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Once you get there, though, you won’t be in any hurry. Facilities Overview Go PRO to support our mission and get benefits like gear deals, no ads, and more! Blount County Covered Bridge Festival, Oneonta. There’s a small parking lot overlooking the bridge, off AL Hwy 75. Overview Three of Alabama’s 11 covered bridges can be found in Blount County, nestled into the curves of both roads and rivers, making this county the Covered Bridge Capital of Alabama. I want to know the correct info rather than believing something incorrect. They are now down to 3 still standing. Alabama. Built in 1935, the 208-foot-long bridge is one of three bridges in Blount County that make it the state's covered bridge capital. The Swann Covered Bridge can be accessed from Swann Bridge Road off State Route 79, just west of Cleveland, AL. The oldest is now 80 years old. Easley Hwy. The bridge spans the scenic gorge of the Locust Fork over the Black Warrior River. They suddenly appear on scenic backroads and provide a beautiful reminder of days gone by. It offers a day-use group picnic ... Palisades Park is a great place for beginners and advanced climbers. The covered bridge is one of three in Blount County. There were some other people down there fishing and you could tell it was a well used area. What you don't see in this photo is the dead dog that was laying right underneath which garnered instant attention from the kids. AL75 NNE 5.0 miles from jct with US231 in Oneonta, W. on Horton Mill Rd. Photos and map below. See more ideas about Covered bridges, Oneonta, Limestone county. About. Easley Covered Bridge. The bridge features a dedicated nature trail, which has become a popular spot for local bird watchers to … Plan four hours to explore the bridges at a leisurely pace, swim the river, have a picnic, or stop to pick up some peaches on the way home! Hike up a gentle incline NW on the Ridge and Valley Tra... Drive the Covered Bridge Trail in Blount County, Hike to Ruffner Mountain's Hawk's View Overlook. The first stop is located around 50 minutes from downtown Birmingham, and the bridges are spaced roughly 15 minutes apart. County Map ; Community Resources. Owned by the county she was closed in 2009, restored and then reopened traffic in 2012. The Outbound works best with JavaScript enabled. Check out our great road trip from downtown Birmingham that allows more than enough time to explore three historical bridges in Blount County over three to four hours. The kids found it very interesting and were busy at each location taking pictures with their iPads. This bridge is 324 feet long and is the longest covered bridge in Alabama. Short and sweet, just like this bridge. Nice little photo spots for my Jeep as well! Easley Covered Bridge info - Horton Mill Covered Bridge info - Swann Covered Bridge info - Blount County Covered Bridge Trail map and short article from - We're committed to building a better, more inclusive home for the modern outdoors. At just 95 feet long it crosses the Dub Branch, Calvert Prong of the Little Warrior River. Stop C - Swann Covered Bridge is located in Cleveland, AL. This bridge has the most parking nearby. Horton Mill Covered Bridge is located at the foot of Sand Mountain, AL. Got some extra time this holiday weekend? This is a popular r... Overview Following the pin, the crag is easily accessible from the parking lot. I wanted the family to experience them as they should be. Floods, arson, vandals, and a number of factors have taken there toll. This seemed like it could be a good kayak launch area or maybe even a swimming hole. I didn't want to start off with anything crazy knowing the kids would lose interest pretty quickly. This tin-and-wood bridge was built in 1927. Also, this is my first "Adventure Post" so my apologies if it's a bit longwinded. Easley Covered Bridge is one of three covered bridges in Blount County. The Horton Mill Covered Bridge is 70 feet tall, which makes it the highest covered bridge above any U.S. waterway. (Joe Songer/ Constructed in 1933, Swann Covered Bridge is the longest of Blount’s bridges. I did the Easley bridge and the Horton Hill one. Old Easley Bridge is the oldest and shortest of the three historic covered bridges still in existence in Blount County. One of them tried "taking a picture of the sign" but she was aiming her iPad mini right at the base of the sign. A circular route from downtown Birmingham is 102 miles, or approximately 2 hours 10 minutes of driving time. Stop A - Easley Covered Bridge was just outside of Oneonta. Built in 1927, the Easley Covered Bridge spans the Dub Branch, Calvert Prong of the Little Warrior River. Built by Clyde Tidwell. Built in 1934 Horton is much taller than Easley. Head for the north side of the river. adventures and follow local regulations. The beautifully designed wooden bridges crossed rivers long before modern concrete and steel designs, with metal roofs being added to protect as much wood as possible from deteriorating under the elements. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your It’s the smallest of the Blount County bridges, but that doesn’t mean it’s the least impressive – built in 1927 and restored in 2012, it’s a beauty, and has also been listed on the … This was an all day outing – the drive up is about three hours. After I found the initial two (pedestrian) bridges, I came across what is known as The Blount County Covered Bridge Trail. By the time we finished up at Swann, the morning had gotten away from us and we were unable to go to the Caverns. Easley, Horton Mill, and Swann Covered Bridges are open to the public. The covered bridge trail route runs through Blount County from Cleveland to Oneonta. After a renovation in 2013, the bridge reopened to traffic. © 2020 The Outbound Collective - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. Senior Services; Museum/Genealogy Center; How Do I; Government. Located in Bankhead National Forest, Clear Creek is the largest recreation area on Lake Lewis Smith. Closed in 2007 thanks to some asshats that vandalized it, it was reopened in March of 2013. We’d