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Easy Homemade Apple Butter Fall Recipe My family & friends love it. Cortland apples work well because they don’t oxidize as … The 8 Best Apple Peelers of 2020 German Apple Pancakes 40 mins Ratings. ). This apple butter recipe is made on the stovetop and takes less time than in a crockpot. Those are the only ingredients, but with all that cider there’s plenty of extra apple flavor and sugar. Only four ingredients (and some water) and a little time and you have a delicious, homemade apple butter. This Homemade Apple Butter recipe is velvety, rich, and tastes like apple pie! When my neighbor told me to head to his property with buckets for picking apples I didn’t argue. Perfect on top of a homemade biscuit or roll, a slice of toast, or even by the spoonful, you’ll love the spiced apple flavor, with just enough sweetness of this homemade apple butter to keep you coming back for more. ; Total 1 hour, 50 min. Make them with store bought apple butter or homemade apple butter!. For those that have never had apple butter, it isn’t butter at all. Serve it on top of a pork loin or pork chops, on biscuits, or banana bread. Our slow cooker Apple Butter couldn't be easier. When I make it I just put all the ingredients into a pot & cook until the apples are soft & then I mash them for a chunky consistency or put in the blender for a smoother consistency. Be sure to measure the flour correctly. Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe Apple Charlotte 60 mins Ratings. Just use applesauce! Begin by washing the apples very well under cool running water. … Slice the apples into quarters or, smaller size pieces if the apples are really large. I covered it and put it in the fridge. Making apple butter is so simple that I didn’t trust it at first. (This apple butter recipe is quite sweet, and a bit heavy on cloves in my opinion, but lovely otherwise.) Cook the apple butter just long enough to melt the sugar, intensify the spices, and thicken the apple butter to your desired consistency. Or you can just make a big batch and enjoy quickly, depending on how you use it. Apple season will be here before we know it and the best way to enjoy this delicious fall fruit is in Apple Butter! This yummy recipe is a favorite in my family. Thanks to the slow cooker, you can set yours up before you go to bed, let it cook overnight, and enjoy fresh apple butter in the morning. I have made this recipe many times since it was 1st published in 2004. That means you don’t have to peel, core, and chop up 5 pounds of apples to make it. Easy homemade Apple Butter! Its enough for a “small batch” of Apple Butter. This super easy apple butter recipe for canning preserves the sweet deliciousness of apples all year long. If you love apples or applesauce, this Instant Pot Apple Butter recipe will knock your socks off! Once the apple butter is done, spoon it into the hot, clean jars and seal them tightly with the lids. If you like your apple butter to have a dark rich flavor, cook it for 15–20 minutes. Run the back of a knife across the top of the measuring cup to level it off. The next day, it took another 5 hours to thicken to the right spreadable consistency. So delicious! Tea Simple Syrup 18 mins Ratings. Place the apples and water in a large heavy-bottomed pan, simmer for 50 minutes until the mixture turns to a thick pure. I perfected it for a few years and came back with the recipe you see here in 2011 (when I only had three and a half kids! I doubled the recipe and cooked it in the oven in two baking pans, stirring as the directions suggest. If you like a perky apple butter, just 5–10 minutes will do. If you’re wondering what are the best apples to use for making apple butter, I would say whatever apples you have on hand! I've been whipping up family favorites like homemade apple pie with an all-butter pie crust, rustic apple tarts and of course this deliciously thick apple butter recipe!. Learn How to Freeze Apples Gooey Caramel Apple Cake 60 mins Ratings. Usually at the Fair. We use a combination of Granny Smith (a favorite for apple pie) and Rome Apples, but feel free to make this your own by using your favorite apple varieties.Just be aware that opting for a different variety will most likely affect the texture and taste of this apple butter.This recipe requires very little hands-on time—just 20 minutes. Old-Fashioned Apple Butter 24 hrs Ratings. I had to