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While the eggs are cooking, cut the English muffins in half and toast them until golden brown. I’ve been considering doing more! Tip: For an extra treat, top with whipped cream or powdered sugar. Although we went off plan at times and ate food we had bought previously, I think $52 at Dollar Tree could feed us for a full week in emergency situations. I searched the internet and Pinterest, but many meal plans just didn’t work for my family. See how this family of 3 ate for $52.00 for a week using just dollar store food. Tip: While you can use other types of milk, soy and dairy milk have the highest protein content. The cheap weekly meal plan I’m sharing today is intended to feed two adults and up to three young kids, so feel free to incorporate some or all of these meal ideas into your own menu! 1. After they were almost done, I added 1/4 cup of BBQ sauce, then divided everything onto two plates. Other posts in this series: Part 1: Why I Shopped for Groceries at Dollar Tree for a Whole Week; Well, we’ve come out of a week of eating food from Dollar Tree! I wanted to buy enough food that we would only eat the food from Dollar Tree and not what was already in the house, to stay true to the experiment. See how this family of 3 ate for $52.00 for a week using just dollar store food. I love saving time. People love to post photos of their kids’ healthy lunch boxes or boast about how their kids love smoothies made with dandelion greens and ginger. PLUS, because I *only know mega & lots,* each meal plan will guide you through making a little extra to help fill your freezer. I’m really enjoying this series. Feeding kids can be tricky, especially if they have allergies. They are just so versatile, filling and healthy. Chicken is a source of quality protein, which is needed for growth and development, and is especially important for children and teenagers. Next, add the broth and bring it to a bowl. Cook until tender, then add the cooked tofu, rice, and remaining sauce to the skillet. Add all spices, tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, and red kidney beans. Since these items are usually pantry staples, you may not need to buy them. I didn’t think it’d be enough food, but it left me full for a few hours! Kids love potatoes, which is good news … =) I do agree that regular grocery stores can be cheaper even on a small budget. I wanted to see if it was possible to fully grocery shop at Dollar Tree for a week, and whether you could actually eat healthy foods there. Add dressing and stir well. Ours also gets really good bread in on Mondays; so we will stock up and freeze the bread. Chicken Chile Enchiladas. Notably, this 1-week meal plan provides your family with delicious, nutritious, and kid-friendly meals. I thought they’d be good…. I cooked 2 servings of rice, then stirred it into a pot with a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and the can of chicken. Scandi smoked mackerel on rye is a great lunch option. After eating Dollar Tree food for almost a full week, here’s what we have left over: We didn’t do too bad, I think! Oil a large skillet with butter or oil and bring it to medium heat. FAMILY APPROVED MENU PLAN #2. Instructions: Prepare 4 patties with the ground beef, salt, pepper, and other spices. Tip: To keep the roll-ups from falling apart, add a toothpick. You can also swap out the tofu for chicken or turkey slices. Meal planning can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re on a budget. Then I baked it at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes and it was actually really good! Lightly oil a large skillet, cast-iron pan, or oven-safe pan with cooking spray. Required fields are marked *. We had a can of fruit cocktail to go with it. Welcome back to week three of this budget large family meal plan series! Could be because I’m getting over a cold, but I ended my day 400 calories short. Prepare the veggies raw and stir them into the cooked pasta in a large bowl. Tip: You can use any leftover veggies in the stir fry to reduce food waste. Finally, tightly roll the lettuce leaf with the ingredients inside. Instructions: In a wide bowl, whisk the eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract until combined and fluffy. Your email address will not be published. Teriyaki Chicken, rice, broccoli: makes 12 meals 6. Be sure to remove the toothpick before serving it to small children. Instructions: Prepare the brown rice according to box instructions. Meal planning for group camping just got a whole lot easier! Just before it’s ready, mix in the frozen berries. Also, before you actually read our budget-friendly menu plan, here are a couple of things that are helpful to know: Our family of five consists of two adults with fairly big appetites, a 6-year-old boy, a 3 year-old girl and a 13 month-old girl. So dinner is aimed to be easy and as effortless as possible while still making a family-friendly and nourishing meal. 1. Pick your busy days, and make those meals the most simple or prepared ahead to help you later. I have bought staples there before too. Cook until the whites have turned opaque. I declared this day the last day of eating solely Dollar Tree food (Although I had given up a little earlier in the week). Instructions: In a blender, add the water and Greek yogurt. FAMILY APPROVED MENU PLAN #1. Tofu can safely be eaten from the package. Are you working late this week? There are many "diets" that can work. If you choose to cook it, add it to a lightly oiled pan and fry until golden brown. Allison got a little of ours but didn’t eat it (No surprise here). Thank you, Jenn!!! You can also pin a master menu plan (on this post) and that will easily get you