fun names for an old fashioned drink

No list of mixed alcoholic drinks would be complete without mentioning the Old-Fashioned. ), or just peruse our ideas, below. It’s the Very Definition of Cocktail . Spirit, sugar, water, bitters—this is the technical definition of a cocktail. 1. These are a half-dozen fun facts to stir conversation and thoughtful sipping. Luckily, the Old Fashioned is one cocktail that has never gone out of style. It's the name of your cocktail that makes it unique. Old-Fashioned. But simple tweaks—rum here, smoke there, tamarind elsewhere—can easily change up the classic into a new favorite. Our advice: Invest a little time in coming up with a fun pun for your favorite drink, combine your names with your drinks (Justin-tinis and Rebecca-ritas, anyone? As cocktails go, you can’t get more classic than the Old Fashioned, a simple concoction of bourbon (or rye), sugar, water and bitters.Good versions of the drink can be found all over the world. You don't need a fancy mixologist to have a fun signature cocktail at your wedding. While a gin-based version of this famed cocktail was first published in 1862, the modern Old-Fashioned came later in 1880 when bartender James E. Pepper first mixed the drink in Louisville, Kentucky.

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