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On my older son, he stopped wanting to nurse before bed and then dropped the morning feed a few weeks later. (And sorry for all of the typos – on my phone). If she’s wet and poopy can you go in and change her in dim light making as little fuss as possible and then tell her “the sun isn’t up yet, it’s still nighttime, back to bed?”. At around that age we did some sleep training around early wakeups, to moderate success. has a great model contract for nannies. During those nights, notice any discomfort – difficulty breathing, difficulty moving under the blanket, restless sleep, or a trapped feeling. Thankfully, weighted blankets that are in the market weigh from 5 pounds to 30 pounds, and some manufacturers even offer a customizable weighted blanket – more choices for anyone buying a weighted blanket. I will try adding a breakfast. When you’re in that much pain though, I was fearless. I see my experience with puppies won’t be that much different from kids. No epidural (although I remember thinking at the time, boy, this is dumb). Maybe some extra time in the bath ‘helps’ too. The nurses were really helpful with breastfeeding. Try A Weighted Blanket Research shows that weighted blankets improve sleep quality, reduce stress, improve daytime focus and mood, and ease symptoms associated with sensory processing disorder. Observe how the toddler reacts to it. But they get into body positive stuff and give different scripts for situations. I gave birth in a hospital with an epidural, but delivered with a midwife. Our doctor told us to get mineral oil, if memory serves. One thing I’d be sure to include are rules about who else can come to your house and where the kids can go. Top Choice. That didn’t happen the second time. What are the reasons you do/don’t want an epidural? My husband and I take turns getting off work at 4pm to get her so that we have enough time to get her home and fed with a little time before bed, then we work from home after she is in bed. I’ve seen this article about weighted blankets floating around social media lately, and since we just got one for my eldest, I thought I’d do a little weighted blanket review today. that she didn’t even remember until this came about! We do 5 times a day – breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, supper. +1 to trying to keep things within a medical group. =(. She never had bottles with me. For moms, do you have 529s for your kids/for yourself with the intent of using for kid? and the things that help me are: 1. Of course my kid had a lot of hair do it would take 3 shampoos to keep him from looking like a grease ball after this. She normally wants a whole bottle immediately upon awakening but maybe I can get her to do food first. One benefit I found to having no epidural was that I was able to labor in the tub and in the shower, which helped keep me calm. Am I totally crazy for not using an epidural? I did have urgent-care issues (broken feet, both times!) OP here. Choosing the wrong weight can either cause discomfort to the user or make the weighted blanket ineffective to induce therapeutic benefits. She had trouble gaining weight initially (until about 9 months), so part of the issue is me getting used to the fact that she is learning to self-regulate. PS: we have tried olive oil and a little plastic comb, which helped, but still getting residuals I can’t ever quite “get.”. 2. I’m also with Anons below that if college costs don’t get off the current trend, the costs will be a total scam – I’m not even sure our in-state schools would be affordable to anyone other than the 1% (which I know some ladies here are, and I’m disparaging you, but I am so very very not, we are only slightly above the median for our state), so I don’t want to lock up a lot of money in a 529 that can only be used for education instead of in more general investments. (2 Posts) Add message | Report. I put a hat on him, and left it there for about 2 hrs. We just remind him that he should only do that in his bedroom/the bathroom/when he’s alone because it’s “not polite” or “not good manners.” If he does it in the bath, he’s usually talking about it anyway, and we use that as an opportunity to remind him that it’s a part of his body that is just for him, and if anyone else touches him in a way that makes him sad or scared, he should tell mommy and daddy. If the weighted blanket is uncomfortable for you, going lighter is recommended. My mind is just everywhere right now so it’s great to hear so many experiences. The birthing centers are much farther away, and my labors have been quick and traffic can be bad around here. Lots of people don’t use epidurals. This sleek weighted blanket comes in three weights (10, 15 or 20 … I have tried to explain to DH that there is no way we’ll even be considered for financial aid given our income, so I’m not sure this really matters to us. A weighted blanket… may provide an innovative, non-pharmacological approach and complementary tool to improve sleep quality.” Conditions that might benefit from weighted blankets include: insomnia If you think a quilt is heavy, wait until you see a weighted blanket. Kat G says. Both were incredible and positive experiences. I do like the idea of having the option, but I guess I am partly afraid of the hospital. Very happy with the decision (especially because I had to push for over 3 hours as my contractions didn’t speed up at the end) and glad that I gave birth in a place where I had the flexibility to get an epidural. But like Anon and Spirograph, with public school looming, I’m hoping to divert some of the daycare dollars there in the future. There are two very important factors to keep in mind when buying a weighted blanket for a child: Children under the age of 1 should never use a weighted blanket. Emergency procedures – Call 911 first, then call us at work. tl;dr: Nothing is going to go the way you plan it. I got the epidural as much for the contractions as for the pain in my hip / shoulder. Ha! Yes! I think they’d recommend that you tell your daughter that she do this in private in her room. We also suggest consulting with your doctor, occupational therapist, or another health care professional before purchasing a weighted blanket for a young child, especially if they are under the age of four. The weight of a weighted blanket weighing down on the user’s body results to what is called a deep touch pressure. Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree — I have a really big 4 year old (he wears size 7s!) Anything by Ellyn Satter is amazing. Would you go with the same size/weight in retrospect? With both of us paying on student loans still, there just isn’t enough money to go around. Are any of the people you mentioned (OB, psychaitrist, endo, surgeon, etc) or your kid’s pediatrician part of a larger medical group, and do you like the care you’ve received from them? I am leaning towards the birth center because I am NOT a hospital person, but there is no epidural there. I’m over the cold hospital room where the doctors and nurses don’t believe you that you’re having a baby, like, now. One thing that determines how heavy should a weighted blanket be is that it should give the user a sense of calmness and a night of restful sleep. It is, therefore, to choose the right weight of a weighted blanket so that deep touch pressure can take effect. We have nothing, sadly. But you know what: dang if it hasn’t solved a lot of our sleep problems. I love snuggling up under a heavy blanket (and my 3 year old sleeps under about 4 blankets, so same idea), so why wouldn't a kid?! If I could guarantee that the transition/pushing phase would be less than an hour, I would absolutely go without an epidural again. There is no wrong way to do it. Question your motives – if avoiding the epidural is coming from a place of fear, reconsider adding in some flexibility to your birth plans. Weighted blankets are usually filled with plastic pellets to add weight, ranging from about 4 to 25 pounds. The only time I really regretted not having an epidural was during pushing, because I was terrified and the risk of an emergency C section was imminent (would have required general anesthetic because I didn’t have an epidural). It’s not a mark of weakness and you won’t be a better or worse mom because you did or didn’t have one. A weighted blanket can last for up to 15 years as long as you take good care of it. Kat- love this idea! My youngest has always been a better and heavier sleeper, but is not consistently night trained at 4.5 – if we don’t take him to the bathroom every night at 11-12 pm he will wake up wet in the night at least once a week, often 3-4 times a week. If it means mommy gets 30 more minutes of sleep, I’m willing to do just about anything, including let the kid sleep with me. Then stop offering at nighttime and have dad put her to bed. I highly recommend the Mustela cradle cap shampoo. I imagine it’s normal. This was not a popular revelation with our childcare (nanny), but I put down my foot and was ready to fire her over this issue. Short answer – you’re not crazy to want to go unmedicated. Food – you can store some at our house, and are free to use condiments or grab small snacks. Even my six-year-old, Jack, likes it (though you would obviously increase the weight for an older child!) +1 to touring both first, then making a decision, and trusting your midwife to help you make the decision. Should read “not crazy for wanting epidural or for not.”. The pain of going through labor was intense and it sucked, but it was survivable. We haven’t toured the hospital yet, and you are right – doing that will definitely help me feel more confident in my decision, whichever it is. The time I went in wanting an epidural and did not get one was worse, because I just not put myself in the right mindset ahead of time. If so, how old are the kids and how much is in the account? I massaged a bit of coconut oil in and then used a soft-bristled baby hairbrush to loosen the flakes, then washed off in the bath. Anyway, point is, it is very personal to you both psychologically and medically. One thing that I have noticed recently is that my daughter nurses for a shorter period of time in the morning when she eats yogurt with breakfast. I chose a doctor I really liked and delivered at a hospital I was very happy with – no one pressured me into unnecessary interventions, inc. the epidural (I had to ask for it), and it was all in all a great experience. Before my kids were born I thought we were going to be hard-liners about kids sleeping in their own beds. One of the hospitals in my town has the facilities for water births. If you carry it and use it on the couch while watching TV or at your work office, chances are you will spill food or coffee on it. A lot of people (including my husband) do use urgent care clinics for these things. Casey runs Harkla, which specializes in making products for children with autism. Don’t be surprised if he starts biting back – that, too, should be short lived. That, and an amazing doula. As labor went longer, it got more miserable and difficult because I was just so tired and it’s hard to maintain good pain coping ability at that point. 2018 Update: We still stand by this weighted blanket review (we’ve even raved about weighted blankets for adults)– but you may want to check out some of our more recent stories about bedtime, including our recent post on how to get your kids to sleep. If I had added the pain I would have felt without the epidural, I honestly don’t know if I could have made it without a c-section. But how heavy should a weighted blanket be? For instance, my son’s classroom probably had around 16 kids assigned to it, and 3 assigned teachers (with any 2 of them there at any time) – but not every single one of those 16 was there at the exact same time (some were part time), so it was usually 9:2 and once there was a 10th or more a floater would be called in to the class. The appropriate weighted blanket size is naturally much smaller for kids than it is for adults, so just make sure you don’t throw your queen-size blanket on your 2-year-old. but those were clearly urgent-care related. And I could. Here’s how they work, plus my favorite options for kids. So…I don’t have a suggestion for you but I hope that some the MDs who visit here can chime in with a “right” answer. The house super quiet? Over on the regular site there’s a ton of talk about money. I had a doula and didn’t get an epidural. Finally, I found this