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Not really no. Find one selling for a decent margin higher (>10% difference), and sell at them instead. Should I tick the ‘Throw away junk’ box when AFK fishing? Also, you must consider that the value of fish starts to reduce after 2 hours and 40 minutes and will steadily decrease as time goes by until they become ruined after 24 hours. 3 +. As a new fisher, talk to Abelin in velia, who will send you to Crio. There is also no skill required to use this rod, so this is the fishing rod you should strive to get as soon as possible, enhance to +3 or +4 and restore to full durability. You can read more about how to sell fish here. Failstack Optimisation/How to Failstack. This reduction starts at 10% and reaches 25% reduction at +10 enhancement, with each level of enhancement also giving an extra 5 to durability. He’ll sell you a fishing rod (30 durability, +0 fishing speed, usable at any skill), and you can just equip & cast away to your hearts content. The thick harpoon has a durability of 40 and you need fishing skill at … The unique ability of this rod is to increase the chance of catching rare fish. You should also always check the “Do not board other adventures’ ships” box if you are auto-fishing and your character is located in water. I am a returning player and this has been extremely useful. The table below lists how letter combinations correspond to what you catch. Should I tick the ‘Throw away junk when auto-fishing’ box? However, to maximize earnings while auto fishing requires some thought and … Fishing is popular among new players because of how easy it is to get into, but late game it can also be one of your biggest money makers. However, you don’t need to chuck them, consider drying them instead. However, once you can make a few bottles of exotic wine and a few thick rods at a time, you will be sorted for a decent fishing speed. As some of the fish wanted are pretty rare, and some of the spots (especially around velia) are exhausted, this can take a while. A fisherman can make a good amount of silver from the bountiful waters of Black Desert. These pets can reach tier 4 like all other pets, however, you can only combine penguins and polar bears together, as they are event pets. Imperial Fishing. I am trying to write this guide in such a way that each section will stand on it’s own, so you can just read the bits that are of interest to you. Unless you have a giant inventory & a low durability rod, it’s better in terms of profit. Yes. The higher rarity the fish, the more experience it will give. There is no level cap in BDO. Do I need to get + fishing speed to AFK fish? Fishing speed can be gained in the following additive ways: Varying from +1 for basic, up to +3 for a +5 Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes, Food +1 (various foods, beehive cookies ideally for 90 minute duration), Balenos Special for +2 (~55k extra over beehive cookies, probably minimal value gain for using to get +5). What is most important about those rods is that they can be enhanced and repaired while the others are ruined once their durability runs out. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I wanted to point out an update to the following: 18 November 2020. Fish length has no impact on the value of the fish. That rod is surpassed by the Fishing Rod, followed by the Thick Fishing Rod, Steel Fishing Rod, Golden Fishing Rod, and finally the Artisan Fishing Rods which are generally considered best. As a result of this, I hope this guide will be a comprehensive introduction to the art of fishing. Note that this bonus adds on top of your regular chance of getting rare fish so it’s actually worth investing in a maple float if you do a lot of fishing. You can make very good money when you know where to do it and where and when to sell. Getting started in fishing is extremely easy. This means they stack, and so you’ll only use 2-3 inventory slots. (Note: The rules change slightly if you are at a hotspot or have v. high fishing skill. The fish you catch are (can?) 5.4. But being able to move from A->B on the ocean is one of the biggest time-sinks in fishing, and so reducing this time (and effectively increasing your inventory space with the fishing boat storage), is one of the best ways to maximise your income. Hi, my name is Rubgish, I am guild leader of ImperialFishing, a fishing-focused guild on EU Alustin. So get a silver embroidered +2 (2-3 mill cost roughly). I should also mention that at Altinova and presumably Valencia you do not get any trash while fishing and if you auto fish at sea you have a higher chance of getting blue and yellow tiered fish at the cost of fewer relics found. Black Desert Online fishing guide to help make millions of silver in money with the help of easy fishing techniques for new and advanced players. There are three types of pets that can reduce your auto-fishing time. A hotspot is a small patch of ocean that contains a far higher quantity of rare fish than it typically would. Black Desert Fishing Bot and Guides. No. To increase your inventory slots you can complete special quests as well as purchasing slot expansions with loyalty points or pearls. You have about a 3-hour window after you’ve caught a fish before it’s value start to depreciate. This is a great feature and I am keen to try it out instead of my current Epheria rod as soon as I can find one on the market. Full AP Gear (PVE) 5.2. There is also the splat fishing outfit from the pearl store if you got pearls to burn. Do I need to get + fishing speed for AFK fishing? I’m also intending to host this on google docs, and I know this can be slow to load, especially with a large number of pictures. Should I be using thick/steel rods if I can? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I had 3 rods all with a Item Brand Spell Stone, and from the guides it said character bound, but when I looked at the actual rod, that was not true. The reason people hang together in some spots is either because it’s a blue hotspot (just outside Velia) or it is in a safe zone (No-PvP). If you have a silver embroidered +2 and are in a guild with a +3 bonus to fishing you are getting the maximum advantage you can get. No. To start out, you are going to struggle to reach +5 speed, as you will only have a basic rod and whatever food you happen to have. When you arrive at someone’s hot spot treat it with some respect. If you have the means to enhance the Balenos rod to +6 or +7, restore it to full durability and have gotten decent fishing skills then it will eventually become a better rod for auto fishing, at the very least if you intend to auto-fish for a shorter duration or check on your character regularly. Harpooning is a fun minigame, but it also lasts ~30 seconds for each catch, and typically gives low rarity fish. BDO Fishing Mastery Guide: Life Mastery Series. Since the main profit from fishing is from those blue and golden fish as well as the ancient crystal shards, larger inventory size = more money in the long run. New Player Guide; Armor & Weapon Gallery ; Xur; Region Chests; Lost Sectors; Cayde Treasure Maps; Exotic Weapons; BDO/ Crafting. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The primary impact of this stat is the type of rods you can use. Ich schreibe seit 2007 Guides zu aktuellen Spielen und habe im September 2013 ins Leben gerufen. I have watched a few Youtube videos about fishing and some of them mentioned hotspots. However, you do not get any extra durability from enhancing the Mediah rod (or the Calpheon one) so this is something to consider. I’m interested in this, because ancient relic crystal shards have been the biggest part of my afk fishing income in the first levels (Beginner 10 now) but I don’t know if this will keep up later. BDO Hotspot Fishing Guide 2020. To auto fish, you now only need to leave the controls alone and the game will take care of the rest. September 2017, 17:56 . By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. You need to be on top of the spot to gain the benefit of it. There are ways to speed up AFK fishing, via a specific named fishing rod (see 7.1 - Named rods). About Us Black Desert Online is a game developed by Pearl Abyss, a Korean company, and licensed for Oceania, North America and part of Europe by Kakao Games Europe B.V. Lifeskill Requirements: Artisan 2+ trading (Desert trade buff) Master 1+ Fishing (Vision of the majority of hotspots + Decent durability reduction) Skilled 1 Sailing (Breezy Sails, Power Accell) – not 100% needed but travel time difference is night and day. Every location you fish at has an amount of available resources that changes as more people fish at that location. If you’re reading this section, I am going to assume you’re pretty good with fishing already, so I’ll be quite brief. Both floats can be enhanced by using black stones, increasing their benefits up to +5%. The thin harpoon has a durability of 30 and no skill requirement. If anyone finds a hotspot that is also harpoonable (perhaps there are unique harpoon hotspots? To select which grade to keep you need to use the small box near the top of the screen labeled “Discard”. The primary aim of this guide is to try and create a dialogue between fishers on BDO. As of writing this, I am professional. If it’s a ‘catch X number of this fish’ quest, chances are you’re just going to have to fish in the suggested spot til you catch the required fish. Unlike when active fishing, you can’t dry the white fish as you go along, so you’ll end up with a bunch of your inventory that could have been filled with more valueable fish. Pop on over to Velia, and see Crio down by the docks. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. If you want to make the most money you can, find a yellow hotspot on that map. Common fishing misconceptions and questions. My (quasi-educated) guess is fishing speed works via a 25% reduction in speed for each point of fishing, compounding for each point. As of writing this, I am professional 2 3 fishing skill. I might at a later date make a complete fishing guide, but I feel that there are already a few good ones out there. White/green fish aren’t worth much and take up valuable inventory slots that could be filled with yellow fish instead. Catching rarer fish increases your XP, so try to fish at hotspots and you’ll level faster that way. This gives a handy +4 even at the early stages of fishing. These are very unhelpfully named and do completely different things, and as a result lots of people call them all sorts of different things. For example, if you select green, your character will automatically discard all white and green fish it catches, only keeping blue, gold, and orange. Info: The full set of accessories offers a bonus of +2% movement speed, and +30 DP; The prow consists of a fish sculpture mounted on the prow of the boat The cargo container includes the addition of some barrels and fishing detritus on the deck Fish, like any trade good, has a price guarantee. This allows you to go to work/sleep and come back to a full inventory (assuming you leave your computer on). Currently, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding hot spots and fishing in general. I go into detail on how this works in my general fishing guide. Fishing Boat Cargo Container (+15 DP, +70 weight limit) Fishing Boat Decoration (+14 DP). The bottom line is that if you are just starting to fish and purchased an Epherian fishing rod you should enhance it to a level where you are somewhat confident that your inventory will fill up before its durability runs out. The Adventurer's Tome can be upgraded through a questline that begins with the quest, Hoom's Song, given by Aljal who is stationed on Macalod Hill in Drieghan. Looking at the Epheria Fishing rod, you will see that its durability is increased by ten for each level of enhancement. Although these … For more accurate information at each … I didn’t need the third one and was able to sell it back on the Marketplace. Generally you will be limited by your inventory size and the durability of the rod you are AFK fishing with. While the fishing rod is the most crucial piece it is not the only thing you need to consider. For details on the best leveling spots, Combat EXP buffs, and more, please visit our BDO Leveling Guide. As your fishing skill increases you will start getting better grade fish and at fishing level Artisan 1 you will gain access to the Mediah Fishing Rod. Image Credit: Mienz (Vorph)#6728. Once you’ve sold your fish, that’s about it for the basics of fishing.

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