building resilience in youth

The C’s are all interrelated — forming almost a net of resilience-building strategies. NACA was determined to change this trajectory for other Native youth and keep them out of the juvenile justice system by building their life skills and resilience to adversity. One way to foster resilience in young people is through meaningful youth participation; that is, decision-making by young people that involves meaning, control, and connectedness. Each “C” is a critical element that parents, schools, communities, youth programs, and professionals can support in youth. Building resilience in young people is an important goal if we are to strengthen capacity and promote skills that help to reduce mental health problems. This growing awareness has prompted a variety of responses from the healthcare, education, and human service sectors. By now, we’re aware of the alarming increase in anxiety and depression among our youth. By providing a supportive environment with open communication and effective parenting practices, children are given a huge head start in terms of building resilience (Newman & Blackburn, 2002). A common response is that children, and their parents, need to build resilience. They include skills for making and keeping friends, sorting out conflict, and working well in teams or groups. Resilience is essentially the successful adaptation in the presence of risk or adversity (Garmezy, 1986; Luthar, 2003; Olsson, Bond, Burns, Vella-Brodrick, & Sawyer, 2003).Resilience does not mean you are immune to stressful situations rather that you can overcome and deal with them. Building resilience in youth Beverly Przystas, Michigan State University Extension - September 27, 2016 When kids go through something challenging, making sure they thrive and succeed is a big learning step for them. Family is undoubtedly the most important system affecting child resilience. The Strategy. Social skills are another important building block for resilience.

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