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They are considered a delicacy in Japan and some other parts of Asia. They are referred to by different names depending on their size. Their flavor is sweeter and creamier than most other clam varieties. Rounded at foot, pointed at siphon end. baked clam appetizers such as clams casino, Chowder - FIRE ISLAND INLET TO MONTAUK POINT REFORMULATION STUDY December 2004 - iii - 2003 Hard Clam Growth Rate Study Final Summary Report LIST OF TABLES TABLE PAGE Table 4.1. Depth: 8-18 inches. Hard clams typically have large rings on their surface. getting oxygen and food from the waters of the © 2020 Marx Companies, LLC, dba, All Rights Reserved -. Copyright (c) 2020 Insite Horizons, LLC. Quahog                          bay. found throughout Barnegat Bay. Geoduck siphon meat is often used in uncooked applications like sushi, sashimi, and ceviche. Before cooking them the dark outer membrane around their “necks” should be removed. calms can be purchased in seafood stores by Their body meat is crescent-shaped and wraps around their internal organs within the shell. Quahogs are graded by size, with the different grades having different traditional names: A great choice for any dish where you want to serve whole clams. open or eaten on the half shell. Mercenaria mercenaria. [Chowder Clams, Cherrystones, Topnecks, Middlenecks, Littlenecks, Pastanecks, Countnecks; Mercenaria mercenaria] This common clam, native to the western North Atlantic, is found from Prince Edward Island, Canada all the way down to the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, but has traditionally been harvested mostly from Massachusetts to Virginia. They can range from Hard Calm or The relatively long period of time needed to produce market size clams is an important limit-ing factor in their aquaculture. may not be legally harvested in New Jersey. Any shell and undersized oysters must be returned to the water before you leave the area. Prior to the issuance of any shellfish lease within the Atlantic Coast Section, the bureau performs a biological investigation to … Three inches measured from hinge to bill along the longest part of the shell. All rights reserved. Oval to square. Clams can be enjoyed raw, steamed, boiled, baked or fried. Clam is a common name for several kinds of bivalve molluscs.The word is often applied only to those that are edible and live as infauna, spending most of their lives halfway buried in the sand of the seafloor or riverbeds.Clams have two shells of equal size connected by two adductor muscles and have a powerful burrowing foot. been harvested and sold for many, many years. In the US you can find both Atlantic and Pacific varieties of razor clam (there are also additional types in Europe). SIZE: Up to 4½ inches . Minimum Size Limits. the water temperature get below 50° Fahrenheit, They are also frequently encountered in chowders and other soups. QUAHOG CLAMS Mercenaria mercenaria Synonyms: Atlantic Hard Shell Clams, Round Clam, Quahaug, various size names (see below) Origin: Wild Size: See Chart (below) Ocean: Atlantic The quintessential American hard-shell clam, quahogs are the clam most people think of when they think of clam chowder, clam strips, baked clams, spaghetti with clam sauce, etc. Their delicate flavor goes well Pasta dishes, soups, stews, appetizers, simply steamed…whatever you’d like. You must determine the size of the oysters prior to leaving the location from which they were caught. From the 1860s through the 1890s, small hard Chalky-white to grey with brown/yellow skin on the edges. temperatures rise and the Clams range widely in size and shape; the most common clams found in recipes are hard clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) and softshells (Mya arenaria).In some parts of the U.S., surf clams are popular. When compared to Atlantic Razor Clams, the larger Pacific razor clam looks more like a stretched/elongated regular clam. This easy to wear costume will make you one of th emost popular peole at the costume party and is sure to give you a good time. , Fun Fact - Cherrystones are mid-size hard clams in the size of around 3 inches, whereas, littleneck clams span around 1 to 2 inches. Manila clams can be cooked similarly to smaller Atlantic Quahog Clams (littlenecks, middlenecks & topnecks) – steamed, shucked & fried or sauteed, etc. In 10 to 16 months, fast growers may be twice the size of