experiment and was nervous but it is truly a set it and forget it recipe. My favorite way to eat apple butter is on an Elephant Ear. It is thicker and darker than applesauce and can also be used in cookies or as a filling. Apple Butter Recipe: You’ll need these ingredients. Canning it is an easy 15 minute hot water bath, so it’s a great beginning home-canner recipe! Make your own apple butter with this simple recipe. Heat the oven to 100°C and slide the tray in for 30 minutes, or until the jars are completely dry. Apple Butter made with just apples, cinnamon, and sugar is rich, silky and incredibly easy to make. You won’t be able to go a day without spreading this heavenly apple concentrate on something. Pennsylvania Dutch Lard Biscuits 17 mins Ratings. The Best Apples for this Apple Butter Recipe. This apple butter recipe is easy to put together and easy to preserve for months by canning in a water bath canner. This apple butter is delicious in the end, but it was a two day process. This recipe was created for Dixie Crystals by BigBear’sWife, post and words written are 100% mine as always. … I’m using 5 pounds of apples. This simple recipe is made in a crockpot and requires only minutes of prep time. They’re soft and chewy with a cinnamon sugar crust! How to make it. I fluff the flour up a little with a spoon and then scoop it into a measuring cup. After 5 hours, the apple butter had thickened, but not enough. Add the muslin bag and the sugar to the apple mixture and stir well. This Apple Butter Recipe does not require you to core or peel your apples. For more delicious apple recipes, try Apple Pie, Apple Danish, and Overnight Cinnamon Apple French Toast Casserole. If you're ready to make a fun crockpot apple butter for yourself, grab your peeler and let's get cooking! Apple Butter was one of the first recipes I posted on my site in 2008 (when I only had two kids!). It is the easier, shortcut version. Apple butter is a delicious alternative to peanut butter, and a great way to use fresh apples. It is a spiced apple puree that is used primarily as a spread on bread and crackers. This is great for two reasons: Peeling and coring apples is a tedious, time consuming task, and you get to take full advantage of the natural pectin, vitamins, and flavor in the apple peel and core. Recipe includes a brief how-to video at the bottom of the post! Test Kitchen Tip: Use a wooden spoon to draw a line through the apple butter on the bottom of the pot; if the line holds for 5 seconds before the apple butter merges back together, it's finished cooking.Hands-on 55 min. Prepare it in the slow cooker or instant pot! If you have never eaten apple butter, I urge you to make this! Rinse them well and place them on a baking tray. Nothing beats the taste of homemade, and even more so when it comes to rich and delicious apple butter, which is a must-make in my kitchen. An Apple Butter Cookie is a mash up of snickerdoodles and sugar cookies! Apple butter is essentially a further reduced applesauce. While the apple butter is cooking, wash six or seven jam jars and lids in hot soapy water. What Is Agave Syrup? Place the spices and ginger onto a muslin square and, using kitchen string, loosely tie into a bag. I know a lot of people dont like major commentary on blog recipe posts, so I have been cleaning them up to be a little more concise. Slow cooker apple butter is just one of those recipes that you can make once a year, can it, and enjoy it forever. Apple butter is the perfect thing to slather over toast or eat by the spoonful when no one is looking. German Potato Pancakes (Kartoffelpuffer) … It's apple season, and I'm on a serious apple baking marathon! Although some sources will tell you that the soft varieties are the best apples for this recipe because they cook down faster, this factor is less critical when you are making slow cooker apple recipe. See Best Cooking Apples and use the varieties you would use for applesauce. Cream cheese spread is also good on them. Apple Butter Muffin Recipe Tips: I love to slather these muffins with butter but they taste great as is. Stocking Up from 1977 ~ This unique recipe recommends you start with 2 parts apples (peeled and cored) and 1 part apple cider. Apple Butter Bread recipe made with homemade apple butter (or store bought is fine too), delicious easy dessert or breakfast bread with apples and cinnamon!

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