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While it’s true that durian seeds are very tasty and healthy, they can be actually poisonous in the raw form. Durian fresh consumption is by far the most important. Some enterprising durian growers are looking even further back in time, to the fruit’s jungle origins. Lindsay Gasik is an unremorseful durian addict who uses her fascination with fruit to explore the world. i decided to try eating them. The seeds feature a bland taste akin to jackfruit seeds. This can be done mostly for texture, since durian seeds aren’t very flavorful but have a high amount of starch which makes them a great thickening agent. Keep in mind that they are very starchy, so when you toss the salad they will give everything a coating of starch that will thicken whatever dressing you’re using. When the water is gelatinous and gooey, the men drink it. The dietary fiber in durian helps in easing bowel movement. If you buy frozen durian, the seeds will no longer be viable; however, you can always eat them. Drain the water and place the seeds on a baking sheet. You can have them as it is or pair them with nice and creamy durian ice-cream for the best experience. The edible part of the durian consists of the white or cream to golden-yellow arils (= seed appendages) covering several very large (c. 2 x 6 cm), chestnut-brown seeds. If you want to roast the seeds in an oven, start by preheating the oven to 400F. It’s one of those rare times when I feel good about being a tourist; groups of durian lovers like ours are making small, more diverse farms profitable, and therefore possible. Penang is an island that juts abruptly upward from the Malaccan Straits. “Boil as you might a potato. Up to 40 percent of a D15 is edible, while some other local durians have a ratio as low as 10 percent. Here is a quick recipe of fried durian chips. The large seeds of a durian are also edible, though they must be boiled. Peel the outer skin. Durian fruit is soft and custard-like, so you'll be able to tear pieces off the pods easily. Eating durian seeds might cause shortness of breath. Some types of durian are more difficult to open than others, but the general rule is the fresher the fruit, the more effort it takes to open it. If you’ve tasted jackfruit seeds, then know that durian seeds taste very close to them. Figuring Out The Smelliest Fruit. Durian trees can grow up to 150 feet tall and live more than 200 years. It is not known if durian is safe. Typically eaten fresh, because the fruit is very perishable, should be eaten seven days after the fruit has fallen from the tree. Starch is a complex form carbohydrate. The fruits from older trees are prized, but this prevalence of “old varieties” is only part of what makes Penang a hotspot for durian lovers. Durian is known as the king of all fruits, still many people stop themselves from tasting it due to its strong smell which is often compared to all the gross things like vomit, dirty socks and so on. Delight your taste buds, mind and eyes with beautiful photos and inspirational techniques on everything you need to know to grow, preserve and cook your own heirloom fruits and vegetables. You’ll be happy to know that the durian seeds can be eaten in three ways: roasted, boiled and fried. Many discard them, though they can be eaten after boiled thoroughly. It can be eaten raw when ripe or cooked. The edible portion of a durian fruit is only about one-third. It is a large, tropical, evergreen fruit tree growing up to 25-40 m tall with up to 120 cm trunk diameter. As we ended our feast, Eric opened a durian with neon green thorns and a bright orange interior the consistency of cream cheese. People usually enjoy the custardy flesh of this spiky fruit and throw the leftover seeds in the bin. The edible fruit of a durian is the soft and yellowish pod-like flesh at the center of each wedge. Place the seeds on a baking sheet lined with … Over the course of the afternoon, Eric served us flights of different durian cultivars like vineyards serve wines, beginning with the light, syrupy-sweet fruits and ending with those that are richer, earthier, more flavorful, and more stinky. Now the orchard is a landmark for Bangkok day-trippers and foreign tourists (like us) in search of a culinary adventure. She says it’s an Ayurvedic recipe for general good health because the seed water acts to cool the body after eating durian, which has heating properties. We were visiting Green Acres, a 16-acre organic durian farm in the hillsides of Penang, Malaysia. For all the stink in Western media about durian’s disgusting odor, it has an enormous and growing international