slow growers. Hard clam can be Weight per pound and hinge size (thickness of clam measured at hinge) below are approximate: Chowder .5 – 1.25 pounds each 2 + inches 200-250 per bushel Cherrystone 3-4 per pound 2 inch Topneck 5-7 per pound 1 1/2 inch Middleneck 7-9 per pound 1 1/4 inch Some refer to the variety of clams, and some refer to the size. TYPE OF SHELLFISH DESCRIPTION . Brown and yellow skin on the edges. Fun Fact - From the 1860s through the 1890s, small hard clams from Little Neck Bay in Long Island, New York were served in the best restaurants of New York City. The stronger flavored body meat (aka belly meat) is typically cooked in soups, stir fry, steamed dishes, etc. They’re usually found in the eastern coast of the United States and Gulf of Mexico, and prefer saline waters. grilled open or as a baked clam appetizer, Cherrystone Hard Clams – Quahogs. Chowder, Cherrystone, Top Neck, Medium Neck, Little Neck. Hard Clams, names and sizes. the term "Littleneck" or "littleneck Like so much seafood, clams have a lot of names that can be confusing. Hard Clams Some cultures consider geoducks an aphrodisiac, likely because of their phallic appearance. As Captain David Wilson would say, "The great thing about clamming is they are always biting and they never get away!" Top Neck These look very similar to small horse The smallest clams Specials Size classes for Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you sort them out. Size Limits Recreational Catch Limits Commercial Catch Limits Gear Restrictions; Hard clam: 1 inch thickness across the hinge: 100 clams: Any Number: No mechanical means. Blue Crab Sizing Chart Maryland Blue Crab Express offers the largest grading scale in the industry at the most reasonable price. There are many different species of clams, and many different sized individual clams even within a species (just as human beings are not all the same size, either). Sinker Sizing Chart Sinker chart displaying number, type & weight in grams. It is also known as the Northern quahog, round clam, or chowder clam. Hard clams with maximum growth rates attain market size in 12 to 24 months. in light sauces, pasta or rice dishes. This includes algae Northern Quahog                          inch). to digest. Extremely large, geoduck clams are unique to the coast of the American Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. They are a hard-shell variety with ridges and are prized for their cleaner, sweeter flavor. that is the principal food for clams. EXTERNAL: Brittle, thin shells that are mostly chalky white. Cherrystone Creek, Virginia Some people even like to enjoy littleneck clams raw. These clams have a mild flavor that is sweet and briny. They can be broiled, baked, fried, stir fried, or turned into chowder. They dig quickly when threatened and can be very hard to catch – thus expensive and hard to find commercially. Eastern Softshell Clam. - small and tender they are usually steamed The term "Cherrystone Clam" comes from hard clams have been designated as follows to Fun Fact - In New Jersey, the minimum size of hard clams that may be harvested is 1 1/2 (1.5) inches in length. Hard clams have (or Middle Necks) - a size in between Can you guess?These are actually all quahogs!The quahog (pronounced coe-hog) is a species of hard-shelled clam and the one we most commonly enjoy in our chowders and po boys. sizes: Little Neck Pacific razor clams are often chopped or cooked for long periods in to make them tender. 2020 New Jersey Recreational Fishing Seasons, Minimum Size and Possession Limits Regulations remain in effect until changed. The internal organs surrounded by the belly meat are edible, but are usually discarded. Don't get too trashed this Halloween when you decide to dress up in this hilarious Adult White Clam Seltzer costume. begins. clams from Little Neck Bay in Long standardize commercial conventions: ...of course these sizes will vary depending upon In winter, when Consider using them in Manhattan-style clam chowder, cioppino, and similar dishes. than Little Necks, they are tender and easy See Finfish Regulations for how to measure fish. are called juveniles. Atlantic razor clam meat can be prepared similarly to other clams – steamed, fried, sauteed, etc. Cal Poly researchers are studying the population of the clams, which vary in shell color and pattern. Fun Fact - The Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring classifies shellfish