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Global spending on advertising is nearing $100 billion and shows no signs of slowing down. Best Black Friday Marketing Campaign Ideas from Creative Brands for 2020 When you read these two words “Black Friday”, the first thing we all think is “crazy shopping”. By determining which pages someone visits on your website, you should start to gain insight into what that person cares about. Can't beat that kind of exposure for the price! Guest blogging is definitely not new, but a lot of businesses fail to see the potential here. 9 Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas to Promote Your Business In 2019. Turn Your Top Posts Into A Slideshare. You'll get engagement, but it takes more than that to convert that engagement into sales. This creates a huge opportunity to be the source for that information. Contests and giveaways are a great way to get attention online. Sometimes simplicity is the ultimate marketing solutions for your business.McDonald’s created this cool print ad featuring a box of fries carved out of a potato. Your website and your branding are a great place to try some creative marketing. If you're still stuffing keywords into your content, please, for all of our sakes, stop now. Just by seeing that only 30% of visitors are seeing your form doesn't do you any good. Is endless choice always a good thing? The money raised through donations thanks to these campaigns helped supporting WWF's attempt to tackle threats on our precious nature. On a well-designed website, the user experience from start to finish will be seamless and easy. If you really want to stand out, consider the following: 9 of Last Year's Most Creative Marketing Ideas Can Help You Brainstorm for 2019 If you're looking to start a new marketing campaign, consider these … That’s exactly why we’ve pulled together this list of 100 marketing ideas (that you can actually use). Best Marketing Campaigns: Email Marketing. We're getting responses almost immediately and our prospects are loving them! So, what better way than to bring back the shameful game of middle school to make people friendlier (even for only one day).‍, Later on, after videos spread like wildfire, Chelsea has got copyright on the activity.‍, The Lung Cancer Alliance- LCA wanted to educate people that lung cancer can target everyone. There are very few things more powerful than knowing how your website visitors are using your website. You likely have a gold mine of content that is just begging you to repurpose into new formats! This article discusses creative marketing ideas to help you get your company and product or service to your customers: guerilla marketing ideas, social media marketing ideas, urban marketing ideas, content marketing ideas… By developing a strong chatbot that gathers any information or input that you need while providing information, education, or direction to help the user find what they're looking for can be extremely effective. The app additionally offered suitable products to prevent your hands from cracking in the cold.‍. Creative marketing campaign ideas aren't happenstance -- at least, the worthwhile ones aren't. The blog is the first place customers look when they have questions about what you do or how you can help them. Creative Marketing Ideas For Your Next Campaign We have compiled 100 amazing creative marketing campaign ideas for every type of creative marketing. According to Ikea : “A sofa is much more than just a seat. Everyone loves winning something and by consistently running fun, low cost giveaways, we've been able to quadruple the following for one of our clients over the last two years. Briefly, this image helped to develop more wholesome perception of McDonald’s on customers’ mind.‍, Sometimes thinking in a simple way can lead to a road of creativity and originality more than designing complex and costly ads. In those accounts, Canon shared one photo in nine tracks. Even though those days Instagram had not have the zoom feature, Canon took first step before its rivals and designed one.‍, Canon's campaign attracted a lot of attention by users. Lots of people, lots of tech-savvy people. All rights reserved. Marketing can improve your sales and profits. We have started using them at HIVE for some account based marketing and it's taking off like wildfire! Here are four of our favorite creative marketing ideas that you should consider implementing in your campaigns this year and next. The posts they find should have an authentic voice that respects the reader. It also creates the need to pump out a lot of content. Run a Facebook Live campaign. While it can be a full-time job just to create the content to come from your own website, it can be a huge benefit to your company and your website to start creating content on other websites as well. Contests and giveaways are a great way to get attention online. Users were able to share all photos taken by Canon‘s Instazoom camera. The word or phrase that links back to your website should be inline with your overall SEO strategy in order to get the biggest bang for that link. PRO TIP: Data is only useful if you act on it. However, it is not about the number of marketing ideas you put out there, but in the quality of your marketing. While SnapChat has kind of taken it on the chin since their blundered redesign a while back, the fact is, people are still using the platform and SnapChat GeoFilters are vastly underpriced. It’s a hard-hitting message and overall campaign but sends the right message for those who don’t want an easy career path. It takes too long and gets frustrating. Global and national companies can do this easily, but it's important for smaller businesses to also think outside the box. PRO TIP: Ensure that all content stays educational. Go ahead, let your imagination fly. The idea with all these local marketing ideas is that you are able to cut through the noise and stand out from your competitors. People don't buy from businesses, they buy from people and pulling back the curtain on your business and showing your human side can help you develop trust. Our Digital Strategy Agency Intros Client Success Before a Deal Closes. The most cost-effective marketing is an idea that can be spread by word-of-mouth. Remember - you also have the ability to review the content before it goes live. Ikea released a free font called Soffa Sans which is described as the comfiest font in the world. Despite being risky, many unusual and unique ideas can instantly get viral, especially when they're entertaining and worth giving a mention!If you're looking for creativity boost, here are eleven different marketing campaigns that might inspire your next project! Use your website’s analytics to find your most popular post. Durex developed this minimalistic and simple print ad for father's day and tried to tease its competitors in a remarkable way.‍, An innovative QR Code campaign was launched by Turkish Airlines for the Olympics in London. While creativity is often painted with a serendipitous brush, marketing takes strategy. Posters were created for people in certain segments of society: from crazy old aunts to hipsters, or cat lovers with the motto “They deserve to die”.‍, Additionally, they shared informative messages on their website, making their marketing strategy even more successful. It will not cost you anything and is a great way to promote your small business. Don’t forget to share our post and your thoughts on it. These can be used for anything from gym memberships, and restaurants, to a service such as a full body massage! The way that we as consumers use websites has changed dramatically. The creation of a ‘big idea’ is a fundamental part in the development of a digital marketing campaign. Content marketing takes a lot of work, and a huge part of that is coming up with actual content marketing ideas. We no longer like to search around a website to find what we want. There are many creative solutions you can try to improve your marketing efforts that will increase your number of customers. Marketing can improve your sales and profits. You don't have to give away a car in order to garner interest and create excitement around your giveaway, but the prize and the amount of effort required to qualify should be in alignment and should line up with your target personas. Continue to personalize your email with things like company name, first name, and industry. Instagram is an effective way to promote your brand or product. For high traffic stores, having an hourly deal covers several bases at once. Let me know which tips were your favorites in the comments below. But first, download this marketing campaign planning bundle to help you overcome some of the marketing … By changing your site to match your user's preferred workflow, you can convert more leads, help them find what they're looking for, and create a much better overall user experience. The company transformed some national flags into QR codes and then placed them on a number of bus stops all over the city. They're turning to Google and their own research to find what they're looking for. By adding a heatmapping software such as Hotjar, you can start to get aggregate insights into how far your visitors are scrolling down on each page (across device types), where they're clicking, and also get a clearer picture of their journey on your website. People are looking for answers, education, tips, tricks, and ways to solve their problems. With each passing day, business owners cross their limits and create crazy marketing ideas that give us an enormous inspiration. Sometimes, "creative" isn't enough for an idea to succeed. Have you written a blog post that got a lot of traction? The campaigns we love and that make the biggest impact make us think about the industry, the world at large, and our place in it. As you’re considering your campaign concepts, think about making emotional connections with your audience, instead of making promises or filling your campaigns with product/service information or features/benefits. PRO TIP 2: You can start building your first chatbot for free using HubSpot!

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