examples of ethical dilemmas

Society has enough money to pay for good health care. An argument for not telling your boss: A few employees padding an expense account has minimal impact on most organizations' bottom line. What might the consequences be for the survivors if the group chose to kill the person who is stuck so they might survive? Should you risk your job by telling management what you saw on your coworker’s computer? In selling party favors, you’re giving people clear pleasure with no downsides, unlike alcohol, tobacco, and yes, weed. Of course, you can cite any benefits the Chevy has over the Mazda. The reliance on digital communication in the business world surely has created ethical dilemmas involving information access and privacy. There is no way of removing the person who is stuck so that the individual will survive. Daniel suspects his wife is having an affair. An argument against lying: People should be allowed to make choices based on the truth. 1. 8. You sell new Chevys. You do not have any obligation to end your life, but you have an obligation not to burden anybody else but yourself with expenses for futile treatment. Also, lying about age builds your relationship on a lie, which typically leads to more lies. Taking credit for others’ work 2. This is one of the most extreme moral dilemma examples, as well as an ethical dilemma. Is it ethical to start a business that sells the frivolous, for example, party favors? The group has to make an extremely difficult decision. 6. Would your decision be different if you were considering robbing a bank versus stealing a credit card from another relative to use? Who would be responsible for making such a decision? And the cost of buying party favors is minor, unlike for example those commercials that push luxury automobiles. and "Should you turn in your friend at your workplace for taking home office supplies?". He is his family's sole source of income and his nonprofit salary is modest and so he has little in savings. If truth is a guiding principle of his morality, he’s likely to tell both of his friends what he knows and hope that they don’t blame him for any negative consequences they experience as a result of telling the truth. I would allow the employee to keep his or her job, if full time, unless this situation lasted surprisingly long (i.e. Here are 10. On a dating website, is it ever ethical to make yourself seem younger than you are? These are just a few examples of ethical dilemmas posed by the online world, and oftentimes kids too young to engage in ethical thinking are in possession of a connected device that asks them to make decisions like these all the time. Coaches are responsible for winning, but they’re also responsible for setting an appropriate example of leadership for players and treating all team members fairly. It’s wiser to look inward and to get some honest feedback so you can improve your skills or change careers to one in which you’d more readily be hired. 5. The small lie is more than compensated for by the benefit. It’s just that your family or taxpayers should not pay for things such as heroic efforts to keep you alive a little longer. You’re increasingly viewed as having been picked-over and no one else wants to hire you, so why should they? a friend tells you to put that $25,000 back in the pot to be divided with your spouse in the divorce settlement. Saving customer credit card data is a violation of customer privacy and company policy. What if the coach is set to earn a big bonus or significant pay increase if the team advances to the championship game? To help him financially, you might give a generous severance package. And when you’re trying to push those pointy party hats and noisemakers with ads or with “good” salespeople, you’re pushing people to part with good money on crap, when the money could be so much more wisely spent. Do you feel it is ethical to charge so much for a medication that has a unique ability to potentially save people? An argument for keeping the baby: To abort a child with Downs is to kill a future person who likely can live a decent life. And you know that if you continue with treatment, chances are you’ll need expensive palliative surgery, drugs, etc, and still only live a short, low-quality time. And could be pivotal for career growth. So you’re wondering if you should off yourself. Why not bring one who will live a more enriched life and allow you to live yours? 6. Not only does the salesperson have no obligation to reveal the product’s weaknesses, but doing so would be unethical, even disloyal. An argument against: You’re devoting your efforts to the silly. It is not up to the employee to interfere. Do you cut in? And from a selfish perspective, Downs children often are unusually sweet. You’re a soft-skilled employee. All Rights Reserved, differences between ethics, morals and values. One of the most important characteristics of an effective leader is treating people equitably. But that right lane backs up for two miles, adding 20 minutes to your daily commute. Would it matter what form the stealing took? Retaining him would be an appropriate “cost of doing business.”. Descriptive ethics is more scientific in its approach. This involves fairness and consistency, including regards to applying the rules to everyone equally. I simply don’t see the problem. To learn more about these matters, explore the differences between ethics, morals and values. He explains that his cancer has recurred and has spread to his lymph nodes, so he’s in the middle of a six-month round of chemotherapy and his prognosis is not good. Recent headline-making ethical issues, particularly those tied to discrimination and sexual harassment, have shed light on unethical conduct in the workplace and how these ethical lapses can permeate employee relations, business practices, and operations. “I hate getting into my car to go to work and then it won’t start. Why? Would your decision be different if the salespersons were pitching for donations for a charity even though s/he suspects a competing charity does more good with the money? He needs a heart transplant, but there is a limited amount of hearts available, and the kid has been on drugs. