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In September 2009, the passenger version of the Sambar was replaced with the Subaru Dias Wagon, a re-badged version of the Daihatsu Atrai van. Claimed maximum power remained the same, but at a much higher engine speed (7500 rpm) and with considerably lower torque figures than the earlier two-stroke type. The suspension was upgraded to a four-wheel independent layout with MacPherson struts for the front wheels. In export, the Sambar 550 was known as the Subaru 600. The reverse gearshift position was a left-pattern selection, instead of a right-pattern selection. We have all EN07 engines for Subaru Sambar. Japanese mini truck Subaru Sambar engines for 1988-2013 Subaur Sambar in stock. BE FORWARD offer a wide range of authentic and … 1994 saw a full model change for the Domingo, using the new Sambar design coupled to the Subaru Justy's EF12 SOHC three-cylinder engine displacing 1200 cc. LHD versions were available. It is Japan's first Keitora (軽トラ), shorthand for "kei class truck" and is still in production. Subaru Sambar Engine Gasket Set EK23. The name Sambar is very similar to the top trim package for the Volkswagen Type 2 called the Samba introduced in 1951, which also used an air-cooled engine installed in the back, utilizing rear-wheel-drive, and was available in pickup configurations with fold-down beds. It was the first Kei truck that used a cabover design, with the passenger cabin over the engine. The Sambar continued to use the 356 cc EK31 engine, but now in the 20 PS (14.7 kW; 19.7 hp) iteration used in the Subaru 360 since July 1964.[3]. Until 2012 the Sambar model was still using Subaru's own sixth generation chassis and body with updated fascia. Because of regulations changes, only three months later the engine was again upgraded with a 490 cc displacement (EK22) engine of a similar layout for the Sambar 5 (K75 truck, K76 panel van, K85 van). Manufacturer Names & Logos of Acura, Chrysler, Dodge, Daihatsu, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Infiniti, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota or any other Manufacturer on our website are trademarks of respective manufacturers and are used only to identify their products and for reference purpose only. Front disc brakes were added to the options list. The 4WD Dias is now only offered with a 3-speed automatic transmission, with the supercharger optioned engine power output increased to 58 PS (57 bhp). To address safety concerns with side impact resistance, on 1 October 1998 the width restriction for kei vehicles was increased to 1,480 mm (58.3 in) and the sixth generation Sambar was widened accordingly. The wheel size increased from 10 inches to 12 inches, thereby accommodating larger drum brakes used at all four wheels. 1995 Retro style Sambar copy Volkswagen Type 2, The second generation early version (1966–1973), Subaru Sambar Van Specifications from Kei Cars Canada, subaru Mini trucks Maintenance and custom from japan, Sumo/Libero/Domingo/Columbuss/E series/Estratto,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Subaru Dias Wagon (passenger van variant), This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 14:00. Starting with the 1970 model year, the engine was now accessed from outside the vehicle, and the front doors were conventionally hinged. Subaru Sambar Exhaust Gasket EN07 KS3 KS4 KV3 KV4. The larger Domingo (and its various iterations) isn't considered "kei class" because the dimensions exceed the requirements and the engine displacement is larger than regulations allow. Subaru Sambar … The primary difference between the Sambar and the larger-engined variants is the extension of both the front and rear bumpers to aid in occupant protection. Choose the Subaru Sambar model and explore the versions, specs and photo galleries. [1] This did not go over well with traditional Subaru customers, especially loyal Sambar customers the first microvan introduced in Japan. The small-bodied version went by the name of Subaru 700 in the few markets where it was available. This would allow Subaru to focus on their core business of four-wheel-drive family cars with horizontally opposed engines; kei car sales are almost entirely limited to the domestic Japanese market and were not cost effective for such a small manufacturer. To enhance safety a full padded dash pad was introduced, sharing the dashboard panel from the new R–2. A maximum seating capacity of seven was possible. The seventh generation Sambar van and truck were introduced to Japan on April 2, 2012 and a badge engineered Daihatsu Hijet Van/Truck, but the passenger variant (Dias Wagon) had already been produced since 2009. Minor horsepower improvements were introduced in 1977 along with an increase in the width of the vehicle. From the very beginning in 1961, the Sambar uses 4-wheel independent suspension and a rear engine rear drive powertrain that helps keep the vehicle's weight balanced. Subaru Sambar Exhaust Gasket EN07 KS3 KS4 KV3 KV4. Remanned Subaru EN07 Engine (Carburated) Factory Rebuilt Long Block engine. As of February 1976, the engine was upgraded to the EK21 four-stroke water-cooled version introduced in the Rex to reduce emissions. Japanese mini truck - Subaru Sambar imported from Japan, Offers Japanese engines for sale in the metro Houston area, Houston Japanese Engine re-building machine shop, Offers Japanese engines for sale in the metro Los Angeles area, Offers Japanese engines for sale in the metro San Francisco area, Offers Japanese engines for sale in the metro Colorado Springs area, Offers Japanese engines for sale in the metro Chicago area, Offers Japanese engines for sale in the metro North Miami Beach area, Offers Japanese engines for sale in the metro Dallas area. The sixth generation was available for purchase May 2, 1999, and in 1998 kei class vehicle size regulations allowed for an increase in body size. Click to Call- 1-713-955-6161 Request a price Quote The redesigned Sambar appeared in January 1966 with a fresh new appearance, with a truck version introduced. The first series still carried a two-stroke two-cylinder 356 cc engine but by now water-cooled. Add to Cart. October 1995 saw the elimination of the ECVT transmission due to drivability issues and a 3-speed automatic was made available instead, coupled to the EMPi 46 PS (45 bhp) engine. Full-time 4WD was available towards the end of this generations product cycle. Price: $65.00. The Sambar is available in both microvan and Kei truck (Pickup truck style) to fulfill the Kei carguidelines. This model saw the introduction of an electric window washer pump to improve driver visibility. Bunk beds could be installed as an option for outdoor camping use. In April 1989, a six-valve engine producing 34 PS (25 kW; 34 bhp) joined the regular engine in high-end versions of the Try and the Sambar truck. Unautorized use without our prior authorization is illegal. The front doors opened backwards, in the same fashion as the 360, with the rear passenger doors opening conventionally, causing the hinges for all doors to be centrally located, with a rear hatch in back. The Sambar saw new competitors, the Mazda Porter in 1968, and the Honda Vamos in 1970. The current generation is a rebadged version of the Daihatsu Hijet/Atrai. Subaru Air Filter. Subaru Sambar Engine Gasket Set EN07. The Try was available as a Van with a high or a regular roof, and as a high-roofed passenger model (model code KR). The fifth generation Sambar was introduced in 1990. This bigger version of the Sambar was available in Europe from 1983 and went by several names, such as the Subaru Sumo, Libero, Domingo, and Columbuss. Subaru Sambar History Since its introduction in 1061, the Subaru Sambar has used a rear engine, rear wheel drive format (with optional 4WD from 1980 on), with the first two generations using the air-cooled engine from the Subaru 360, and later generations using the water-cooled engine from the Subaru Rex, Vivio and the Pleo. Along with the facelift, the engine was also updated (EK33) and now produced 26 PS (19.1 kW; 25.6 hp). While the home market Sambar came equipped with the 544 cc, 2-cylinder 28 PS (21 kW; 28 bhp) EK23 engine, export versions (known as Subaru 700) received an enlarged 665 cc version of the same, producing 31 PS (23 kW; 31 bhp).

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