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Fishing spot 1 is incorrect. BDO Sonder Imperial Fishing. Because when I go barely exactly where the boat is on the screenshot, my node is affiliated to Luiviano’s island. There are plenty of areas to fish, inland and in the sea. Margoria, Freshwater, Kamasylvia. So this will just be an ongoing collection of screenshots with my fishing location on the map and what fish I caught there. - Added locations of chests. This video is an in depth demonstration of how to fish with a harpoon in Black Desert Online. I’ve gotten none of those fish there in that circle.

During Sandro’s grade school days, he used to spend time fishing and catching sunfish in ponds. Slightly NE of Coastal Cave node, West of Velia. Image Credit: Mienz (Vorph)#6728. They will take most blue/yellow fish you have at 250% trade bonus and occasionally give you Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Fishing] as well. By using the route shown in this guide the 4 islands that my fish commonly originate from are: Randis Island, Daton Island, Rameda Island and Padix Island. Note: I have actually had hotspot fish that have originated from Ross Sea but this is extremely rare and not worth the permanent connection. For the boats everyone can create, there is a raft, a rowboat, a Fishing Boat and the almighty Epheria Sailboat. There is one located in most major cities. On-site Serentiy currently 9 spots fishing. The richest area is the fishing spots in the total amount of 12 knots. Can you clarify it for me please, it would help me a lot for my next fishing goals! - Added the location of horses and elephants for taming. Notes: From Balenos to Valencia all territories share the same Big fish species table. There's only one spot. Others that want to post their own locations are welcomed to do so. The bite time is the shortest of anywhere, which means you can catch several fish in Margoria in the time you could catch 1 anywhere else. The following list has the fish ordered by type: Rare, Big and Common. BDO Canada LLP, a Canadian limited liability partnership, is a member of BDO International Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, and forms part of the international BDO network of independent member firms. Confirmed gold spot. Tilefish, Moray. These are all up to date for our region. Only 5 knots. One of the interesting things about fishing in BDO, is that fish are treated as a trade commodity. Judging by the map, they are not rich in good catch, but again some types are needed for the book of Items. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The richest area is the fishing spots in the total amount of 12 knots. Imperial Fishing Delivery NPCs can be found in Velia, Glish, Epheria Port, Splashing Point and Valencia City. But the richest are in catch. In some places, there is a fish that is caught only on one node, not only is it still needed for the book of Items. Therefore, my preferred location is Epheria Port since is is easier to access and there are tons of houses you can use for lodging to speed up the shipbuilding process. Where to sell fish in BDO Another of the countless confusions that Black Desert brings with itself, is how to actually sell fish. There also seems to be a distinction between being on a boat and on the shore with regard to what you can catch in the same location so I will indicate boat or shore for clarity. Introduction. The current Hot Spot location is north of the Coastal Cave Node (west of Velia). Making Silver in BDo. Keep reading. Atka Mackerel – Flounder –  Gunnel – Horn Fish – Moray – Octopus – Silver Stripe Round Herring – Sea Eel – Swordfish –  Ray – Trout – Tongue Sole – Sandfish – Blackfin Sweeper – Surfperch – Scorpion Fish – Starfish – Seahorse, Fishing Spot 7 – Near Fishing NPC Jiro between river bridge and Bradie Fortress (shore), Bitterling – Bubble Eye – Carp – Catfish – Cherry Salmon – Crucian Carp – Grayling  – Lenok  – Mandarin Fish – Pacu – Steed – Striped Shiner – Terrapin  – Yellowfin Sculpin. I still think buying the gold is so much easier than fishing for a week hahahah. Fish place at Velia the most profitable and necessary for the Book Items. Saltwater Prize Fish Locations. If you are looking for more basic information, such as how to craft a basic fishing boat then you can find this in our Ships Starter Guide.Also check out our Bartering Guide if you are looking for informtion on upgrading to an Epheria Caravel or Galleass Black Desert Online Cherry Blossoms Guide, Black Desert Online Quests With Wrong Information, Summoners War Optimal Def% and HP% Ratio Guide. By clicking OK, you agree to our cookie policy. Fish have a variety of uses including cooking, alchemy and trading, provided the fish is rare enough. all the fish will cost more than 20k and most over 120k, well I think Calpheon its good to can get Gold Fishi Easly. Different fish species can be caught in the different territories and seas of the nation, only founbd waters of the ocean you can catch them from harpooning in addition to fishing with rods. The only fish that say cron castle, are the ones under the bridge (none of which are on that list). I REALLY hope I did not miss anything. There are two types of fishing when it comes to auto-fishing. Black Desert Online Fishing Spots List by EQBallzz. Where are they exactly. The secondary aim is to create a guideline for the current knowledge. I tested with 8 thick rods, skilled-1, and fishing stat = 5. If you catch a fish not listed at one of these locations please post and I will include it in the list.

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