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Gamble performs better for the most part. Stuart chose Survival of the Fittest and Goblin Welder. Mono-Red. that are at 1 cmc and should be run, just ask! by JANKYARD_DOG, Mishra's Jank Machine [Primer] leaves behind artifacts to sac and reanimate himself), Darksteel Relic - I chose this one because it is resilient. Also put in anger for welder and friends, even faster.deck since everyone runs faster. What do you think of the new Phyrexian Triniform? Now, as I mentioned, there are plenty staples I didn't mention, here are some of the less common, more budget cards. You may use any of the following formats: You still get to draw a card while maintaining the full function of Goblin Welder. Also it costs like twice as much. : (Not including obvious cards like Sol Ring, Skullclamp, Swords to Plowshares, Swan Song, Elvish Mystic, because... duh). It's much less consistent and a little slower, but a little more powerful and resilient. Discord Server | Watch Queue Queue. It only takes 30 seconds to sign up. Switched darksteel relic for hollow one because it's good and a decent backup plan. DMCA requests | Keeping Reverberate for now. You could consider Mystic Forge , Planar Bridge , or Kuldotha Forgemaster for getting artifacts out of your deck and onto the battlefield. I've also had plenty of fun using welder and Careful Study. IN Mountain, OUT Wild Ricochet: again, never had an opportunity for ricochet to do anything, it was almost always too expensive. I also see that your description list includes cards that aren't in the deck. CardKingdom's original Deck Builder is also available. Other ideas might be Hellkite Tyrant to steal your opponents artifacts Mycosynth Lattice to turn your non-artifacts into artifacts, Illusionist's Bracers or Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient to copy bosh's abilities, Swiftfoot Boots and/or Lightning Greaves to protect your big guy, Voltaic Key or Manifold Key to untap your rocks, or Mind's Eye or incidental card draw. Mountain comes because i’ve been noticing some mana issues, which a mono color deck shouldn’t have. If both targets are still legal as this ability resolves, that player simultaneously sacrifices the artifact and returns the artifact card to play. With Intuition as a graveyard feeder, welder decks are extremely powerful. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. You could consider cards like Myr Retriever, Goblin Welder, Buried Ruin, Goblin Engineer, Junk Diver, purphorous, bronze-blooded or Daretti, Scrap Savant to bring artifacts back from the graveyard. The engine, as with most Legacy decks, is a massively powerful card or two. Wurmcoil Engine - this is the deck's win condition. I just finished putting together an artifact deck that uses Goblin Welder, Dross Scorpion, and Liquimetal Coating to create endless cycling combos, But have come across a unique scenario. Mana Cost: Converted Mana Cost: 1. The idea is to get out a 0 cost artifact along with the welder and a Wurmcoil Engine in the graveyard as quickly as possible so you can perform the switch. Here's the izzet version. The End of an Era. Also still haven't really played it past fnm, I'm just a budget Brewer ha. So that's the deck (apart from Mountains, which I don't think I need to explain). Unwinding Clock it's good if you combine it with flash from Shimmer Myr or Vedalken Orrery. welder in an emperion if needed. If both targets are still legal as this ability resolves, that player simultaneously sacrifices the artifact and returns the artifact The deck can fairly consistently get a turn 2 Wurmcoil Engine or sundering tian, which is pretty hard to win a game against as far as I can tell. Also clearing comments. This video is unavailable. Goblin Lore - digs the farthest, also lets you keep a card after you cast it, though you cannot chose so it's risky if you need something. Mostly, I need help with making sure it does well against other combo decks, since it isn't an instant-win combo like show and tell, storm, and elves. We’ll never get to pay for the encore though. Rite of Flame - more acceleration. I run it in my :symr::symb: Wort deck as well. Oracle Text. by TheOneKiko1337. I'm not sure that it is the best choice, but it can help protect the combo. Sign up to add this card to your Inventory, Wishlist or Tradelist, and to start creating decks with it. Feeds | Competitive If you can somehow get one into your graveyard with another one out on the battlefield, it gives your welders tap: add R to your mana pool (if you would ever need that). You could go full ham on some big artifact creatures like Myr Battlesphere, Meteor Golem, Duplicant, Ancient Stone Idol, Mycosynth Golem, Darksteel Colossus, Blightsteel Colossus, Platinum Angel, or Platinum Emperion just to name a few. Faithless Looting - a good way to dig through the deck, finding pieces you need and discarding engines all the while. This deck does so many of my favorite things. This site © 2020, LLC I will try to make the situation as clear as possible below... My question is regarding how "simultaneous" abilities trigger and resolve. This used to be Gitaxian Probe, and though the probe was pretty good, the fact that it didn't dig very far hurt and the life loss actually matters in some matchups. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Braids has not really performed what i wanted of it (never actually cast it, but that may say enough), IN Mana Geyser, OUT Mindclaw Shaman: the shaman hasn’t been great, and i want to give the geyser another chance. Terms of Use | Goblin Welder ( Commander 2014, # 177 ) Choose Other Printing (4 Total) Info on All Printings. It started as Izzet, but this mono-red version is faster and more consistent (if more fragile).

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