love to see pics of your road trip! It is located next to the large pavilion which makes it an ideal choice to follow up with an outdoor reception. I wanted to hear the creaking of the wood. There’s something undeniably romantic about travelling over Alabama’s historic covered bridges. Blount County Alabama is home to these three bridges. When we finally approached it, my Wife was not too keen on the idea and stiffened up in her seat. Just like the other two, Swann is owned and maintained by the county and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 20, 1981. Located in Bankhead National Forest, Corinth is a popular recreation area on Lake Lewis Smith. overed ridge ir. I sat at my desk and did some research and I'm glad that I did. 01-05-12 : Easley or Rosa: Dub branch Calvert Prong: 1: … This bridge is 220 feet long. While it may only be the second longest covered bridge on this trail (220ft), Horton Mill is highest covered bridge above any U.S waterway, clearing the Calver Prong of the Black Warrior River by 70ft. Stop B - Horton Mill Covered Bridge was the next stop. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Moved to Oxford Lake Park in 1990. Covered Bridges. Covered Bridge trail Blount County, AL Closed in 2007 thanks to some asshats that vandalized it, it was reopened in March of 2013. The playground area is especially popular with the younger people. After that, make your way over to Easley Covered Bridge (Easley Covered Bridge, Easley Bridge Road, Oneonta). Tip: use the restroom while travelling to and from each of the bridges as there is nowhere at the sites to go. They’re only an hour away from downtown Birmingham and the bridges are close enough together to see all three in about an hour. Covered bridge over Dub Branch of Little Warrior River on Easley Bridge Road in Rosa ... but it is soon going to be officially a part of a walking trail and park. Hours: Self-guided driving tours anytime. The area underneath though presents some great photo ops. Looking through Horton Mill Covered Bridge (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now) Listed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage on March 3, 1976 and added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 20, 1981. It was built in 1934 to improve access to nearby Oneonta, AL. Once you arrive and park at Horse Pens, you need to go inside the store to fill ou... Noccalula Falls is definitely beautiful from the top, however, you can really get an idea of the pure power of this waterfall by finding your way to the bottom. With a driving distance of 254 miles and a drive time of five hours and seventeen minutes, it can easily be completed in a single day. Blount County has the most in North Alabama, which has earned the county the "Covered Bridge Capital" title. Horton Mill, Swann, and Easley bridges are all set in habitat rich with the three factors that are of ultimate importance to wildlife: food, water, and shelter. Blount County is home to three historic covered bridges that are open to car traffic. Constructed in 1933 Swann is the middle child of the three. Please explore responsibly! the covered bridges in Blount County th e fall is a beautiful time to take pictures and enjoy the surroundings of three bridges still standing. The picnic tables are concrete if I remember correctly and they're not positioned in the best place as the area was a bit overgrown and sadly could use some love. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on December 29, 1970. Also located in Oneonta is the Blount County Memorial Museum, which hosts a variety of resources for genealogy research. Including Golf Classic, Quilters guild quilt show, covered bridge fun, children's center pancake breakfast, arts & crafts, antique car show, live entertainment, specialty foods, river walk. It is the highest covered bridge above any U.S. waterway standing at 70 feet above the Calvert Prong section of the Little Warrior River. Longtime sustainability and recycling champion. Horse Pens 40 is a very well known place for bouldering throughout Alabama. Bridge open to … Plans are to drive through each bridge. Swann Bridge in rural Blount County near Cleveland was built in 1933. Check out these Birmingham Area Open Houses for July 5-7, We went behind the scenes of the new M2 development, the sequel to MAKEbhm, Check out our 4 summer drives to take for an exciting day trip within an hour of Birmingham, Search over 650 local restaurants, bars and businesses offering deals, curbside delivery and more, Support over 140 local nonprofit organizations. I think Swann was the one that spooked me the most mainly just because of the look of it. I mapped it out so that we could hit all 3 before lunch and then make our way over to Rickwood Caverns State Park as a surprise stop on the way home. 250' to the bridge. I entered my address as our starting point, Easley Covered Bridge as stop A, Horton Mill Covered Bridge as stop B, Swann Covered Bridge as stop C, Rickwood Caverns State Park as stop D, then home. Located 1.5 mi. At 70', it is the highest covered bridge above a river in USA. Horton Mill is the most accessible of the three and is the only one with a dedicated nature trail. All of the bridges are set in habitat rich with the three factors that are of ultimate importance to wildlife: food, water, and shelter. It was renovated and open to vehicle traffic in 2012. Once through to the other side, the road wraps around to a main road and just to the left there is a parking area with a walkway back down to the bridge. All Rights Reserved. Career highlights include introducing innovative recycling systems and achieving a point where households throw out trash just once a month. It was about a 20 minute drive from Horton but we took in the country side scenery and were there before we knew it. Covered bridges are scattered all around North Alabama and remind us of the way things used to be. Yeah, I had to play bad Dad and not allow that one. orton 1 Cov e Bridge Palisades Park 75 ONEONTA LUVh To Birmingham To 1-59 Ros Easley Bridge Rd.

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