evergreen plug seedlings

We have been in the seedling business for 15 years and from experience, the deeper the plug, the harder the seedling is too grow in the nursery. The roots remain protected by the soil they are grown in, eliminating shock when transplanting so the tree seedling establishes easily and settles into the soil better. • White Spruce Plug Transplants – sold out till Fall 2021, see seedlings, transplants, plug seedlings, Because they arrive “already planted” so to speak, evergreen plug transplants are safe to plant until early June in most northern locations, or until daytime temperatures are consistently into the upper 70’s, Confused about species? This means plug transplants can safely be shipped and planted even in June, long after the traditional bare root season is done, because they are actually already planted when you open the box! • White Cedar Plug Transplants – sold out till Fall 2021, see plug seedlings Pictured above are some popular species of evergreen plug transplants, click to enlarge, • Austrian Pine Plug Transplants – sold out till Fall 2021, see seedlings Concolor Fir. (Yes, I’m repeating myself.) $69 per 50 seedlings. But they have some key advantages for you, such as: Super fast planting: • Individual Cotton Gift Bag Packaging Plug transplants can be shipped from our site in MI at nearly any time of year, such as mid winter, which is impossible with “bare root” evergreen trees. We pride ourselves on survival rates and dig trees fresh for every order. $387.00. We have 30+ years’ experience growing containerized, plug seedlings and 20+ years providing tree seedling favors for all of your green projects and events. • Fraser Fir Plug Transplants – FOR SALE, NOW SHIPPING Our plants are used for large-scale projects such as reforestation and streambank restorations. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Box 160, Crimora, VA 24431-0160 1. Order on-line at 2. Download a PDF version of our 2020-21 Price Catalog. Fast & Free shipping on many items! If picking up seedlings, transport in a cool covered vehicle. We grow genetically superior award-winning tree seedlings. This new website, built it conjunction with JM Web Designs, is meant to serve…. At The GreenWorld Project ® you are more than just a customer and “customer service” is more than just a concept. Plug transplants can be shipped long after they have broken bud or have begun candling [a time when bare root evergreens would die if dug and shipped]. Husky Transplants (plug+1) are grown in field beds using 1 and 2 year old A/G Jiffy plugs. We offer spruce, fir, pine, cedar, fraser fir to supply tree farms and Cut-your-own Christmas Tree Farms. • Variety Packs of Evergreen Plug Transplants – FOR SALE, NOW SHIPPING Plug + 1-1/2 Seed started as plugs and put in Transplant bed for 1-1/2 year Plug + 2 Seed started as plugs and put in Transplant bed for 2 years Seed Bed seed sown in beds for outside germination, grow very close together Transplant Bed Seedlings that are put on a 6"x 6" spacing in a bed to allow for lateral branching Tree Planting Services • Serbian Spruce Plug Transplants – sold out till Fall 2021, see plug seedlings, seedlings Please understand that thawing and extracting during the winter months is a lot of extra work and requires more turnaround time. An Evergreen Seedling Nursery, Redrock Farm grows and sells evergreen plug seedlings for use as favors and growing stock on a biodiverse and environmentally friendly plantation. Fraser Fir. Shop a huge online selection at Perhaps the most important advantage of all from your point of view as the person who will be doing the planting, plug transplants are just jaw droppingly fast and easy to plant compared to a similarly sized bare root evergreen….provided that you have an auger sized to fit the root plug of a plug transplant. Our 50 cell Gro-Plugs® are one-year-old trees when they arrive at your business. Winter shipments: • Ponderosa Pine Plug Transplants – sold out till Fall 2021, see seedlings The fastest method of planting a tree is not the tools you use, but rather the kind of tree you buy. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! 1. Shop a huge online selection at We specialize in new grafted Dogwoods, new Magnolia, Japanese Maples, and grafted Redbuds. • Black Hills Spruce Plug Transplants – sold out till Fall 2021, see seedlings WHOLESALE TRADE-ONLY. Take a look around and you will find a wide selection of hardwood, evergreen and fruit trees to match your planting needs. Containerized plug tree seedlings such as ours, offer flexibility and survivability. We established America's first Tree Farm in 1941. Handing these out to attendees or volunteers is a great way to spread the tree planting message. North Creek strives to promote sustainable outdoor environments. ALL of our tree seedling favors and gifts are shipped in time to arrive fresh and healthy! There is a long tradition in the nursery industry of growing and planting bare root transplants, and the entire bare root “field grown” process is much easier to scale up, which then results in lower prices. • Auger For Plug Transplants, 24″ Long by 2.75″ dia • Contact Rick Bare Root Orders must be placed in units of 50 per variety. At Chief River Nursery, we take pride in offering quality bare root trees and shrubs, along with evergreen plugs, with friendly and helpful customer service to match. Our evergreen plug transplants range in size between 8 to 30 inches, depending on species [height does not include the root plug]. Canaan Fir. It’s all about you, afterall…. If you are looking to order less than 1000 trees and/or would like to have your trees shipped to you, you should order through our Catalog Order Program.

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