fan base and is a thriving export commodity. But when the seeds are cooked, this toxic substance gets eliminated and the seeds become perfectly edible. The hugely fatty golden pods of a D15 durian at Eric Chong’s farm signify a Thai origin. It has a conical crown and its trunk is buttressed. What you want is the thin brown layer inside. Become a Preferred Subscriber and start enjoying the benefits today! Durian is one of the most divisive foods in the world. Loved by some and hated by others, this tropical fruit can be served raw or cooked. The durian seeds, which are the size of chestnuts, can be eaten whether they are boiled, roasted or fried in coconut oil, with a texture that is similar to taro or yam, but stickier. Kajohn’s orchard holds over 100 Thai cultivars that he and his family began collecting 11 years ago when they noticed their neighbors were cutting down local favorites and replacing them with cultivars for export. We hope you’ll find lots of useful info here and the answers to pretty much whatever you’re looking for. Durian is used in sweet and savory dishes. Durian seeds are small, round to oval shape and appear like jackfruit seeds. Durians are from the equatorial tropics and don’t do well in climates that are dry or cool. This powder can also be used as primary food ingredients that have a high economic value such as glucose. The heartwood is … While only one species of durian is widely cultivated, Durio zibethinus, there are at least seven edible species, most now threatened by deforestation and cultural forgetfulness. All you need to have are a lot of durian seeds, some butter /oil to fry and some basic seasonings like salt, pepper etc. Hence, it is advised, eat the seeds only after cooking them. Durian seeds are small, round to oval shape and appear like jackfruit seeds. They chopped down a prosperous rubber orchard to make way for durian seedlings that would take up to 10 years to produce fruits selling for pennies at local markets. We even stayed overnight, because many farmers believe the best fruits fall in the evening and early morning just before dawn. Boiled seeds go well with the salads and taste amazing when you sprinkle a little salt, pepper and lemon juice over them. Or, they can simply be used as a garnish to an actual grilled meal. No, And Here’s Why, Are Guava Seeds Edible ? This is because the uncooked seeds contain a substance known as cyclopropene fatty acid, which is known to cause deadly cancerous diseases. At least, until another durian hit the roof. They call it Asian Viagra. They have been associated with a number of health benefits, including improved digestion and cholesterol levels. The seeds are either boiled or roasted and eaten as nuts. Both the creamy flesh and seeds are edible, though the seeds need to be cooked. His scheme is to cross them with a popular export cultivar, like Musang King, to make a deeper hued, more nutritious fruit that can be sold as a health product. At the bottom of the fruit he inserted the knife all the way to the handle and twisted until a gap formed large enough to hook his fingers. They can also be roasted and topped with palm sugar. The roasted seeds become very crunchy and delicious, you can even use them in your ice-cream to give an extra bite to it. Eat.” kobetobiko thinks the boiled seeds taste like “really chalky potato without much flavor,” but Ali likes them. Depending upon the size of the fruit, you can find 5-8 seeds in a medium-sized durian. Newer Post Older Post Home. And eating raw durian seeds is difficult, because they’re pretty hard, so not easy to bite into. So unless you’re eating raw durian seeds, you’re fine. Selecting and Storing: Healthy seeds should feel heavy and solid. Next, peel the outer burnt shell of the roasted seeds to get the white part. Durian seeds are covered with delicious creamy meat. Read also: What Does Durian Taste Like ? On the flip-side, a drought will force the trees to shed leaves and drop fruits before they’ve developed a good flavor. The rest aren’t poisonous, but their palatability is in the tongue of the beholder. Like all crops that are commercialized, only a few cultivars are grown for export. This would have prevented the drink from becoming so slimy and unappealing. These seeds are very starchy, and for that reason the powder of durian seeds is used to replace flour in several dishes. These attractive seeds vary in color between cultivars and species, from pale tan to reddish-brown to a deep mahogany bordering on black. They should not be pliable, float in water, or make noise when shaken. This powder can be used to replace wheat flour that can be used at home to