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Types of ClassesSpecific course loads vary depending on the area of concentration a student will focus on while getting the master’s degree. Animal keepers’ training can come in a variety of forms. Many degree-seekers find themselves wondering how to afford college during a... An online bachelor's degree in sales management prepares learners to join the fast-paced and lucrative world of sales. Foundation Degrees are also … These graduates work in jobs that require an understanding of the natural environments animals live in so that these environments can be protected. Job Growth and SalaryAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pet groomers, which are classified under “nonfarm animal caretakers,” have a 2014 median annual wage of $20,340 and an expected job growth of 11 percent between 2014 and 2024. Veterinary science is a branch of medicine that focuses primarily on the treatment of animals, although there is also a lot of work being done relating to animal medical research. Make sure that this is something you really want before committing to it. This is the broad study of how organisms interact with their environment. The coursework for these 2-year programs features a combination of classroom lectures along with hands-on laboratory instruction. Is the Prosci Change Management Certification Program (CMCP) Certification Worth It? Business Management Degrees. Students in this field are trained for working in the animal care industry in a variety of settings where exotic animals are present. Why not work as a Bear Manager? Types of ClassesThe typical classes found in most DVM programs include: Skills RequiredVeterinarians, especially those who provide direct medical care to animals, should have great hand-eye coordination, communication skills, compassion, rapport with animals and critical thinking. Expected increase in demand is due in part to a growing pet population; workers will be needed in shelters, veterinarian's offices, pet stores and other organizations. Would a Degree in Business Majoring in Human Resource Management Be Useful if You're a Veterinary Technician Working in an Animal Clinic? At the Buffalo Zoo, novice keepers may start in an apprentice position where they are working with an experienced keeper for a period of time to gain more skills before they’re prepared to work independently. Despite being a subspecialty of biology, marine biology is extremely diverse given the vastness of water-based ecosystems – about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. The preparation required to work with animals depend strongly upon the job. It is mostly based in agriculture, but some animal topics are covered. A degree in zoology, biology, conservation, animal behavior or a related field is required, as is experience – at least three to five years of work in a captive wild animal facility or similar environment is preferred. Every kid wants to work at a zoo at some point during their childhood, and zoology degrees are a way to bring this dream to life. What Is the Scope of an MBA in Hotel Management Program? This profession is compromised of mainly two groups of workers: the veterinarians and veterinarian support members such veterinarian technicians. Pursue a degree in an animal-related field. The program provides advanced study for those who wish to accelerate their careers. Although traditionally focused on optimizing certain qualities of livestock, the animal science field is now much broader, and includes areas such as management, genetics, behavior and disease prevention, as well as a wider variety of animals, including pets and exotic animals. Future work may include animal production and breeding or disease control. Keep in mind the less attractive aspects of the field: cleaning up after messy animals (urine, feces, vomit, etc. This program is designed for people who want to enter management and administration of a zoo, shelter, research facility or other animal care facility. Below are several career options: Employment prospects for animal care and service workers should be positive in the coming years. Future work could include researching better ways to feed dairy producing animals and how to ensure these animals receive humane treatment. Animal Shelter Management Degree Program Information. Below are some tips to consider when thinking about a career with animals. What Is an MBA Program in Operations Management Like? Veterinary assistants have a 2014 median annual wage of $23,790 and an expected job growth of 9 percent between 2014 and 2024. Biology is a very broad field that covers scientific principles as they related to life processes. This guide will discuss the training and degrees needed for working with animals. ), / Animal Shelter Management Degree Program Information. Farmers, ranchers and agricultural managers have a 2014 median annual wage of $68,050 and an expected job growth of -2 percent between 2014 and 2024. Our job is to help the public make a connection with our animals, and you can’t do that if you have a fear of public speaking, dislike kids/people, etc. Potential JobsVeterinary technician, veterinary technologist and veterinary assistant. Animal biology degrees may lead to work in veterinary medicine, animal husbandry or education. Many degrees that involve working with animals relate to the organization, management and economics of those organizations. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Associate's degree programs in animal management train students in animal biology, nutrition and zoology through hands-on practical experience and traditional coursework. The subfield of medicine that focuses on non-human animal patients, including both wild and domesticated animals. Preparation Tips for Working with Animals. For many of those who work with animals, there is nothing better than a career that allows them to dedicate their lives to all creatures great and small. A biology specialty that focuses on aquatic-based life and its interaction with land based life and its marine environment. Due to the hands-on nature of their job, veterinary techs must be good with their hands and have great attention to detail. Volunteer or intern while you’re in school. This is the perfect degree program for professional students who desire career advancement in wildlife management and conservation biology fields. This degree teaches students how to manage the plant and animal resources of the world in a wide range of settings, including how to run a profitable business or protect endangered wildlife. Conservation biology teaches biological principles as they relate to preserving wildlife and understanding wildlife’s interactions with humans. Much of human life and society depends on animals, whether it be as a source of companionship, transportation or food. Find Schools. Many animals enjoy being groomed. Environmental Science Degrees Operant conditioning is the most common form of training utilized in the animal world, so knowledge of psychology has actually been really applicable to my career as a zoo keeper!). This job puts experienced individuals face-to-face with rescued Asiatic black bears, working with their daily care, coordinating with veterinary staff, and overseeing the teams that make the facility run smoothly. Study RequiredA bachelor’s degree in animal science will generally take four years to complete and consist of about 120 credits. Photography Degrees. What Are Some of the Things Taught in an MBA in Operations Management Program? Most keepers feel the job is most definitely worth all of the less appealing elements of it, but some people find out it’s just not for them. Humanities and general education electives help round out the curriculum. Animal sanctuaries are filled with exotic animals saved from bad situations, and some modern zoos are focused on maintaining natural settings for non-domestic animals. I personally have a BS in biology and a minor in psychology (which has been incredibly useful in terms of training… remember Pavlov’s salivating dog? Take every opportunity to work around animals. Standardized test scores, letters of recommendation and an admissions essay are also generally required. However, working with animals also requires a unique personality: Pet groomers will need to be able to communicate and get along well with animals, in addition to people. What Is the Best Project Management Certification Program? is an advertising-supported site. The basic and fundamental principles of life on Earth, as well as biological life process are taught in this discipline. Listed below are some sample core course topics. The field is highly competitive so don’t get discouraged early on and if you’re willing to travel around the country, your chances of landing that first paid position increase dramatically! Types of ClassesBesides general education classes, a typical bachelor’s degree in animal science will include the following types of classes: Skills RequiredThe skills required will depend on the specific nature of the job; however, good communication skills (with both humans and animals), compassion, critical thinking, organization skills and attention to detail will be needed in almost every profession. Let’s start by discussing some of the more common degrees working with animals might require. Veterinarians work in a variety of sectors, including in private practice or zoos. Job focus could include working to ensure hunting laws are followed or that certain species, like the wild mustangs of the west, are protected and safe. Most potential vets follow that with a 1-4 year residency. What Do You Need to Get Admitted Into an MBA in Hotel Management Program? Those who take the equine science path will learn various aspects of horse biology, such as the nutrition, physiology and management of horses. Animal management programs generally feature a practicum or internship, in which degree candidates work in an actual animal care facility, such as a zoo or shelter, for course credit. The assistance can take many forms, such as prepping areas and instruments for surgery, administering medications, conducting laboratory tests and collecting animal patient information. Biology often serves as a springboard for other areas of study or professions, such as medical school, veterinary sciences, agriculture, animal dentistry and zoology. Some college education (at least an associate’s degree) is almost always a requirement for a full-time zoo keeping position, and most keepers hold at least a bachelor’s degree in some sort of science, whether it’s animal sciences, biology, zoology, etc. One of the best online graduate degrees for animal lovers is the Master of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Management. But the most important training comes from working with animals directly through volunteering and internships, as well as entry level positions in other animal care facilities. Students