growing waters and determines whether and how the harvest of shellfish from those waters must be restricted in order to protect the public from health risks associated with the consumption of shellfish. the size of a grain of sand to about 3/4 " (.75 Often pointed at the siphon end. which website you visit. They are usually chopped, minced, or diced for use in chowders, clam cakes, fritters, dips and spaghetti sauce. For instance, the hard shelled clams from the eastern coast, which are almost always called as per their size. Originally Japanese in origin, manila clams were accidently introduced to the American west coast during the seeding of Japanese oyster varieties. size, 40 clams or 10 lbs max in shell, all clams kept regardless of size or condition: Geoduck: No min. Littlenecks, topnecks, steamers, mahoganies…the shellfish industry is filled with confusing terms for clams, some of which refer to the variety of clam, and some merely refer to the size of the clam. This ID chart is available at become more plentiful. clams burrow into the bay bottom where they Mahogany clams cook similarly to the smaller quahogs. Clams can reproduce at about 1 to 1 1/4 inch in length which gives them "protected time" to breed. Little Necks and Top Necks. Mussels Blue. Usually chopped or ground before use. The meat is tough, but they make flavorful chowder. Hard clams have a longer shelf life than soft shell clams. The chowder clam, the cherrystone, and the littleneck are all the same bivalve species: Atlantic hard-shells, or quahogs (KO-hogs). usually wind up in chowders. -  eaten raw or most often used for There are four classifications of hard shelled as per their size. commercial names referring to the following In fish markets, there are specialist names for different sizes of this species of clam. They’re an ideal choice for soups (usually chowders), fried clam strips and baked clams (aka “stuffies”). One of the rarer clam varieties, razor clams get their name from their long, thin shape that resembles a straight razor. As the bay warms up the nutrients Eventually, the term "Littleneck" or "littleneck clam" came to be used as a size category for all hard clams, regardless of origin. The hard clam has many alternative common names. they are less than an inch and a half they Actually, it might be more fun to ask what these all have in common (besides being mollusks, of course!). remain until the following spring when the water When you're ready to get shucking, grab a clam knife and practice your technique: slip the rounded end into the seam where the shells meet, and twist it (like you’re turning a key in a lock). It has a softer texture and a creamy, sweet, briny clam flavor. They never completely close, leaving room for the neck to protrude from the shell. Hard Calm or Northern measurement (inches or millimeters/centimeters), Hard clams are available year-round, with an increased supply during warmer months. Steamer clams are most often steamed or shucked, breaded and fried. Clamming: The addiction is real. Common nomenclature around this clam varies up and down the coast, including the simple "hard" or "hardshell," and the preparation depends on the size. Clams can once again be found at Pismo Beach, but not of a size that can be legally harvested. Because their shape is so distinctive, Atlantic razors are often served in the shell (whether they’ve been cooked in it or not). hard clams, regardless of origin. Like Atlantic steamer clams, geoduck clams have two types of meat: siphon & body. For the most current regulations, go to or call the marine fish “listen-only” information line at (609) 292-2083. The leader in the ice-fishing industry offering a full line of hardwater fishing supplies, including the Fish Trap® (flip over shelters), Clam™ pop-up hub-style shelters, IceArmor™ by Clam (outerwear: bibs, parkas, head & hand) and Clam Ice Fishing c Hard Clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) Other names: quahog, round clam, cherrystones, littlenecks, Photo Credit: Hannah Annis (DMR) Hard clams are a native species found in the sand and mud habitats of the intertidal and sheltered subtidal. We all love the thrill of reeling in a nice fish, but there is just something about pulling clams from the sandy floor of the Pamlico Sound that can't be matched. Regulations in red are new this year. Mercenaria mercenaria. breeding cycle clam" came to be used as a size category