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. And study after study shows that whistleblowers normally lose their jobs and have a hard time finding new work. You’re tempted to stay in the left lane, which moves much more quickly and then, right before the freeway on-ramp, cut ahead of the cars that have been waiting the 20 minutes. They may see stealing to potentially save someone’s life as morally justifiable, while stealing just for one’s own financial gain to be immoral. Will they continue to break rules? And that party favor store, unlike on Amazon, can provide personalized service, for example, helping the person plan the party, not just what party favors they need but perhaps tips on invitation lists, seating arrangements, etc. Examples of Ethical Dilemmas that Nurses Deal with on a Regular Basis •Dealing with the pro-life and pro-choice debate. Ethical dilemmas occur all too frequently in everyday life. If you're terminal, do you ever have an obligation to end your life? Don’t drivers switch lanes at various points or honestly change their mind? Is it different if the person who is stuck offers to sacrifice herself versus members of the group suggesting that she be eliminated? This is a difficult dilemma to face, as is the case with all ethical dilemmas. An argument for aborting the baby: Having a child with Downs will dramatically impede your career and personal life. What if one of the players who broke the rules will miss a chance to be seen by professional scouts if he doesn’t play in the game? The government? So you’re wondering if you should lie on your resume and say you’re working and ask your friend if it’s OK to list him as your boss. Your coworkers routinely pad their expense accounts. A storytelling approach, as introduced by Lawrence Kohlberg in the 1930s, is often used to encourage people to think through possible outcomes and consequences of ethical dilemmas. If you turn in your coworker, you could also get in trouble since you only gained the information through violating a company policy. A society in which property is unjustifiably wrested cannot survive. You’re a manager at a nonprofit. Yes, he’s an employee, but the wise person makes decisions mainly based on what will do the most good, not giving extra consideration to the person in front of you. That’s something every war medic knows: Triage is necessary to make the biggest difference. It is up to each company to make their own decisions about business dilemmas relating to pricing, employee wages, suppliers, animal testing, marketing and other complicated issues that may arise. I realize that knowing where to draw the line is not always easy. The environmental degradation is modest compared with most things people spend money on. That would result both in you and the other person getting into a good relationship that wouldn’t otherwise have occurred. the employee continued to underperform for a long time and nevertheless did not die or quit). It's not surprising, then, that employees face ethical dilemmas there. An argument for cutting in: Unlike some of the drivers, you’re exhausted from a full work day and when you get home, you’re going to have the equanimity to break up your kids' fights, be present for your spouse, and so on. There is rarely a clear answer regarding right and wrong. Consider a situation in which a group of people are enjoying an outdoor adventure together. If that would be the case, the Chevy salesperson probably will sell few cars. And the car will, in fact, be less likely to break down. Since Daniel and his wife share many friends and contacts with Michael, Daniel asks if Michael has heard anything regarding an affair. You sell new Chevys. You’re thinking of opening a store that sells party goods: Thanksgiving party decorations, New Year's hats and horns, cute plates and napkins. He is convinced this is a long term relationship. You can mitigate the toll to staff morale by telling the employees the ethical basis for letting him go and giving them ample opportunity to process it. Besides, what may appear as stealing may be more than fair, since employees don’t get to claim every single penny they spend on things that may help them do their job, increase their own productivity, save money for the company or avoid having to take a day off. An argument for not putting the $25,000 into the pot: From a universal justice perspective, you deserve that money. In either case, you’re bringing one child into the world. What about the pharmaceutical company? Water starts rising in the cave due to high tide or heavy rainfall. What about the other players who do follow the rules. So what would you do? When faced with the possibility of losing a loved one simply due to a lack of funds, it’s possible that someone who is ordinarily completely opposed to stealing might be able to rationalize such an action. These things, while they might anger the person facing a moral dilemma, are beyond the individual’s control. You’re thinking of checking Consumer Reports and letting the customer know what you find. Unknown to Roger, Michael observed them at a restaurant several days ago and realized Phyllis is the wife of his other friend Daniel. Plus, there’s a shortage of doctors, nurses, etc. S/he tells you that reliability is the No. In short, you want to compete with Party City stores and Amazon by providing well-curated stuff, all available to be seen and touched, and with salespeople to help with party planning. This is one of the most extreme moral dilemma examples, as well as an ethical dilemma. Do you retain him? The range of this kind of dilemma is wide and includes: The range of this kind of dilemma is wide and includes: Confidentiality: where the social worker's obligation to protect client confidentiality conflicts with an obligation to report crime, or actions the client takes that may cause harm to himself or others. Lying would be ethical, but only if the individual really looks that age. When you're desperate, is it worth lying to land a job? What are the consequences of facing such an extreme moral dilemma? If specifically asked, I would say something about budget cuts, business being slow, or some similar reason without even mentioning the employee’s illness.

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