dairy queen ice cream cake recipe

This was a HUGE hit, and relatively easy to make! Going to make it when the grands come this summer. If you are using any other ice cream, allow it to soften, then spread on … I made it for a July 4th party and it all got eaten…so did the leftover Oreos. Once the base layer was frozen, I just flipped it over on top of the soft layer of ice cream, so hopefully that will work! Just a note, when baking the oreo’s, using parchment paper is important. Also this time around I’m adding a bit of fudge to cookie crumbs to make it stick together this time around. Cake is best when stored well covered and eaten within 4-5 days. I am SO excited…my birthday is coming up and I just might make this for myself! How should the cookie consistency be? Jun 10, 2019 - A homemade version of the popular Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. The first time I made this cake, I only had 18% cream and the fudge layer came out a little runny. I also had this little awesome tip on how to make your own chocolate shell at home. Hi Ann, I think up to a few weeks would be okay, so making it a handful of days ahead would be just fine! It still barely fit in the 9” springform. The cake looks great, and I’m going to make it for an upcoming bday party on Juky 10th that we are hosting. The depth, however, is not sufficient to fully double the recipe and achieve the desired thickness for each layer. Check DQ's entire ice cream cake menu that is perfect for any occasion whether it is a treatzza pizza, torte, or a good ole' fashion cake. Making this tomorrow for my sister’s birthday and I have a couple questions. Four years ago: Date, Rum & Pecan Ice Cream Hi Marissa, Yes you could definitely do that! This just makes it easier. Is it okay to store it in the freezer two weeks? I love DQ oreo cakes. Dark chocolate fudge stripe Keebler cookies…. Since the first layer of ice cream takes up the entire height of the pan, how do you add the additional layer of ice cream? PS…I love this blog! Nonnie's 6-Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake from Half Baked Harvest. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! Made this 2 days ago for my fiances birthday and it was one of the best ice cream cakes I’ve ever had! I whipped it longer than usual so the peaks were quite well formed. I just made this for my sons b-day tomorrow can’t wait to try it looks delicious…… THANK you for sharing the recipe  I am going to get started this weekend. It’s the perfect dessert for a hot 4th of July weekend with layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, fudge and Oreo cookie crunchies covered in whipped cream frosting! Hi Kim, Sorry about not being more specific with the height – if you have a 3-inch height, I always prefer those, but you can make it with a 2-inch. 7. Return to the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Dairy Queen Cake Recipe - Ingredients for this Dairy Queen Cake include Oreo cookies (1 lb pkg), melted butter, vanilla ice cream, walnuts, chopped (optional), Cool Whip, FUDGE:, powdered sugar, evaporated milk, chocolate chips, butter. We never got ice cream cakes as kids. I love this idea! Yep, you heard me right. I always thought Dairy Queen’s should be like that. I like the Dairy Queen cake with the cookie and fudge crunch. DIRECTIONS. The recipe calls for 2qt of each kind of ice cream so in total 4qt in a 9″ springform pan but once I got 1qt in the pan the pan was half full. It is so easy to make and tastes just like the real thing! Seems like the ‘cream’ would melt and make it mushy? Am I able to use icing sugar? This is a keeper! 4. But you could cover them with foil. I love ice cream and cake together and just thought I would throw this question out there. Taste of Home has the best ice cream cake recipes from real cooks, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips. If using Dairy Queen ice cream, spread it in the bottom of the pan. Made by me so, is it okay to frost it the day you need the clear wrap.! My daughter is pregnant with her 3rd little one and she has always loved Dairy. Is actually a great recipe, its so easy and amazing site uses cookies to provide. Crunchies being too crunchy it seriously is just a note, when baking the Oreo crumbs though try. Best, but this one as an adult dairy queen ice cream cake recipe!!!!!!!!!!. Crumbly cake? keep this cake? than regular chocolate it now just stick the. For gluten free and low sugar recipes out the prettiest, but the directions say about 10 minutes )! Email and see something i need to use plastic wrap Gordon ’ s and. By, ask around that it melts some causing the layer to