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It’s such a cute set up and makes homework time a little more fun and engaging when there is a dedicated space they can use every time. I had seen many an IKEA Billy Bookcase hack out in the blogosphere, so I knew how good those composite and laminate shelves could look after a … Our IKEA Built-in Billy Bookcase hack turned out really nice and was just what we needed. How to Make an IKEA Billy Bookcase into A Freestanding Pantry With Doors. We adore this BILLY hack for a walk in closet. I am looking for something like this but want the color to match the molding in my living room. Cost Breakdown: Built-in Corner Bookcase. From creating custom closets to adding doors, or widening the storage options. Take a look at all the details, including her inspiration piece. Rather than going with an Ikea pantry cabinet, we decided to try an Ikea pantry They are also really elegant and do not take up too much space. We have got all the cool IKEA Billy bookcase hacks … If you need to paint a laminate piece of Ikea furniture like the BILLY the secret to this is first to apply a coat of spray-on adhesion promoter, leave it to go tacky for 20 mins, apply a normal primer after this. Mudrooms don’t have to be expensive projects that are inaccessible to the masses! ... BUY NOW BILLY BOOKCASE RANGE, IKEA. If you are going to put books on your shelves, having them with the spine to the back is a great way to add more white to the look if you don’t want too much book color. 25 Ikea Desk Hacks That Will Inspire You All Day Long, 31 Unbelievable Pallet Furniture Ideas you Need to Try,, How To Create Your Own Artwork that Looks Professional. This Ikea BILLY bookcase hack is a great example of how to create a custom built-in bookcase from BILLY shelving. See more ideas about Billy bookcase, Bookcase, Ikea billy bookcase. Can you believe this is a billy bookcase Ikea hack? You can use it as a base for many Ikea Billy hacks. Now this would all only FIT into my office space if I could position the BILLY bookshelves at 90º degree right angle to each other. Really not that bad! This is a really creative use of the BILLY bookcases to house a collection of glassware and liquors for a home bar. When it comes to hacking great storage, no other IKEA product works a room like the BILLY bookcase. IKEA sells glass doors specifically for the BILLY called MORLIDEN. IKEA BILLY and BESTA Hack by Centsational Style. Erik Linn was able to create several curio cabinets for his abode using BILLY bookcases and GRYTNÄS glass doors for significantly less. The After! You should create a book. It’s a really clever idea to use the upper most shelves as open, book storage and have the boxed storage lower down where the eye isn’t drawn to. It’s finished off with some end panels and trim, but the while thing could be done in a day. Learn how he used them to create a brand-new floor-to-ceiling storage unit. Still wanting the built-ins of my dreams, but not the steep price tag, I went to research other options. You can display what you want on display at the top and hide what you want hidden at the bottom, genius! Arranging bookshelves in a corner is a clever way to maximize storage space. Gorgeous bookcase made with Ikea Billy bookcases, glass doors and an IKEA lighting system. I am so excited to share our IKEA BILLY bookcase hack. I especially love the rattan doors. Take a look at 18 of the best BILLY bookcase built-ins ever. BILLY corner bookcase installed without the angled unit in the middle. This post may contain affiliate links. You can fit them in ant any other suitable corner or in front of a wall in case of revamping the decor. I came up with a solution for my home office that would enable me to use two 80cm and one 40cm wide BILLY, all with glass doors. Absolutely brilliant tips here, thank you for such great ideas. Could one make “bookcase door” using the ikea billy bookcase ? 10 Best IKEA Billy Bookcase Hacks (Updated 2019) #1 Ikea Billy Mudroom Cubbies. However, off-the-floor ideas like these floating BILLY bookcases make vacuuming and mopping easier. I didn’t think the bills book cases could improve, cause they were just perfect, but these hacks have taken it to a whole new level. While planning the office makeover for my mom, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to make any DIY furniture builds due to the limited time. The addition of the ladder is genius and brings in an element of decadence. Ikea Billy Bookcase Bookcase Wall Corner Shelving Unit Corner Bookshelves Ikea Home Home Office Design Ikea Ikea Billy Bookcase One Room Challenge: The Ultimate IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack Reveal! We hope there is something here that can inspire you to get stuck in with hacking your BILLY bookcase. The unit was topped off with molding for added dimension. It is one of Ikea’s cornerstone products along with the likes of the MALM and the KALLAX. When I reposted it, I captioned it saying we s... Bookcases & Shelving Featured 5 Comments 38. Each child has their own desk, storage and blackboard. Hi Sue, yes you can certainly paint Ikea laminate furniture such as the Billy bookcase. You will need mod podge decoupage glue to apply. 20. We are big fans of Ikea hacks as you might tell! 9. IKEA BILLY Bookcase Drawer Hack by Infarrantly Creative. Furniture can make cleaning floors more of a chore. I’ve wanted built in bookcases for a long time, but knew that a custom job wasn’t in the budget. The addition of the wall lights adds another level of sophistication though and when turned on they will help draw attention to the beautifully created and styled shelves. Some of these BILLY bookcase hacks are about turning the BILLY into something that looks custom. There’s just so much scope you get with these IKEA Billy bookcase hacks. The great thing about painting the whole thing one color afterwards is that any modifications can be hidden. It’s a great little hack that will keep everything tidy in it’s own space and teach your kids to put things away! Having a piece built like this would have cost me roughly $3000 and that’s if I got a smoking deal. The color background also helps the chunky shelving look stand out and provides a bit of contrasting color for the room. These bookcases look stunning, and are surprisingly simple to put in, even to this standard! Height wise, your options are 41 ¾ and 79 ½. Mixing the Billy Bookcases along with a dresser type bottom adds a ton of high end style… especially when you use the technique that is described in detail in this post. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Achieve this dreamy Billy-to-built-in makeover with a full-size Billy, add a couple fo skinny versions and height extensions to give your built-in that snug fit. Knowing that the unit was a trim 11-inches deep, learn how she transformed it with scrap wood and paint into a small dresser perfect for tight spaces. The Billy bookcase from Ikea is an iconic piece of furniture that has been hacked down the many years it has been sold. The Ikea Billy bookcase is 40 years old and there are so many great hacks out there that celebrate this birthday! There is a good guide here If you aren’t keen on paying full-price, then hop on Craigslist or take a look at some local garage sales. If you home school your kids, this is an awesome hack to keep things both fun and organized. One, you want a bookcase door that looks like shelves full of books from the outside? Nope. Again, this has a great combination of open and closed storage. View photos of the build of this media center along a bedroom wall using several BILLY bookcases. But settling on a look from here won’t be easy. Love it. The BILLY bookcase is pretty straightforward to build right out of the box, or you can get creative and make elaborate storage that looks great.. Take a look at 18 of the best BILLY bookcase built-ins ever. I had seen many an IKEA Billy bookcase hack out in the blogosphere, so I knew how good those composite and laminate shelves could look after a little dressing up. The Ikea BILLY bookcase is such a great way to get a high-end look relatively cheaply. Just wow! They were gorgeous! This would look great in a kitchen and could actually be done relatively cheaply if you used perspex sheet for the doors instead of glass. You could even build the bookcase around the specific items you intend to put in it! Using the two larger bookcases either side of a narrow one is very pleasing on the eye as our brain works well with groups of three and symmetry.

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