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All Reviews Gear Database Gear for sale Latest Trending. This is a tube mic and the tube does sound good. The grill on the mic also has a dent in it. Ask an Expert. What customers of MXL products are looking to read in this review is how this microphone performs with instruments and what kind of quality can be expected. This product offers great balance and polished sounding. We all know how amazing the SM7 is, but the Genesis is also amazing! It weighs a little less than a pound. I use them daily at my studio complex It’s a perfect choice for a female singer if you’re looking for a low-budget microphone with a tube sound. Tube condenser microphone for vocals and acoustic instruments. MXL OverStream USB Gaming and Podcasting Bundle with 990 Blaze and MicMate Pro By coming to an end of this review, you have probably made an informed decision about buying this product. I do like the mid range dip as far as my ears can tell. It does have a good sized capsule so I do like that. I am not a real fan of most tube mics unless they have reliable and have a reputation for not having issues. This microphone is definitely worth considering if you are looking to purchase a FET vocal at a medium price range that can work for many instruments. I have had a great deal of issues with some MXL mics when using them with the power supply. MXL introduced the Genesis FET microphone in 2013, it's meant to have the sound characteristics of the Genesis Tube mic but with the convenience of solid state electronics. Oxford Dynamic EQ Review. The look of it fits perfect with the sound quality that it provides, very rich and warm. Add Review. It’s perhaps the world’s most beloved brand when it comes... MXL GENESIS Flagship Tube Condenser Microphone Review, MXL GENESIS Flagship Tube Condenser Microphone with High-Isolation Shockmount, Pop Filter, Mogami XLR Cable, and Power Supply, Neumann U 87 AI MT Review – Flexible Beast Perfect For Vocals, Neumann TLM 103 Review – Pick Up Every Little Sound, Neumann TLM 102 Review – Clarity And Transparency At A Bargain, Best Podcast Microphone – How To Choose Perfect Podcasting Mic. The Genesis Heritage is the Apex predator of the MXL range and has been there for some time. 5.0 out of 5 stars uncolored sound made even better by the warmth that a tube adds. ANAHEIM, CA, JANUARY 13, 2020 – MXL Microphones, a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional audio products, announces the development of the successor to the MXL REVELATION, […] The mic is designed for use in the recording studio, which is the only place that I have experience with the mic and is really the only place I would recommend using it in. Here are the main specifications of this product. MXL 550 Condenser Mic Review MXL 550 Condenser Mic. Genesis, Large diaphragm condenser tube microphone from MXL. This large-diaphragm cardioid condenser features a 1.2-inch diameter capsule with a 6-micron, gold-sputtered diaphragm and a hand selected Mullard 12AT7 tube -- known for its clean, rich tone and a silky high end. This award-winner makes magnificent recordings for any singer or genre. June 14, 2018. This microphone delivers a good punch on the low end and is a bit more bass oriented than their normal microphones. The reinvented REVELATION II microphone offers the warmth and intimacy of a premium tube microphone, with the versatility of variable pattern tube technology at an affordable price. Read more. I do like the sound of the voice on male singers. News. MXL Genesis Tube Microphone The MXL Genesis exhibits the clarity and warmth typically associated with tube mics. Home. MXL school the market on how to make a great mic at a very low price. That is what the MXL Genesis tube mic offers. Additional accessories that come with purchasing this microphone: MXL Genesis Condenser Microphone can handle even the loudest sources without any trouble. All modifications should be taken seriously as damaging the internal components can break the three-year warranty of the product. There are some scratches and scuffs on the mic and power supply. It follows MXL’s successful Genesis tube mic, which had a fixed-cardioid response and was remarkable for using a vintage Mullard 12AX7 tube. The fidelity of recordings amazed the purchasers of this microphone who have confirmed the detailed and controlled sounds Genesis FET offers. For the little investment that it cost you will get a good sounding mic and a great looking mic to sit right in your home. Today, I share with you my comprehensive Life Ionizer MXL-9 w/ Hydrogen Tech review. Supplied with Power supply, Mogami cables, heavy duty shock mount, and custom pop filter. Music Producer and a bassist in an indie rock band. It’s yet another nice-sounding, low-price, entry-level studio mic that comes in a kit along with its smaller companion, the 551 for instruments. From intimate vocal recordings to fast-attacking rap, the Genesis cuts beautifully through the mix with spectacular detail. In 2008, the MXL Genesis Tube won the Pro Audio Review’s Excellence Award giving it more popularity as a top-of-the-line tube mic. MXL introduced the Genesis FET microphone in 2013, it's meant to have the sound characteristics of the Genesis Tube mic but with the convenience of solid state electronics. Everything works and you get everything you see. MXL Genesis pipe microphones tend to be simple to determine one of the competitors, using their impressive precious metal grilles as well as polished red-colored entire body style. Add to Wish List. No microphone can excel at every task, but what Genesis FET does correctly is performing great on different sound sources such as guitar, piano, male and female vocalists, acoustic guitar and hand percussion. Its not the best condenser mic on the market but its far from the worst. Read more. I used an API and with no compression and it did have the singer right on top of the diaphragm. I can't believe how well the Genesis sounds! I do like it for vocals and I used it several times on a male singer. I like the SPARK mic better and that is half the price of this mic. It’s an exquisite all-around choice as it does not offer any specific audible spectrum on any end, but it does provide a quality sound that will satisfy the needs of a huge audience. You have entered an incorrect email address! EASTWEST Spaces II Review. MXL Genesis Studio condenser microphone lives up to the MXL Genesis reputation, and it provides true sound. A lightweight feature is fantastic, as Genesis FET is a bit smaller and it uses lighter electronics. Like its predecessor, the Flagship Genesis is another top quality tube microphone with fantastic sound and excellent features. The MXL Genesis is a masterfully engineered tube microphone that cuts beautifully through the mix with spectacular detail. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. There is a very popular and inaccurate stereotype that many Chinese microphones do not perform well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The main limitation of the product is the missing pad switch. Specializes in Orchestral Instrumentals. 8 user reviews on MXL Genesis. MXL Genesis Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone. MXL Genesis is a large diaphragm, tube based condenser microphone. It is capable of capturing tight lows, detailed midrange, and open sounding top end. In the next sub-section, the focus will be put on explaining the important features, which will be followed with expressing some smaller limitations. MXL Genesis Studio condenser microphone lives up to the MXL Genesis reputation, and it provides true sound. MXL Genesis Cardioid Valve Mic | SOS by Sound On Sound published on 2010-06-16T17:13:20Z SOS has started a new testing procedure for our mic reviews, whereby we run through a series of standard tests with the review mic (MXL Genesis) alongside a more established mic … Our pros are available 7 days a week and are always happy to help! Find out in this in depth review. Price: $249.00 - $595.00. If the quality of sound is important to you, an additional cost of this microphone should not represent a bigger problem. With its classic tube warm, bright, and vibrant tone; I was surprised by the amount of detail the Genesis picks up while smoothing out the unwanted high end. While not being inexpensive, it certainly offers a good bang for the buck. The MXL Genesis is a masterfully engineered tube microphone with features and performance levels found in mics priced thousands of dollars more. I hope this trend continues. The actual pipe has a ninety day time guarantee as the microphone by itself includes a 3 12 months guarantee. The great news is that it works with multiple instruments, and it provides a clear sound on all ends. Also, a lack of high-pass filter switch may represent a problem, and the solution lies in using a mic preamp that will eliminate subsonic gunks that can occur while recording. I would use this for instrumentation such as guitar amps or acoustic guitars. Recording professionals and musicians praise the Genesis for its clean highs, warm mids, and tight bottom-end. This is slightly unusual, because most large‑diaphragm mics have a noticeable presence peak. Any serious audiophile will have you know that Neumann’s sound is like no other. See All Buying Options. MXL Genesis Tube Build Quality. 4 people did not find this review helpful. Best Karaoke Machine – Reviews & Guide – Turn Your Parties Into Epic Experience! This Genesis model has a 32mm large-diaphragm capsule that features a 6-micron gold diaphragm. I think it just looks great and seeing it set up in a studio makes it look even better. Write a review. REVIEW September 11, ... MXL Genesis Tube Mic: ... 2018 0. This is not spectacular in any way, and self-noise should not represent an issue for users of this product. Top positive review. So far, I’ve reviewed the MXL-5, MXL-7, and MXL-15 ionizers, and I’ll tell you upfront I’m impressed with Life’s new 2019 series. It was a bit noisy on the 4k side and had some high end break up but it still sounded very very good for the money. The MXL GENESIS Flagship is one of the more sought after sounds in the modern music realm. Large diaphragm condenser tube microphone MXL Genesis: 46 images, 8 user review(s), 1 offer, 1 video and 1 news item Both were powered by a Grace preamp. Not to mention that its very stylish as well. By using the loud sound sources, you will probably need to possess an inline pad. Ask Now. MXL Genesis is a large diaphragm, tube based condenser microphone. As of late, the company has unveiled a number of mics that offer super performance at incredible prices. However, at this price, it is affordable to a wide range of users and still offers a quality sound and a certain character. The tube inside the mic is made in the UK and the mic itself is assembled in China and ships to the customer from USA. style: MXL Genesis HE Change. I am a huge fan of most all of the MXL Mic Line. I think that MXL has succeeded admirably in that goal, there is a very good video comparison on … Reviews. MXL Genesis sample mp3 of me talking and singing a bit of my song, Falling Is Forever, a cappella - MXL Genesis Falling Is Forever.mp3 on FileSocial Last edited by … The first thing I will say is that I don't normally like external power supply mics. MXL 550 Microphone is a small diaphragm, pressure gradient condenser mic. It lacks in certain categories such as pad and high-pass filter switches, making it hard to compare with some pricier Genesis tube microphones. The vocals were totally kick-ass! By combining a large 32mm gold sputtered diaphragm with state of the art tube circuity the Genesis captures all the richness of critical vocal and instrument recordings. ... Neumann TLM 103 I had used at a friend's studio but with no harshness at all. REVIEW SOFTWARE February 15, 2018 0. This is another reason that you should keep this microphone in your studio - its simply too bulky for use anywhere else. Last update on 2020-11-30 at 23:17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. These mics are, to my mind, evidence that MXL is going after the professional market, with distinctive and classy designs. See all 14 positive reviews › bclaire. It is a beautiful microphone beyond the stretch of our imagination. Have a question about the MXL Genesis FET Studio Condenser Microphone (GENESISFETMXLMICROPHONES) ? The color tone of it is something that I am very fond of. Our today’s review will help you realize the main features of this product and how it performs under certain circumstances as well as experiences of a typical customer of the product.

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