These cards can be played from you hand to the table, directly. Then take your turn normally. If you have no Class card in front of you, you have no class. You are looking for Go Up a Level cards, a level 1-4 monster or two, a wandering monster, an automatic escape card, monster enhancers, and any cards that will prevent someone from winning. Classes have special abilities associated with them, they are displayed on the card. We don’t tolerate diversity, we EMBRACE it. You can turn from, e.g., a Super Cleric-Wizard into a Super Cleric, or, if you have the Thief card, Cleric-Thief. Dwarf: Hand of the Gods. If you have Half-Breed or Super Munchkin, keep those as well. 2. After this has been done, each player should be dealt four cards from each deck. If nobody will help you ... or if somebody tries to help, and your fellow party members interfere so the two of you still cannot win ... you must Run Away. You may sell Items for a level, trade Items with other players, or give an Item to another player who wants it (see below). Hireling may be played at any time, on any turn. You should be spending the middle and end of the game crafting your hand for the final round. 6 comments. Dead characters cannot receive cards for any reason, not even Charity, and cannot level up or win the game. When you discard a Class card, you become classless until you play another Class card. At Munchkin, Inc. we believe there is no room in our world, our communities, or our company for actions, words, symbols or any other means of communication that directly or indirectly promote or convey HATE. You gain a level when you kill a monster, or when a card says that you do. The defenders of truth, justice, and getting more bonuses! . It only matters if you WIN! The abilities are lost if you decide to discard your class card. Each deck has a separate discard pile. If players have equal levels, roll the dice to determine who goes first. To win, you must beat both of their combat stregnths. All Items you have in play are considered "carried". If someone successfully helps you kill the monster, discard it, draw Treasures (see Rewards, below), and follow any special instructions on the monster card. Welcome to Game Rules, where you can find detailed yet succinct explanations of the most popular games in the world! An early review on RPGnet regards Munchkin as not a very serious game; the rules make this clear with phrases like "Decide who goes first by rolling the dice and arguing about the results and the meaning of this sentence and whether the fact that a word seems to be missing any effect," and "Any disputes in the rules should be settled by loud arguments with the owner of the game having the last word." If a ANY time, do you hear me? You may not alter the status of your Items during a combat or while running away. If you fail to Run Away from a monster, it does Bad Stuff to you, as described on its card. The monster(s) CAN catch them both. Next to each deck, a separate, face-up, discard pile should be established. Most of these are used during combat to strengthen the munchkins or the monsters, and may be played from your hand or from the table. Reducing someone's abilities just as he thinks he has killed a monster is a lot of fun. This game includes 168 cards, one six-sided die, and these rules. If you discard (for instance) 1,100 Gold Pieces worth, you don’t get change. without all that messy roleplaying! card, separate those cards. This rulebook gives the general rules. Examine your 8 cards you start with, if it includes a Race or Class card place it in front of you on the table. If you are carrying two Headgear cards, for instance, you can equip only one of them at a time. If players are tied for lowest, divide the cards as evenly as possible, but it's up to you who gets the bigger set(s) of leftovers. Munchkin is a dedicated deck card game by Steve Jackson Games, written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, that has a humorous take on role-playing games, based on the concept of munchkins (immature role-players, playing only to "win" by having the most powerful character possible). If you like the content of a board game on this site, please consider to buy the game. Once everyone gets one card, discard the rest. Decide who goes first by rolling the dice and arguing about the results and the meaning of this sentence and whether the fact that a word seems to be missing any effect. Star Munchkin: Parodies … Combat strength is the total of Level plus all modifiers - positive or negative - given by Items and other cards. In Play: These are the cards on the table in front of you, showing your Race and Class (if any) and the Items you are carrying. When fleeing several monsters, roll the dice for each monster separately. (Any item not marked Big is considered Small). 