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$1,100.00- $7,250.00 #26. certificates. THIS IS ALSO A VERY EARLY USE. Therefore various outer elements were trimmed away to squeeze the stamps into the plate. Page 1. In 1857 the Post Office Department began perforating stamps. Revenues. One went for over $1 million in 2008. The Rarest $160,000 George Washington 1867 Stamp. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Entrants needed to propose a design for the 1¢ George Washington stamp. With 1974 and 1999 P.F. Estimate price $10,000 – 15,000. Scott Retail as off-cover singles $15,000.00, Robert Siegel Auction Galleries, Feb 2015, Sale 1093, Lot 510, 1c Green, Rotary Perf 11 (Scott 544). A $25,000 cover that cost 25¢ Shown is a cover, not included in the Siegel census, which has a pair of genuine Scott 594 coil waste stamps on it, with a 2015 Scott catalog value … cancel, true rich color, this stamp priced in Scott for fine examples as few grade higher; 1990 PF certificate. Scott $22,500. C $305.35. This study has resulted in a large number of recognized variations. If I own a particular variety, you will see a thumbnail link to a full-size image of the stamp(s); an entry without a thumbnail means I still need the stamp. The ½¢ through 10¢ values present portraits of Washington derived from paintings, engravings or sculptures made during his lifetime. 1924 year date machine cancel, centered into perfs at right, strong color; couple faint natural wrinkles cert. The original design for the one cent Franklin was slightly too large to fit in a 200 stamp plate. (1999 PF Cert #0333474) Cat value $3750. States Centennial. George Washington. PROBABLY FEWER THAN TEN EXIST IN MINT NEVER-HINGED CONDITION. certificate. With 1999 P.F. These prices for U.S. stamps are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. 1857-61 3c Washington, type III. The one cent blue Franklin introduced at this time and then re-issued with the 1857 perforated issues listed below is one of the most thoroughly studied of any stamp. With 1973 and 2001 P.F. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection. certificates. Used with Cleveland precancel, ‘OHIO’ is inverted. 1857-1861 First Perforated Stamps #18-39. certificate, Robert Siegel Auction Galleries, Apr 2015, Sale 1096, Lot 776. Looking for a stamp george washington red 2 cent? ... 1867 90¢ George Washington, F-Grill, blue. Washington Franklin stamps come in five different designs: A138: Franklin, "ONE CENT" spelled out below portrait. Scott $3,750 AMONG THE MOST HANDSOME EXAMPLES OF THIS SCARCE SHEET WASTE ISSUE, AND THE CREASE IS COMPLETELY TRIVIAL. A RARE PAIR OF THE ONE-CENT PERF 11 ROTARY WASTE ISSUE, SCOTT 544. Horizontal pair, bright color, clear 1922 duplex cancel FINE. With a face value of 24 cents and some as 2 dollars, these stamps are famous because the biplane featured in the picture was printed upside down by mistake. This made it difficult to remove cancels and reuse stamps. A small quantity of 1c Rotary Press stamps was perforated 11 at the end of 1922, using remainder sheets from the earlier experimental printings that were normally perforated in 10 gauge or 10/11 compound gauge. 1851-1856 Imperforate Issues #7-17. Last updated November 25, 2018 U.S. 1st Issue Revenue Stamps 1862-1871. From United States. Since the first modern postage stamp was implemented in 1840, a diverse range of unique collectible stamps have flooded the market, each detailing a specific person, place, and historically relevant moment in time. 1c Green, Rotary Perf 11 (544). If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. 544: 1c 1922 George Washington Rotary Perf 11. A particularly nice example might sell for more than the amount listed, while a poor copy might be worth less. Info. or Best Offer. certificate. certificate, Robert Siegel Auction Galleries, Feb 2015, Sale 1093, Lot 507. Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries, Aug 2015, Sale 106, Lot 1872. 1875 Official Reprints of 1847 #3-4. The US has issued many stamps with George Washington of many different values, including a number of 1 cent values. Compare our price to the catalogue value, and view an actual scan of that specific stamp for sale. Tap to unmute. Two imperforate stamps were issued, the 5 cent Benjamin Franklin which paid the domestic letter rate of 5 cents per half-ounce for up to 300 miles, and the 10 cent George Washington which paid the domestic letter rate of 10 cents per half-ounce for distances greater than 300 miles. 1847 Imperforate First Stamps #1-2. Two horizontal pairs, tied by “San Francisco Calif. Mar. 544: 1c 1922 George Washington Rotary Perf 11. Value Used: $0.05 No postmark with gum (MH): $0.10 Full perfect gum, no postmark, no trace of stamp hinge mark (MNH): $0.10-$0.15. Scott Retail as singles. The designs featured silhouettes of Benjamin Franklin (1¢), George Washington (2¢), Andrew Jackson (4¢), and Ulysses S. Grant (5¢) (Scott U294-U335). The… Daniel Kelleher Auctions, Oct 2014, Sale 660, Lot 2422. A search of eBay shows that the value of this stamp is likely to be anywhere from $9.00 to $15.00 as at 2019. Expertization: 1964 P.F. Up Next. 1923 George Washington 1 Cent US Stamp with Postcard Fine Used... $2,500.00. VERY FEW COVERS OR CARDS ARE KNOWN, AND THIS IS THE LARGEST MULTIPLE USE. Bright color, bold cancel, fresh and Fine, with 1992 P.F. Find george washington 5 cent stamp from a vast selection of Stamps. Unfortunately the day of the cancel used on this pair is not known, but it would be in the first few weeks of use. #5 – George Washington Stamp 1867#5 – George Washington Stamp 1867 Not surprisingly, the first president of the United States was extensively featured in a number of stamps. The year 1847 is a huge one for stamps: this was the first … Fresh and bright color, crisp impression, light strike of neat wavy-line machine cancel VERY FINE. Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions, Apr 2015, Sale 60, Lot 2436. o 1923, 1¢ green, rotary sheet waste (544), exceptionally well centered, large margins, bright color. Certificate. 1923, 1¢ green, rotary sheet waste (Scott 544), light wavy black cancellation, desirable example of this rare sheet waste stamp, with vivid color and nice centering, much nicer than usually found; light faint creasing, otherwise Fine to Very Fine, 1981 P.F. certificate. Mistakes sometimes yield great value, as demonstrated by this entrant on our list of most valuable American stamps. 1923, 1¢ green, rotary sheet waste (Scott 544), o.g., small hinge remnant, a particularly well centered example of this incredibly rare sheet waste issue, with gleaming bright color and impression; of the 20 or so mint examples that are known to exist, the example offered here is among the finest, as the centering and overall appearance are superior to most of the other examples that collectors have to choose from; a great rarity when found in mint condition missing from all but the most advanced collections; light diagonal creasing appears to be natural and shouldn’t be considered a fault, especially on a stamp of this immense importance, otherwise Fine to Very Fine, 1982 P.F.

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