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Since 1998, RTBF has operated one DAB multiplex simulcasting its five FM radio stations and two BRF (the Belgian German speaking public broadcaster) FM radio stations, covering of Brussels and Wallonia. Their two transmitters will be relocated from Pretoria and Johannesburg Autumn 2013. It consists of the regulatory authority, the public broadcaster ORF, the commercial and non-commercial broadcasters associations, the electronic industry and consumer associations. In the middle of October 2012 the standard DAB was switched to the standard DAB+. 8. The DCMS Digital Radio Action Plan can be found here: The four main commercial radio groups decided do not bid and the government did not allow the public service (Radio France) to pre-empt frequencies. Value added services such as news, data and slideshow have been provided through Push Radio services. Check out the video explaining the different types of stations and which you should choose. 95.8 Capital FM. Malta was the first European country to roll out a DAB+ network and services were on-air in October 2008. While coverage is currently limited to the areas around Accra and Kumasi, the operator has plans to roll out FonTV across the country.[26]. Four broadcasters broadcast via DAB+ on Mux 11C(220.352 MHz) in VHF Band III. Some of them provide several DMB services among audio services. Significant signal boosts in London, Manchester, Leeds have improved coverage for thousands of households and there are more to come during 2013/14. China's State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT), chose DAB for the standard for digital audio services in May 2006, and tested DMB services in the following years. [33], The Italian law requires all radio receivers to have digital capability from 1° Jan 2020. 2. [41], Currently there is DAB+ with reception in most of the country. [11], As VRT and RTBF's multiplex covers the whole country's main road networks, since 2012 they have been broadcasting data traffic information (via TPEG) on behalf of Be Mobile, a company specialising in the provision of traffic and mobility content. FM/AM: Broadcast locally, up to about 30-40 miles before the signal bre… This condition is set in order to measure the listeners' independence of the analogue FM-platform. It is likely that future rollout will use DAB+ or DMB. London's number one hit music station. DAB+ is now part of the multiplex allocation in France. KommAustria intended to launch DAB+ by an open call for tender regarding the DAB+ network if enough parties showed believable and sustainable interest. In total there are 116 DAB+ stations simulcast on FM and 20 DAB+ stations available exclusively on DAB+ digital radio. The prospective broadcaster will launch trials of DMB technology in the Free State and the Western Cape before the end of the 2013. Their plan is to broadcast 6-10 mobile TV channels and two radio stations. The twelve radio stations which will take part in the trial are being selected. 100% Dragon Hits; 100% Whatever; 103.1 Central FM; 2BR; 45 Radio (DAB+) 96.4FM The Wave . 101.7 WSFM Discover online now. DAB reception problems can be caused by many things. The sole DAB+ equipment (from head-end to transmitter) are owned and operated by the public broadcaster, Radio TV Malaysia (RTM). 4. [14] The unique requirements for DAB receivers to work inside Canada led to slow consumer uptake due to high receiver prices and reduced availability of L-Band DAB receivers. The multiplex delivered a mix of DAB and DAB+ services, including twelve[44] audio channels at the conclusion of the trial, slideshow and EPG. Failure to reach it can postpone the shutdown until 2019). The report also stated that the government approved the CSA's decision to allow further trials to continue. The Government issued DAB+ licences to three commercial operators – DBC HK (Digital Broadcasting Corporation HongKong Ltd, formerly Wave Media), Metro Broadcast and Phoenix U Radio, together with the public broadcaster, RTHK. The CSA (regulator) launched a public consultation about digital radio in autumn 2011 which provided positive feedback. The initiative hired consumer electronics market professionals which significantly improved the communication with the retailers. WROD 1340 AM. All the major commercial networks have a variety of stations and new formats available on digital radio along with national public broadcasters ABC and SBS. The DAB+ transmission is clearly in the test phase – the technical characteristics are constantly shifting. As the first country to commercially launch mobile TV, South Korea is the most successful DMB market in the world. The SADIBA/NAB Working group is encouraged by the commitment of all stakeholders in putting digital radio firmly on the South African broadcasting agenda. An additional tender will also allow to add DAB+ services to the 14 multiplexes in Paris, Marseille and Nice, as well as five more multiplexes in these towns. The trials were not well received by northern Mexican radio stations, whose owners feared losing access to American audiences, as that country had already decided against DAB. This is seen as the first step to a switchover from analogue FM to digital DAB/DAB+. The Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française (RTBF) is the public broadcaster for the Belgian French speaking community. At the beginning of October 2012 the CSA published the candidates selected for the three cities. Korea's latest innovation is an interactive mobile TV service, or Smart DMB, launched in May 2011 with six terrestrial-DMB operators (T-DMB). The BBC has committed to build-out its national networks to 97% and at least five new local multiplexes will launch in the next year. [10], Norkring also broadcasts BBC World Service, clubfm, VBRO Evergreen, Family Radio, Joe, Qmusic, Radio Maria, TOPradio and VBRO Radio. This trial has been completed in 2011. 24-Hour Radio Services - Classical, Eclectic, Blind and Print Disabled. Furthermore, a stable ecosystem of private digital radio stations could be established in metropolitan areas such as Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. TuneIn Conversation podcast on demand - TuneIn Conversation is where musicians talk about themselves, their work and the music they love.

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