back to this page where there are lots of menu plans to choose from. No Dollar Tree items were used here. We ate it with the Texas Toast; and it serves 6, so we’ve got enough leftovers for the next two days. Reduce the temperature to medium heat and cook for 30 minutes. In part 2 of this 3-post series, you’ll find a full grocery list and meal plan for Dollar Tree! 10 Meals in an Hour Meal Plan: Easy Comfort Food – Living Well, Spending Less. This reason is the most appealing to me. Some people need to save more time than others. Low-GI breakfast options keep you fuller for longer so for breakfast, try cinnamon porridge with banana and berries or creamy yogurt porridge. Everyone is different, and everyone’s needs are different. Since becoming a mom, I am ALL about simple, fast and nutritious family meals. Tip: It’s easy to expand this recipe to yield more servings. One-pan roast chicken & potatoes Cost per serving – £1.99 Our one-pan roast chicken & potatoes is sure to become an all-time family favourite. It’s hard to explain to a 5 year-old why she has to eat the dollar store food instead of the cereal that’s been in the cabinet for awhile, so I let her have cereal. But I did the best I could with the money I had. It was definitely an eye opening experience. It comes with three meal options and three … via Kitchn. It tasted like it smelled, and I was just turned off by it. I know that a lot of these foods can be found cheaper elsewhere, or have healthier options out there. The kitchen is a great place for kids to learn about nutrition, food prep, and healthy eating. At any rate, I took the eggs back and got some canned chicken and bologna instead. Place the vegetables on a baking pan and drizzle them with this mixture, then bake them for 40 minutes or until crispy and tender. Each week I serve up a fresh meal plan with seven nights of dinners. PM Snack. FAMILY APPROVED MENU PLAN #3. For easy small family meal planning, the weeknight dinner kit would be the best option at $69.99 per week. Again, breakfast was pancakes. My evening snack was popcorn made in my microwavable popper, mixed with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Instructions: Cook the black beans in a lightly oiled pan with taco seasoning. I always feel sick quickly when eating cheap carbs for longer then a day. So here was my criteria for eating at Dollar Tree: So yes, a lot of the items I bought weren’t perfectly healthy. Tip: If you don’t own an air popper, simply add 2–3 tablespoons (30–45 mL) of olive or coconut oil to a large pot, then the popcorn kernels. Next, add one slice of turkey, baby spinach, and shredded cheese to each tortilla. Using a fork, mix the eggs and condiments. There are affiliate links in this post – please read my full disclosure policy . Calories: 191 Dinner. Other posts in this series: Part 1: Why … We’ve picked out breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert for three days of wilderness fun. But unlike beans and rice, people don’t really mind living off a good Stir Fry. Larabars are the best snack bars there; but I could pay $1.00 for a single Larabar, or a whole box of 6 granola bars for the same price. Instructions: Cook instant oatmeal in a large pot using water or milk as the base, following packet instructions for measurements. I’d love to know! Remove from heat and place on a paper towel. Morning snack was the peanut butter and chocolate granola bar. 3. Instructions: While the pasta is cooking, add ground turkey to a large pan and cook it over medium heat. Well, we’ve come out of a week of eating food from Dollar Tree! Nearly 13 years ago my son was born and we were living penny to penny . In some households, family members only have a chance to get together during dinner. And if you're interested in more than a month's worth of meal planning, subscribe to the Cooking Light Diet today. To help, this article provides a 1-week meal plan and shopping list for a family of 4 or more. FAMILY APPROVED MENU PLAN #4. Yes, with our Meat & Veggies Plan or 3-meal Family Plan, you can choose from delicious new chef-curated recipes every week. Still, plenty of recipes are not only scrumptious and nutritious for the whole family but can also get your kids engaged in the kitchen. I’m happy to say that we made it through (with a few bumps), and I have my entire grocery list and menu here for you to use and/or get ideas. Meal planning and prepping can help you improve your diet quality while saving you time and money along the way. Use the shopping list as a reference and adjust it based on your family’s needs and budget. This article explains how to eat healthy. AM Snack. Tip: Many crackers are made with refined flours, oils, and sugar. Bake for 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted. They have several meals broken down into 3-Dinner Kits, Reorders, Market, Produce, Dairy, Meat, Fish, Snacks, Bakery, and Pantry. Top with cheese if desired. Kitchn Weekly Meal Plan. Stir fry is the universal cheap meal, second only perhaps to beans and rice. This meal plan for a family of four came out of a need to spend no more than $70/week on our grocery budget and ended up being a delicious menu plan that we revisit frequently. Day 3 Breakfast. Grilled Chicken, sweet potato, squash: makes 14 meals 4. Moreover, it’s possible to do all your shopping at once instead of constantly stepping out to the store. 