2. You should indicate Items that are not equipped by turning the cards sideways. You cannot not fight one monster then run away from remaining monsters, try to elimate one through special cards and fight the other as usual. This game includes 168 cards, one six-sided die, and these rules. Enchancers for an indiviual monster are summed. There are 4 undead monsters in the Door deck (out of 37 total monsters). If you are talking about one-shot items, absolutely (as long as there is not a restriction on the item that you do not meet). and they're killing the Mythos monsters and taking their stuff. If you are facing the Wannabe Vampire and a Cleric helps you, he can chase it away automatically. If your combat strength is less, you lose. And a Curse or a monster's Bad Stuff may force you to get rid of something! Some Class abilities are powered by discards. The first player to reach Level 10 wins ... but you must reach Level 10 by killing a monster, unless a card specifically allows you to win another way. Its bonus only counts for someone who is, at the moment, a Cleric. You can also lose levels if a card says so, however, you can never go below Level 1. Facebook. If a player is dead that can not be the receipents of cards, not even if it is charity. Look! Your turn begins as soon as the previous player's turn ends. You lose a level when a card says you do. Draw face-up, so the whole party can see what you got, if someone helped you. You must have no more than 5 cards in hand. It’s the Super Munchkins! This game includes 168 cards, one six-sided die, and these rules. This game can be combined with any other Munchkin set (see the last page). Munchkin Expansions 2 – Unnatural Axe. . If you have the right cards, you can eliminate one monster from the combat and fight the other(s) normally, but you cannot choose to fight one and Run Away from the other(s). Roll the die. The first player to reach Level 10 wins, but you must reach Level 10 by killing a monster, unless a card specifically allows you to win another way. If you play Super Munchkin with one Class, you get all the advantages of being that Class (the ability to equip Class-only Items, monsters with penalties against that Class suffer those penalties) and none of the disadvantages (you can equip Items forbidden to that Class, and monsters do not get bonuses because of your Class). If any Big items are still left over, discard them. Draw one card from the Door deck and turn it face up. There are certain cards in the game that contrradict this rule- follow the card’s instructions. The Play Cards phase, where most of the game happens. Once you kill a monster, discard it along with any othr cards that may have been played during the combat. 1. When you fight a monster, you must compare your combat strength to theirs, Combat strength is equal to Lever + Modifiers (this could be positive or negative, it is given by other cards like Items). Dwarf: Hand of the Gods. However, if you discard 2,000 worth you level up twice. * Cleric Pray for a Miracle. From the rules:. Characters have different races: human, elves, halflings, and dwarves. On a 1-3, take the first Parasite out of the discard pile, then repeat the process until you either roll 4-6 or run out of Parasites. Each player begins a Level 1 human being without a class. If you received assistance, draw the cards face-up. When you kill a monster, you must wait a reasonable time, defined as about 2.6 seconds, for anyone else to speak up. A player's deck may consist entirely of Neutral cards, entirely of class cards, or any mixture of the two. This doesn't make you lose Super Munchkin*. Play a card even if you have just received it. So the Munchkins are kicking down the doors in places where Man Was Not Meant To Go. save hide report. Put it in the middle of the table. Treasure Cards or both for one time use and permanent. Cards here are placed face-up. Yeah, I know, we did that one already. Two players unable to defeat a monster may also have to Run Away together. You may not belong to more than one class at once unless you play the Super Munchkin card. Some monster cards have special powers that affect combat - a bonus against a Race or Class, for instance. They're Investigators, Monster Whackers, Professors, and Cultists . Don't play a monster you can't handle, unless you're sure you can count on getting help. You may have any num-ber of cards in your hand. That's only discarding during the charity phase. If you cannot, or do not want to, you must give the excess cards to the player with the lowest Level. If a deck runs out and there are no discards, nobody can draw any of that kind of card! If you have a greater combat strength you win! Treasures generally are Items. If you wish to get rid of a card, discard it or trade it. You can gain levels by killing monsters