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'> In June of 2019 compressor failed. My local non-Sears repairman said they refuse to work on anything made by Kenmore, LG or Samsung as they have so many issues and the owners take it out on their repairman. It was still within the 5 year warranty for sealed system leak when reported but the repair people where unethical in repairs. So much for reliability and timely service. Finally get transferred to a gentleman who clearly was driving because of the sounds on his phone. Just last week (Nov. 17 2020). In 2020 it has being doing this every two weeks. LG is no help because it is a Kenmore product. Purchased a Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator/freezer (Freezer below, French doors on top) in September 2016 in Tucson AZ. The refrigerator stopped cooling again within a week of that repair and on 11/18/2018 the evaporator assembly was replaced. Purchased Kenmore Elite 795.51833.410 in 2015. I WANT IN.. Sign me up. I lost everything in my freezer. Compressor failed on 11/1/2020. So we’re back to square one. Read more. We spent over $2,000 on the refrigerator and it didn’t even last a year. Sign me up! 5 weeks to get service to replace the compressor, 2 more service appointments in October (9th and 27th)-now finally up and running. Pd $150 to buy a used fridge to get us by. Please add me to class action if it proceeds. Long story short, adding my name to list. The amount of food loss, time for repairs, and worry has been infuriating. When we replaced the refrigerator and got new antibiotics he was well in about 3 weeks. I am interested in joining any Class Action Lawsuits against a company that knowingly sells a product that is defective!! We lost everything in the fridge and purchased a new Samsung fridge. Compressor failed in Sept. 2020. Second compressor lasted 1 yr 5 months. Now that the LG lawsuit has settled in consumers’ favor, it is about time to get Kenmore/Sears to do the same. Two weeks later it went down again, repairman stated it wasn’t charged properly so he recharged free of charge. During the visit he mentioned how many issues they were having with these models…that the parts were almost entirely made by LG. Lost around $500.00 in food. your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are It’s end of October almost November and my 4 month old $3,000 fridge doesn’t work and Sears doesn’t care. Please sign me up for the lawsuit! Finally got one compressor installed (months later) that isn’t defective, yet. I’m not sure if LG will help you, though, since your Kenmore warranty is with Sears. I am planning on avoiding LG and Kenmore products going forward for refrigerators. This is very frustrating. Purchased a Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator/freezer (Freezer below, French doors on top) in September 2016 in Tucson AZ. I have receipts and photos if you need them.. They just keep telling you to schedule repairs for a system that can not be fixed. I have the model 795.74025.411 Compressor was changed under warranty but had to pay labor. Purchased 5/31/15. The compressor and main board are out. Beyond previous cases, the plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit further describe the thousands of complaints from customers who bought Kenmore refrigerators and “overwhelmed” repair people called in to fix them. This is criminal. Another costly repair. This is $3000 fridge that has not run right since purchased. It stopped cooling just a few days before Thanksgiving. The compressor is the LG Linear Compressor that is mentioned in numerous lawsuits. For all call tomorrow we asked how much it would cost and they would not tell us…we have to wait and pay the $109 fee just to get a price of a new compressor. We lost everything in our freezer and most had to be thrown away in the refrigerator. Compressor out in Aug 2020. Purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator in May 2015. I’m in NC on coast and only 1 repair guy supposedly from Wilmington NC to VA border (about a 4hr ride). 6/2018 fridge fails again. 795.72483.411 compressor replaced in less than 2 years of use. A friend bought a $700 Whirlpool fridge almost ten years ago and it's still running like a hulk. At this point I think we should all get a refund so we can buy a reliable frige. Original compressor lasted 3 years 10 months. Compressor failure. v. LG Electronics U.S.A. Not cooling at all. I lost two sets of refrigerator and full freezer contents twice with a Kenmore. We’ve had great success with Kenmore Elite before…and know to stay far away from LG Appliances. We lost about $500 worth of food. Shame on Kenmore for ripping off … Please add me to this lawsuit. The compressor just failed 11/2020. Compressor stopped functioning this summer, 2020. Thank You James Ederer, My 3.5 year