must be at least 14 years old and have completed the 8th grade. Also, visitor engagement and the public experience is SUCH an important part of what zoo keepers do. This degree program can be physically as well as emotionally demanding. This degree can provide an individual with the skills and knowledge needed for a host of rewarding careers working with and around animals. A specialized job helping animals may even be working with a construction company to ensure no habitats of endangered animals are being destructed in the building process. Marine biology involves biological processes that are found in organisms that live in the water. Wildlife studies prepares students to take on multiple roles within the wildlife realm, including rehabilitation, management, conservation and education. That’s the job title for this interesting position at the China Bear Rescue Centre in China’s Sichuan Province. As a result, organizations and businesses have been created to facilitate and propagate this dependency. The DVM degree takes four years to complete and consists of hands on requirements, in addition to class work. There are some college programs that focus specifically on animal husbandry and care in a zoo or aquarium setting. What Is a Program Management Certification? This study combines social and biological scientific principles to help students understand how all natural things interact. For those who want to learn how to run a fishery or research fishes and their environment, a fisheries and aquatic science degree is ideal. What is your highest level of education completed? In fact, most jobs working with animals do require some hands-on training at the very least. The curriculum also explores topics such as husbandry, animal restraint and administrative record keeping. Potential JobsAgriculture and food scientist, animal manager, farmer, rancher and agricultural manager. That strong desire to learn about and care for animals might take the form of volunteerism, or it might lead to a long-term career that requires in-depth education and training. Job Growth and SalaryAgriculture and food scientists have a 2014 median annual wage of $60,690 and an expected job growth of 5 percent between 2014 and 2024. Potential JobsZoologist, conservation scientist, animal field researcher and wildlife biologist. Animal science is the study of domesticated animals, including livestock and other food producers, from both the practical and scientific perspectives. (2019, Oct 8 of publication). Be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up. 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Students can choose certificates that focus on lifesaving-centered management., 8 Oct 2019 published. 30 Nov 2020 accessed. Start working with animals early on! The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Applicants submit high school transcripts along with their applications. Types of ClassesIn addition to a few general education classes, common courses found in associate veterinary tech programs include: Skills RequiredDue to the fact that they’re providing care to animals in need, veterinary techs must show compassion and understanding for both pets and their owners. The ideal candidate will be in good physical condition, have empathy to spare and be an excellent communicator. Veterinary Technology Degrees Courses in a Bachelor of Management Studies program provide students with a varied understanding of management practices in... An admission advisor from each school can provide more info about: Get Started with Michigan State University, Get Started with Mississippi State University, Get Started with The University of Tennessee. How Animals BenefitA master’s degree prepares graduates to protect animals from natural and man-made threats, understand them better through research, and more effectively treat or care for them. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. Majors within the pre-veterinary track can include biology or microbiology, with emphasis on animal studies. College Advisor that can help you compare costs and options. Executive Director of an Animal Shelter or Humane Society. Graduates are eligible for careers in zoos, veterinary clinics and animal centers or may want to continue their education with a bachelor's or master's degree. Holly - Animal Management Foundation Degree (FdSc) Entry requirements. Duties range from administrative office tasks to assisting veterinarians during surgery to carrying out basic medical tasks like operating an ultrasound machine. It's free! Is Prosci's Change Management Certification Program (CMCP) Certification Worth It? Study RequiredDepending on the program, a master’s degree takes about two years of post-graduate study to complete and consists of between 30 and 36 credits. a College Advisor at the end of the process. Photographs of wild animals in their natural habitat or even our own pets capture our imagination and inspire us. Vet Techs provide support and assistance to veterinarians. This is a preparatory track designed for students who intend to ultimately get their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become an animal shelter manager. Want to work with bears? Veterinarians undergo an educational process similar to medical doctors. Get in touch with your inner thespian and start getting comfortable with that element of the job early on so that it is not an obstacle for you later.

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