or if a card directs. If acquired any other way, they go into your hand and may be played during your own turn to Look For Trouble, or played to join another player's fight with the Wandering Monster card. Munchkin 9 – Jurassic Snark: Add prehistorically themed cards to the game. In munchkin are cards in the discard pile considered in play? Through extensive research, we bring everything you need to know about board games. This is the official rules for how to play Munchkin formatted to work on the web for both deskop and mobile. If it's a monster, you must fight it. Some items, fore example, can only be used by certain races. If you want everyone at the table to have a copy of the rules just send out the link! Keep separate face-up discard piles for the three decks. You cannot give a Hireling an Item to carry while you are in combat, however. This is very munchkinly. Note, you have to kill a monster in order to reach level 10. Looting Bodies: Put your hand beside the cards you had in play on the table. Other Treasure cards (like Go Up a Level cards) are not Items. When the next player begins his turn, your new character appears and can help others in combat with his Level and Class or Race abilities ... but you have no cards, unless you receive Charity or gifts from other players. Separate cards. Other cards in the game can make it easier or more difficult to Run Away. If you are unable to defeat the monster(s) by yourself, you can ask another player to assit you. All Enhancers on a single monster add together. If an Item is in play it is being “carried.” Items which are not equppied are indicated as such by being turned horizontally. When you kill a monster, you get one level per monster, unless the Monster card says something else, and you get all its Treasure! If you discard 1,300 worth you do not get change for the transaction. Loot The Room: Draw a second card from the Door deck, face down, and place it in your hand. At any time, even during combat, you may discard two cards, from your hand OR the table, to take the top card from the Treasure deck face- The same is true for a "your next turn" Curse played during your turn. It only matters if you WIN! If the monster and yourself have equal combat strengths, you lose. Some treasure cards are not Items (descrbed below), these cards have specific instructions as to when they can be put in play and if they are continuous or “one-shot.”. They may refuse, and you may continue asking other players for help. You may discard any card, in play or in your hand, to power a special ability. In Munchkin (or any of its various sets) the rules say that "You can discard a Class card at any time, even in combat: "I don't want to be a wizard anymore." When a deck runs out, reshuffle its discards. If the Class has an ability that has a cost, however, you must still pay it - you aren't that Super! This is not a toy, adult use only. . . There will be times when it will help you to play a Curse or Monster on yourself, or to "help" another player in a way that costs him Treasure. If you die, you lose all your stuff. Elf: Arrow-Minded. Some cards (notably Wandering Monster) allow your rivals to send other monsters to join the fight. As Bardic Luck, but draw two more Treasures than you’re entitled to, and immediately discard any two Treasures (your choice). - you kill it and go up a level (two levels for some big monsters). The Start Turn phase, where all the things that happen at the start of the turn happen. And what magic items! Hand: Cards in hand are not considered in play. Gameplay consists of turns each with several phases. In munchkin are cards in the discard pile considered in play? Each Class has special abilities, shown on the cards. You may show your hand to others. You may offer your helper any Item(s) you are currently carrying, or any number of the Treasure cards the monster has. Refer to the rest of the rules (starting at “The Cardinal Rule”) as questions come up. Munchkin brings you the essence of the dungeon-crawling experience . Your helper does not go up any levels ... unless he's an Elf, in which case he gains one level for each monster slain. You may discard Items to power certain Class and Race abilities. You keep your Class(es), Race(s), and Level (and any Curses that were affecting you when you died) - your new character will look just like your old one. You may play any Undead monster from your hand into combat to help any other Undead, without using a Wandering Monster card. Some monsters are labeled Undead. share. If a monster if drawn, face-up, during the “Kick Open the Door” phase of a turn, they attack that person immediately. 