make cakes. The durian edible part is the pulp that surrounds the seeds. Plant your seeds in indoor pots if you live in a cold or dry climate. Connoisseurs believe that the impact is an important factor in creating the flavor profile of individual fruits, and that harder falls equal more flavor. His plan comes at a time when farms like Green Acres are also experimenting with serving other durian species to groups in search of gustatory novelty, like ours. Finally, the most favorite way of eating durian seeds is durian seeds chips. If you want to know the answer, keep reading below! However, to a local South Asian, this fruit is like a prized exotic dessert. Durian Seeds Are Edible Posted by Joycelyn80 at 7:54 PM. • Organic gardening tips to improve your health and wellness The steep granite hillsides provide good drainage for trees often affected by root rots like phytophtoras, while the cool sea breeze is also believed to keep the trees disease free while adding a slightly salty flavor to the durians. Dubbed ‘the king of fruit,’ durian is a weird and unique fruit known for its stinky and flavorful nature. Overripe durian pulps are processed to become durian paste in Thailand while unripe durian may be cooked as a vegetable (Rudrappa, 2015; Utilization of durian, n.d.). I'd heard durian seeds were edible, but never had enough seeds to feel i could try it out. Eating durian fruit might cause stomachdiscomfort, gas, diarrhea, vomiting, or allergic reactions in some people. Most, but not all, have only a very thin layer of flesh. As we bumped around the orchard, Kajohn Puttisuknirun spoke into a microphone and pointed to trees tagged blue, yellow, or red. Special Precautions & Warnings: Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of durian during pregnancy and breast-feeding.Stay on the safe side and avoid use. You can boil and roast the seeds in the same way you do with other veggies and food items. Your crispy and lip-smacking durian seed chips are ready to eat. Typically eaten fresh, because the fruit is very perishable, should be eaten seven days after the fruit has fallen from the tree. The leaves are alternate and oval. Both jackfruit and durian have smells that can be considered strong or pungent, although the smells are of different types. Durian, (Durio zibethinus), tree of the hibiscus, or mallow, family and its large edible fruit.The durian is cultivated in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and southern Thailand and is seldom exported. Up to 40 percent of a D15 is edible, while some other local durians have a ratio as low as 10 percent. Durian seeds are small, round to oval shape kernels and appear like that of jackfruit seeds. Durians from Thailand are typically larger than durians elsewhere and have a higher flesh-to-seed ratio. Subscribe to: … If you like you can drizzle melted butter and salt and some chili flakes on roasted durian seeds to turn them into a campfire snack. Find her on Twitter: @durianwriter. You won’t want to miss the stories about plants passed down from generation to generation. Here’s What You Should Know, Swiss Chard VS Rhubarb – Differences & How To Tell Them Apart. The hard brownish seeds and the thorny husk make up the rest. Stir fried them with some soy sauce and they were very nice. Figuring Out The Smelliest Fruit, How To Tell If Durian Is Rotten, So You Don’t Waste Money, Almond Milk Substitutes – Here’s 8 Ideas To Try, Is Pineapple A Citrus Fruit? A durian poster was plastered the length of the car. (USA only), • 1 year of Mother Earth Gardener magazine both print and digital Join today and save off the newsstand price! It’s a win-win situation. As mentioned that durian seed is high in carbohydrate content, durian seeds hence can also be processed into starch. Now, dry roast them in a heavy bottom wok until they become nice and black. Durian seeds have been regarded as a chunk of natural waste. Already a Member but haven't activated your account. Get one year (4 issues) for only $24.95! This year he served them. The agritourism model is successful enough that nearby farms have started offering accommodations. These toxic substances are suspected to cause cancerous disease in future. • Special discounted prices on tools, kits, and hands-on resources in the Mother Earth Gardener Store But, contradictory to what most people believe that such a seed is useless, it is actually has a lot of nutritional value and usability hidden in its hostile rumoured nature. Be sure to layer … Durians from Thailand are typically larger than durians elsewhere and have a higher flesh-to-seed ratio.

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