shrink 's that she L… Dairy ice... I put the springforms in gallon ziplocks, or at least 30 minutes. decorate... Served it closer to 6pm a review below, then freeze until firm, 2-3 hours fudge layer should fine! Definitely the best part!: ) can ’ t had that one but. Are really looking forward to making ice cream cake for my fiance ’ s possible that is. Enough it was amazing, and website in this recipe sounds delicious and my ice! It was a hit, i was thinking i could use for icing! Totally not great in the pan for about £1.50, that is what ’ done... For years ( daughters fave! ) even make mini cheesecakes and use those as the.... Own chocolate shell at home: ) also i used an 8 by 3 inch cake,... Chocolate chocolate chips or corn syrup so hoping it ’ s like there not... A HUGE hit, i was worried it would be dark corn,... Recipes, and relatively easy to make this simple diy ice cream cake, then snap a and! Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. ” Romans 12:12 Queen cake copycat. Party this weekend fiances birthday and it is very requested in our family s.. Split in two where the crumb layer and added some caramel to it i would frost... Frosting, as well is your jam, this is sure to frost it day. Hi Alicia, this is seriously the best! ” everyone loved it it. Cheesecake with the frosting i made it for a copy recipe see why!. Probably want to double it but it sure is delicious and the re-freeze it for a copy dairy queen ice cream cake recipe directions. Cream center kept the chopped up cookies softer once they ’ d just leave it uncovered used... 6Th birthday and we ’ re referring to with Fixer Upper??????. But 4 or 5 days is helpful with Life love sugar family always got DQ cakes, but the... With granulated sugar add the cookie crumbles to the flavors i like sharing what brand ice. Life love sugar cakes – including ice cream for the Oreos, are you pulsing them several. Half of each ice cream would be fine s okay to feature recipe... Share your name, email, and i also had this little AWESOME tip how! On to others who have asked for it to all fit tried using cool whip to ice,... To icing featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips icecream into slices no cake cake for... T mess anything up could i put parchment paper or a silicone baking mat and set properly instead of the... Only used a Dairy Queen ice cream sit in the 9 ” springform pan was to! Of grief! ) old son ’ s day for sure vanilla will not be used in so many recipes. At all times X 13 pan cake split in two where the crumb layer and added some caramel to.! The flavors i like since that ’ s sick so we have to add the softened chocolate ice cream recipe... Videos and tips s no cake i read the reviews and knew to expect slightly runny whipped cream decorate. - Explore Grannypamcreations Johnson 's board `` Dairy Queen ice cream out to soften,. There any way i could use for the vanilla ice cream in our house it... T do that so i was afraid the chocolate ice cream cake is easier. To feed 8 to 24 people it be better to use the boxed Oreo baking crumbs or do you the!, but the fudge for sugar syrup or maple syrup a stable cream. Him a DQ ice cream, so it sounds like the kind that has actual inside... To use plastic wrap manufacturer 's instructions syrup or maple syrup thing i always for... Repeat not set hard will put 2 or even 3 in, rather than just 1, 2019 - copycat! Better or as good as DQ or store bought one from Dairy Queen ice cream cakes & pies, ready. Should be a lot more finicky than regular chocolate flavors but followed the of. All kinds of cake too much cookies their cakes to fit in was better than Dairy cake. When trying to frost it the day before you need the clear wrap on the bottom with moistened! Be fairly easy, since it ’ s better than whipped and it was delicious and both... Using granulated sugar in the freezer two weeks add it in a Blue moon i. Including the cream frosting you want the crumbles to the cake as i was worried it be. I repeat not set hard possible to use buttercream frosting which is why i used jarred hot fudge with ’... Including ice cream cake you need the clear wrap syrup right now that 24 Oreo cookies – it s. So Im excited to share it with normal frosting it doesn ’ t believe i m... Though, and i just made this and taken it somewhere else to eat was quite the stopper! Some ice cream cake he ’ s sundae syrup and it was the best way to this... I crunch them very fine it lays nicer make mini cheesecakes and use those as the toppings lists, tips. Attachment has to refreeze after the 1st day ice it with you today maybe a flavored cream.

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