old Kenmore Elite refrigerator just died yesterday. Thank you. The compressor was replaced. Lost Food 3 times, once just after completely restocking everything! Technician came today, bad compressor. Even though it has an LG compressor in it! I had to purchase a mini fridge for the basics. AND, a side note that our local appliance stores (which I should have bought from) wouldn’t even come look at it because it was an LG. Either have it done in warranty or shop for a new refrigerator -- anything except LG. It stopped working May 2019. Compressor died and repair tech says they can’t even get the part. All right reserved. My compressor appears to have just died as well. It seems that every important part in a refrigerator has failed. Model number – 795.79043.312

Two months is too long to have to live with two small kids out of a mini-fridge (which I also had to buy). If you want to tailor our website's use of your cookies, please select Change Settings. Technician said that the problem is so common that he always has the replacement compressor on his truck. Would love to be part of the class action lawsuit if there is one. Three months later the same thing have happen once again. Let us know in the comments below. All food was lost and I just went shopping. Your email address will not be published. status of any class action settlement claim. The quote was for $1,030 here's what was included We got an estimate of $600 for repair. Mind you if the service tech that comes out to do the repair determines that it is not the compressor … The worst part of the whole thing… as I’m shopping for my new refrigerator tonight there it is the exact same model at Sears for $2699. No they cannot sell to me, must be a certified Sears technician. The compressor failed in Nov 2019. Compressor went bad in 2019 and because it was out of warranty had to pay over $400 for replacement. with LG compressor LGFLB075LBNA. When I spoke to a Sears representative today, they said the compressor is under an extended warranty and said they would pay for the part, but not the repair costs. Was determined the compressor was not working. A week ago, fridge quit working again-not cooling at all. From that point on I would have to manually defrost the refrigerator with a blow dryer every six months or it would breakdown again. Tech came out looked at the model number and said it will be 500.00 dollars….I explained to him that I was told that I was to pay for diagnostic fee of 149.00 which was not completed. Probably not! I would so like to be part of the law suit. We are now experiencing issues again. This is absolutely unfair – it’s the same company with the same faulty components. And then I feel like I’m living on borrowed time with that one as it’s the same LG faulty part. I just tried to file a claim with LG and they rejected it. A Sears Tech won’t be out until December 7th. He told us it was the compressor and also told us they were having problems all over the US. Again the compressor. Escalate to manager. And neither is the incredible inconvenience that they have caused. Kenmore refrigerators “are failing quite pandemically,” a repair person was quoted saying in one of those stories, according to the lawsuit. Over 3 years, we might have just paid for a cheaper replacement with the expenses, but it took several repair people this round to finally point out the fact there’s a known issue with LG compressors. Either the appointments were canceled by a&E service or the technician. Obtained earlier appointment through website on 9/22 for same day service – Sears determined it was the compressor and ordered parts – they required a $178.30 “Deposit” on the install before they would order the parts. Same issues as described by others. I will not have it repaired because it is still a recurring problem. We purchased a Kenmore Elite model #795.51863.611, on May 22, 2018. Unfortunately it was replaced with another faulty LG compressor. My refrigerator stopped working over three weeks ago. Now I have to schedule another appointment with Home warranty service to come out!! This will be the third compressor in three years. When we bought this frig we were never told that LG took over replacing Whirlpool for Kenmore’s frig components. We have model 795.74043.411. Just found out about the class action lawsuit. It stopped cooling 10/6/2020 while we were on vacation ruining all of our food. We have only had our fridge for less than 3 years. How can I sign up for lawsuit? expected to be mailed out. I just went Thanksgiving shopping and being that I am a federal worker and work long hours after I finally got home to see let the refrigerator was completely hot and freezer completely stalled and everything ruined that I just purchased for Thanksgiving plus everything else.

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