1. Here's how to shop for a week's worth of family meals and snacks (breakfast, lunch and dinner included!) My morning snack was a little weird, though- a slice of bologna on a tortilla, and some of the fruit and nut blend trail mix. Since I had no leftovers to use, we dug out some bean and cheese burritos from the freezer and had leftover grapes. First I put two servings of rice in my rice cooker. Here are meal plans for 5 healthy diets that have been shown to be effective in studies. Here are 25 simple and healthy breakfast ideas for kids. Really missing those eggs. Love that I found your blog. Fry both sides of the bread until golden brown. Use these 25 simple tips to make your regular diet a little bit healthier. At this point I was so sick of sugar that I caved and ate some stuff we already had in the house- peanuts and grapes. Pour in the tomato sauce near the end. I made the entire box of pancake mix for Allison, but she decided she didn’t want them. You will have access to the current week’s plan, to previous weeks, to your favorites as well as to recipes from other food style plans. For additional protein, use plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Great when money is tight or just to save money. Use the shopping list as a reference and adjust it based on your family’s needs and … You lasted longer than I would have! Instructions: Follow the directions on the tomato soup package, which may require stovetop cooking. For easy small family meal planning, the weeknight dinner kit would be the best option at $69.99 per week. You can then revise this list or use it again for another week. Prepare the vegetables and add them to the pan. Notably, this 1-week meal plan provides your family with delicious, nutritious, and kid-friendly meals. Tip: Refrigerate the leftover chicken for tomorrow. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "afc4609f673575f3a6dc7375d2e8ea3c" );document.getElementById("efd0bb99db").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. I spread half the jar of pizza sauce on the thin crust, and topped it with feta cheese and pepperoni. Surprisingly, the feta cheese was really good on the pizza! Instructions: Peel the hard-boiled eggs and cut them into quarters. Add the cooked veggies and chicken to one side of the tortillas, then top with avocado and cheese. It even includes a printable shopping list to make things super easy for you! To check, place a cake tester or knife in the center of the frittata. I don’t think it was the blueberries because I put them on a separate plate before eating my eggs. Next, add the vegetables and tofu, though try not to add too many ingredients to each leaf. Tip: To get your kids involved, let them choose the type of vegetables. Here are 23 simple tips for…. This family-friendly, two-week healthy meal plan is designed for the fall and winter months and is full of recipes the whole family will love that are easy to make — plus, it comes with a free printable shopping list.. Healthy family meal plan dinners: Dinner is where I plug in all of my fast and easy recipes! I’m definitely glad I did it! Yet it is still possible to do meal planning, as this template demonstrates. The planner simply focuses on dinner menu plans. Place a lid on top and cook until almost all of the kernels have stopped popping. Cook them for about 5 minutes. All rights reserved. It’s amazing how good some of this Dollar Tree stuff is! Flank Steak, rice, squash: makes 12 meals 3. Total Meal Cost Per Serving: $3.32 Chicken Stir Fry Serves 6. 4. But some people only have a store like this available in their area and either can’t afford to shop anywhere else, or have no transportation to go to another store. Tip: Allow your kids to choose their own toppings and dress their own burgers. Lunch was leftover Tuna Alfredo Casserole. Instructions: Crack each egg and add gently to an oiled or nonstick pan over medium heat. Cook for 1–2 minutes or until the bottom is cooked and the top is beginning to bubble. Add the broccoli, pepper, onion, carrots, and 1/4 of the stir fry sauce to the skillet. Use the shopping list as a reference and adjust it based on your family… That’s the recommended daily intake for most people for maintaining weight and health. We are in the middle of a DIY house remodel so any budget tips I can get are great! I was really disappointed in its size, but at 110 calories, that’s pretty average. At the end of the week, ask your family members which meals they liked best. Our goal is to provide plenty of variety and inspiration for you to pick and choose the meals that most appeal to you and your family. Inside-Out Stuffed Cabbage. It was right around here that I just got tired of eating. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Filling the freezer is my favorite :). Ground Beef, sweet potato, broccoli: makes 12 meals This menu is the basic outline, but Rosemarie also sugge… Instructions: Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C). What if I don’t want to use all of the dinner meals on my plan? Great when money is tight or just to save money. For these families, it would be impractical to plan three meals per day for the entire week. In a medium-sized bowl, add the eggs, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper. I tasted the sausages after they were done and they tasted okay, so I added them with the other food. Our 31-day calendar of meals and tips shows you how to cook more and love it with fun, family-friendly meals that come together quickly and deliciously. I know bologna isn’t the best, but it was better than the granola bar, and slightly more filling. Here are 14 simple ways to stick to a diet in the long run. Fold the other side of the tortilla over. Then I emptied the bag of meatballs and one bag of stir fry veggies in a large pan, then let them heat up for a few minutes. My breakfast, then, was some pancakes with a half cup of thawed blueberries; and two scrambled eggs. If you are struggling to make your family healthy meals then have a look at Spicentice.

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