3. If you have more than five cards in your hand, you must play enough cards to get you to five or below. . But if you are facing the Drooling Slime and an Elf helps you, the monster's combat strength is increased by 4 (unless you, too, are an Elf and the monster's combat strength has already been increased). When a deck runs out, reshuffle its discards. with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. Anyone can play cards to affect your combat. Trading: You may trade Items (but no other cards) with other players. You don't get any levels or Treasure. You may also offer to play any cards from your hand that you legally could, such as Go Up a Level cards, on your helper. After all, when you're a Munchkin, it doesn't matter if you go mad. Keep these cards until you get rid of the Curse or the penalty takes effect. Special abilties remain active during the whole fight. Deus ex Munchkin (DxM) deck. The rules for class apply. Cards such as continuing curses also remain on the table after they have been played. If you kill a monster (or monsters! Continuing Curses and some other cards also stay on the table after you play them. Each Monster card is a single monster, even if the name on the card is plural. If you are carrying two Headgear cards, for instance, you can equip only one of … Note: If someone plays a "your next combat" Curse on you while you are in combat, it counts in that combat! If not Look for Trouble by playing a monster in hand and fighting it. If you did NOT draw a monster when you first opened the door, you have two choices: either Look For Trouble or Loot The Room. You can belong to multiple classes unless you have the Super Munchkin card in play. You must defeat their combined combat strengths. Look for Trouble & Loot. You gain the abilities of a Class the moment you play its card in front of you, and lose them as soon as you discard that card. For instance, if you draw Lose Your Armor and you have no Armor, nothing happens; discard the card. Now, the goal of the game is to get to level 10. If a deck is exhausted, shuffle the discard pile. Basically, you are looki… Anyone can carry any Item (except for extra Big items; see below), but you may equip only one Headgear, one suit of Armor, one pair of Footgear, and two "1 Hand" Items (or one "2 Hands" Item)... unless you have a card that lets you ignore these limits, such as Hireling or Cheat!, or unless one of the cards says otherwise. 4. You escape on a 5 or more. You don't even get to Loot the Room. Like we could stop you. Hero cards are not part of a player's deck and are not included in the 40-card total. Munchkin brings you the essence of the dungeon-crawling experience . Race: Characters may be Humans, Elves, Dwarves, or Halflings. The same or very similar text is found in the Adventure Time rulebook PDF. You can mix two (or more) base sets and expansions together for a genre-crossing mega-Munchkin adventure! SETUP Three to six can play. For instance, if a Warrior helps you, you will win if your combined total ties that of the monster, and he can Berserk and discard cards to add to his combat strength (but only once per combat, not once per monster). After that, you have really killed the monster, and you really get the level(s) and Treasures, though they can still whine and argue. Here are some ideas to take your Munchkin games to new heights – or lows: Combining different Munchkin sets. (Some Curses have alternate effects, though, so read the card!). Anyone can carry any Item (except for extra Big items), but you may equip only one Headgear, [etc.] If you cannot sucessfully run away from a monster it will do Bad Stuff to you, which is described on the card. Find the Entrance room (its links are attached, so it is easy to find). If it's your turn and you're not in combat, you can sell the excess Big items (as long as you have at least 1,000 Gold Pieces of Items to sell). Items that are actually giving you a bonus are "equipped." Looting The Body: Lay out your hand beside the cards you had in play (making sure not to include the cards mentioned above). A bribe can be anything you are carrying or a portion of the monster’s treasure. Some Class and Race abilities and some Treasures make it easier or harder to Run Away from all monsters. Using a One-Shot Treasure card, you can help or hinder another player in combat. You can carry as many small items as you like, but only a single big item. If he refuses, you may ask another player, and so on, until they all turn you down or someone helps. You do not receive levels or Treasure cards nor do you have the opportunity to Loot the Room. Our company is made up of a diverse group of employees with differing backgrounds. Cheat and trick your way to victory, you munchkin-y scoundrel, you. You can not sell to reach level 10. You cannot have more than one of the same Class or Race card in play at once. (Penalties to monsters are still considered Enhancers).

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