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Even so, I researched comments, posts, video demos, and used my personal experience to give you three budget alternatives. This is a standard Fender P-bass with the modern body shape made of alder tonewood. R$ 377, 58. sem juros. More so, it’s so attractive -both in how it sounds and ho it looks- that you won’t want to put it down once you start playing. It embodies the original sound and looks, but features a more powerful pickup configuration. Baixo Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50s P. Bass Mn White Blonde. The price is not the indicator of how the instrument sounds. As you’d expect, price varies widely in every category. R$ 4.410. em. Braço Mod Fender Precision 62 Raio 7.25 Com Acabamento. This time, it has two Split-Coil pickups with Alnico V material. $299.99. Potentially, it could have cheaper parts, but because of the pickup quality, it wouldn’t lead to much of a tone change. It’s not as versatile as a J-bass or a modern P-bass, but the sound is fatter and has an organic overdrive that you’ll come to love. As their quality has improved so much over the years, it’s no longer safe to assume Squier is generally worst than Fenders. When you play on high-gain some vintage Fender P basses, the sound comes with a natural overdrive. It has various marks and knocks throughout the body and some buckle rash. or Best Offer. Endereço: Rua Galatea, 1360 - Vila Guilherme, São Paulo/SP - CEP: 02068-000. Also, if you’re a musician on a tight budget, the Affinity P/J can do wonders for you until you’re able to trade up. S X U p o 1 n J s 8 o U r e A d I U H. Fender Squier Affinity Precision P-Bass Electric Bass … 037-4500-503 Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 50s P Bass Maple Neck Sunburst. These do a great job keeping hum and buzz sounds low. Fender Squier Mini P Bass Dakota Red. Telefone: (11) 2975-2711. $34.60 shipping. 1975 Fender Precision (with old D´Addario Chromes) vs. Squier Classic Vibe 60s P-Bass (with old Thomastik flats). In summary, if you want the awesome sound, playability, and experience of owning a P-bass but can’t afford the “real thing,” I’m listing the top Squier P basses you can buy right now. R$ 39, 42. As for controls, it has a single tone control knob plus a single volume knob. The tone is versatile and it combines the growls and punch of the P bass with the bright, growling J bass sound. I gave this bass a 9 out of 10 punctuation not based on its price range, but overall. It’s gorgeous, sounds great, and sells for an affordable price that makes you wonder why there are so many expensive bass guitars. We may link to products if we deem helpful to the reader. Musicians that have used the Precision bass include: Squier has built a reputation as the go-to brand for beginner players and entry-level or budget instruments. Frete grátis. $295.00. This Fender Affinity Precision Bass … Since then, the P bass has been a best-seller, an all-time popular that have created and shaped the sound of basses all around the globe. CNPJ: 68.370.543/0001-34. Pre-Owned. A Pride Music Com. Lay down a solid groove with the Squier Affinity Series P Bass -- Squier's version of the famous Precision Bass. Instead of having pinewood, it has the cheaper basswood, which is still a great material for bass guitars as it keeps a fat sound on the lower end of the frequency and makes the instrument lighter. Much of its appeal comes from the fact the brand is allowed to copy the style and the design of Fender’s classic and modern models, as well as using Fender’s pickups and electronics. Já vendemos o estoque. It has a Fender-designed Vintage Split Single-Coil Precision pickup delivering punchy mids and powerful lows. Frete grátis. What else is there to say about the Classic Vibe series of bass guitars? And digital technologies have advanced so much it’s getting cheaper and cheaper to produce top-quality pickups and electronics for instruments. It has but a single solitary passive pickup, which was something very common on the first Fender basses. What’s great about this bass, though, is the pickups. Fender Squier P-Bass Bass Guitar 2004 Balck & White - Indonesia. em. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. More so, there aren’t as many Squier P basses as there are Fender P basses. And because I’m a rocker, I’ve decided the Classic Vibe Precision ‘50s is the best Squier P bass overall. I’m featuring 3 Squier Precision bass guitars, both of which belong in any top 10 best budget basses lists or best basses for beginners list. C.baixo Fender Precision Bass … Este artigo encontra-se em stock e pode ser enviado imediatemente. It has a Fender-Designed Single-Coil J pickup on the neck position; and a Fender-Designed Split Single-Coil P pickup on the middle position. $69.99 shipping. $45.00 shipping. Pre Owned 1983 Fender Squier Precision Bass P-Bass Electric Bass Guitar Black. Desconto 10% Boleto … Plus, you don’t have to stick to four strings. Contrabaixo Fender Squier Vintage Modified P. BASS Fretless Color Sunburst. I love the pickups on this bass are essentially the same pickups you would find on Fender models not made in the USA. I only need to add I recommend this as the bass for versatile players for its range is larger than the other two models. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $399.99 New. He only ditched this material as he wasn’t sure about using light materials on the instruments. R$ 3.896. em. Basses belonging to this household are practically a steal…if you’re into the vintage sound. Squier Classic Vibe 70's Precision Bass Walnut X3667. Without you knowing anything about it, many times you see a $$$$ price tag on a Fender instrument (or any other brand), the price is there mostly for marketing reasons. Before we begin, though, feel free to tell us your experience with Squier bass guitars and Squier instruments. or Best Offer. I was inclined to feature a bass from the Vintage Modified series, however, this lineup has been discontinued in exchange for the Classic Vibe series. You see, with electric guitars and basses, the pickups and the electronics are the things affecting tone the most. It’s such a timeless classic Fender has never truly moved too far from its original project. Lastly, it has an extra feature not there on the ‘50s P-basses, which is chrome-plated cover platers, tuner, and bridge. In a way, it sounds similar to a J-bass, and it’s also way less rocker than the 50s version. 12x . 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