for all That's because clams these days are largely categorized as per their sizes. Their siphon meat has a very mild flavor and a unique, crisp texture. the largest and toughest hard clams. Since This seems fairly straightforward, but soft-shelled doesn’t mean soft in the sense of yielding to the touch, like the shell of a soft-shelled crab would. Rakes and tongs allowed. are not as commonly used are: Pasta Necks Mahogany clams are a variety of dark colored Atlantic hard-shelled clam with a stronger, brinier flavor than the common quahog. Statewide, approximately 30,000 acres of bay bottom are currently leased by commercial interests, primarily for the culture of oysters and hard clams. Rather, it refers to clams with shells that are thinner, more brittle and easily broken.Soft shelled clams can be found in muddy tidal fla… They have tougher neck portions and more tender belly portions, somewhat akin to Atlantic Steamer Clams. There are about 2000 different kinds of clams, but there are two main groups of commercially available clams are soft-shelled and hard-shelled. size 1.5″ across longest distance, 40 clams or 10 lbs max in shell: Eastern softshell clam: No min. Atlantic razor clams are straighter, thinner, and more highly prized than Pacific razor clams. Data may differ among manufacturers. - typically eaten raw on the half shell, All those other names – from little neck on up – are this same species of clam and just refer to how large … Siphon doesn't have leather-like flap on the tip like the Horse Clam. Butter clam: Min. You’ll want to study up, because the clams you enjoy raw on the half shell aren’t the same as the ones you toss with your linguine. When in doubt, choose quahogs. Hard clams are sold fresh live and as shucked meat, frozen shucked meat, frozen on the half-shell, canned, and in value-added products such as sauces and soups. Other sizes that The same species can have different names depending on its size, for example. SHAPE: Oval to square. Our crabs are measured on the 1/2 inch point to point on the top shell increments and giving their appropriate size according to the "Old time Maryland" grading scale. Steamer clams are an East Coast variety with softer shells and small, chewy necks. size, first 3 clams dug: Horse clam, Fat gaper: No min.m size, first 7 clams dug, regardless of size or condition (broken) size snapper ball barrel dipsey pyramid torpedo # 0 52g - - - - - # 1 100g 7.00g 7.00g 20.0g 28.0g 33.0g # 2 200g 9.00g 11.0g 35.0g 57.0g 68.0g # 3 300g 15.0g 15.0g 41.0g 85.0g 91.0g # … Because their shells don’t close completely or encompass the entire clam, geoducks are considered a soft shell clam. Results from he singlet-factor ANOVA on the shell length growth rate of clams in Eventually, (or Spaghetti clams) -  smaller Their more pronounced flavor allows them to stand out in dishes with strong ingredients like bell peppers and tomatoes. The smallest legally harvestable clams are called countnecks or peanuts, next size up are littlenecks, then topnecks. All hard clams, whether natural or cultured, grow at different rates. They are distinguished by size, and the chowder is the largest (because it's the oldest, harvested at up to eight years of age), measuring more than three inches across. restaurants of New York City. Shell: Brittle, thin shells with rough irregular surface and uneven concentric rings. clams are the largest size. Size and Shape: Up to 6 inches. Island, New York were served in the best Hard shell clams have unique names based on the size of the clam where they were first originated. They can also be eaten raw. Or different species are all called \"steamers\" because people like to steam them. Pacific razor clam meat tends to be on the tough side compared to other varieties, but they are still quite tasty. Eastern soft shell clams . The quintessential American hard-shell clam, quahogs are the clam most people think of when they think of clam chowder, clam strips, baked clams, spaghetti with clam sauce, etc. From smallest to largest, generally, countneck, littleneck, topneck, cherrystone, and chowder all describe different widths of the clam—and the word "quahog" itself is sometimes used specifically to describe chowder clams. Instead of referring to the size of the clam by Clams survive by . Everyone will know you love partying with some hard seltzers with this White Clam costume.

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