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One cannot say: 'Here are our monsters,' without immediately turning the monsters into pets.”, “I always dream of a pen that would be a syringe.”, “I speak only one language, and it is not my own.”, “No one gets angry at a mathematician or a physicist whom he or she doesn't understand, or at someone who speaks a foreign language, but rather at someone who tampers with your own language.”, “Psychoanalysis has taught that the dead – a dead parent, for example – can be more alive for us, more powerful, more scary, than the living. I know I'm supposed to find Derrida interesting and challenging and stimulating... etc.. Maybe I'm just not intelligent enough to follow his line of argument, certainly my background is not in philosophy. By Mark Vernon Aquinas on Friendship. In The Politics of Friendship, he's into friendship, obviously; in other texts, he's all about democracy. I haven't disliked reading the 100 pages. The question of being is itself always already divided between who and what. “To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend.” ― Jacques Derrida. Its laws and rules are not, however, harbored in the inaccessibility of a secret; it is simply that they can never be booked, in the present, into anything that could rigorously be called a perception.”, “That philosophy died yesterday, since Hegel or Marx, Nietzsche, or Heidegger—and philosophy should still wander toward the meaning of its death—or that it has always lived knowing itself to be dying... that philosophy died one day, within history, or that it has always fed on its own agony, on the violent way it opens history by opposing itself to nonphilosophy, which is its past and its concern, its death and wellspring; that beyond the death, or dying nature, of philosophy, perhaps even because of it, thought still has a future, or even, as is said today, is still entirely to come because of what philosophy has held in store; or, more strangely still, that the future itself has a future—all these are unanswerable questions. Nonetheless, it is easy to find some good quotes. What is the- I and what becomes of responsibility once the identity of the I trembles in secret?”, “If this work seems so threatening, this is because it isn't simply eccentric or strange, but competent, rigorously argued, and carrying conviction”, “Contrary to what phenomenology—which is always phenomenology of perception—has tried to make us believe, contrary to what our desire cannot fail to be tempted into believing, the thing itself always escapes.”, “Such a caring for death, an awakening that keeps vigil over death, a conscience that looks death in the face, is another name for freedom.”, “We are given over to absolute solitude. Quotes tagged as "derrida" Showing 1-23 of 23. So at the death of love, it appears that one stops loving another not because of who they are but because they are such and such. They didn’t have the properties, the images, that I thought I’d loved. Jacques Derrida was the founder of “deconstruction,” a way of criticizing not only both literary and philosophical texts but also political institutions. Although Derrida at times expressed regret concerning the fate of the word “deconstruction,” its popularity indicates the wide-ranging influence of his thought, in philosophy, in literary criticism and theory, in art and, in particular, architectural theory, and in political theory. One wants to be true to someone—singularly, irreplaceably—and one perceives that this someone isn’t x or y. So, for instance inMonolingualism of the Other(1998), Derrida recounts how,when he was in the “lycée” (high school), the Vichyregime in France proclaimed certain interdictions concerning thenative languages of Algeria, in particular Berber. For those times when you’ve lost a good friend and it’s hard to describe what you’re feeling, these poignant friendship quotes from Pinterest put the heartache of a … You may search, just for the sake of searching, and try for the sake of trying. This is one of Derrida's more challenging works, I've found, and although I have technically "read" it, I have yet to follow that much of what is happening. - See "Animal That Therefore I Am" review. It is often said that love is the movement of the heart. Friedrich Nietzsche on love and friendship. I thought that … So if there is a real future, beyond the other known future, it is l’avenir in that it is the coming of the Other when I am completely unable to foresee their arrival.”, “how can I say 'I love you', if I know the love is you .. the word 'love' either as a verb or a noun would be destroyed in front of you”, “Surviving - that is the other name of a mourning whose possibility is never to be awaited.”, “A text is not a text unless it hides from the first comer, from the first glance, the law of its composition and the rules of its game. January 17th 2006 As ever, his reading of almost trite, or Canonical, texts bringing about a moment of alterity native to them, and so surprisingly impugn, Derrida’s The Politics of Friendship (1994) is as fine an act of deconstructive tightrope traipse as any of his other works; combing through quotations from known philosophers, through tendentious citations severally removed from the original locutions, in unknown light, and situating in them the inscrutable intentionality embedded in language [langue] as such. [REVIEW] Neal DeRoo - 2008 - Heythrop Journal 49 (3):520–521. “A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.” There is a future which is predictable, programmed, scheduled, foreseeable. Whatever the future brings, though, it isn't just a continuation of whatever's been happening all along. However, I think the description here on Goodreads is overstating a bit (as usual), and this work doesn't really provide any 'challenging visions'. Although Derrida at times expressed regret concerning the fate of the word “deconstruction,” its popularity indicates the wide-ranging influence of his thought, in philosophy, in literary criticism and theory, in art and, in particular, architect. I read this book and I loved it. "O my friends, there is no friend." It is an amazing work and it did not disappoint on the second reading (20 years after the first). Until relatively recently, Jacques Derrida was seen by many as nothing more than the high priest of Deconstruction, by turns stimulating and fascinating, yet always somewhat disengaged from the central political questions of our time. Kant's black swan--as a figure of repudiation of essential homophilia of friendship--was especially amusing. The most influential of contemporary philosophers explores the idea of friendship and its political consequences, past and future. “O, my friends, there is no friend.”. Although the analysis of the situation of historical political discourse - this part is, indeed, outlined, I don't think such a flash presentation-like book can do the job, and it was.

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