article and decided to give it a try, even though it sounded crazy — putting an 8 pound weight on my son while he slept? But anyway, just wanted to mention it in case anyone is considering using one of these for a restless infant. So right. At the time I remember thinking that if I really wanted to go without pain meds, I should have gotten a doula. Some manufacturers offer a trial period, so take advantage of this before you buy weighted blanket. I wish it had been every hour! Weighted Blankets for Kids. He called weighted blankets on small infants “a dreadful idea.” “No one would recommend them for a 7- or 8-month-old,” he said. Some fabrics are safe on a tumble dryer while other fabrics are better to hang dry. But when she is home sick (like today) it seems like the only thing I can do to comfort her. You will be all rigth. For most kids and teens, we recommend 10% of body weight plus 1-2 lbs. I am thinking about weaning my 17 month old soon, but I sort of don’t know how. I’m a night owl and getting up so early for two years destroyed my mood and energy. YnM Weighted Blanket for Kids (best results) According to my child clients and their parents, the … In theory it’s the right decision to be done because we planned 2 and have 3 but my ovaries are not agreeing with my head right now – even before the weaning. That said, urgent care has a higher copay than a GP, and I personally prefer having a GP because there’s more continuity there. Same thing in a book I was reading with lots of mom stories. Good luck! My first labor did stall for a while when I arrived at the hospital. I would use it as a guide. If I could have actually left the hospital well-rested, those first couple weeks would have been so much more manageable. They found that 33 percent showed a greater drop in skin conductance — a measure of arousal that is based on miniscule differences in the amount of sweat on the skin — with a weighted blanket t… It’s not fragrance-free, but as someone very sensitive to fragrance, this was one I could tolerate. My colleague Dr. James Kemp has devoted his career to studying pediatric sleep and SIDS. A kid weighted blanket should perfectly fit the kid’s body, not the bed and should weight about 10% of the child’s body. Another thing that seemed mildly helpful was to tell her to sleep until the sun comes up. I had unmedicated birth at a birth center (unaffiliated with a hospital) with midwives (who also provided my prenatal care instead of an OB/GYN) and a doula. I also did the Hypnobabies home study course, which provided me with another pain management tool and “mental crutch”. I though that the idea of going with out was pretty nuts until I learned that my mom (who is definitely not the crunchy non-interventionist natural sort) birthed all four of us without any medication. Yes, it was awful going through it but it was an amazing feeling afterwards (I AM LIFE-MAKING GODDESS!) Weighted blanket fillers like sand, rice, beans, and other organic fillers are prone to clumping when wet. FYI for anyone thinking of trying this blanket, don’t forget that it isn’t advised for very young kids – I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 4 myself, and definitely not for tiny kids who shouldn’t even be using more than a single light blanket yet. thank you so much! I wanted to avoid an epi bc I didn’t want to be tied to the bed, sitting / laying down was torture, I wanted to be up walking / in a semi squat the whole time. Lego is popular with a lot of kids on the spectrum -- to the … It all happened in the same 3 week period. The weighted blanket material will shrink, the fabric will become thinner, it will have an odor that you can’t remove, the fabric will have tears and holes in it, and will not be as weighted. I am going to keep on being positive about it but stress the “you do that in private” aspect. Looking for your thoughts on this. Yes – that’s roughly how I’m calculating the kid:teacher ratio. I’ll wait to see if it settles down soon. This may be setting a bad precedent that you would have to break later, but can you bring her into your bed for some snuggles and maybe she’ll doze back off? It took about 2 weeks to transition, so there were some cranky mornings and nap awakenings in there. If you’re expecting or recently had a baby, what did you request of visitors re COVID precautions? – A really good childbirth class (I think it was the Birthworks series); what I remember most is that labor pain is pain with a purpose – each contraction is helping the baby get closer to coming out To determine the weighted blanket weight for a child in this age range, take 10 percent of the child’s weight and add or subtract up to two pounds. I was also concerned about tearing if I got one but that also wasn’t an issue because the doctor turned it off when it came time to push and really acted to prevent that with lots of massage and mineral oil. Even though we’re paying through the nose for daycare, I may consider a career/geographical move in the future and not make as much as I’m making now. Any tricks to get my almost 18 month old to sleep in a little bit so she’s in a better mood in the morning? If this is the route you want to go, find books by Ina May Gaskin for inspiration (wayyyyyy hippie-dippie, so for me it completely normalized the desire to do things naturally). appointment so it really grew like pondscum and now he’s almost 3 months and there are still little remnants that we just can’t get rid off on his forehead and under his hair. Anyway, for me, the part before pushing was the worst and the pushing was relatively easy, not sure if that was because of my body or because I wasn’t medicated. Where I live in Europe, epidural is only used at 20 procent of the births, so not crazy. Based on her behavior in the morning, that’s just not enough sleep for her. Do OBs do annual physicals? Regularly massaging my scalp with my fingertips (somewhat assertively) to loosen all the scaly stuff, sometimes with a good conditioner on my fingertips How have you handled it? Particularly because it was our first, it was nice to have a little bit of transition time before being out on our own. Before giving birth, I had waivered between a hospital and birthing center, but I ended up needing a nicu and was really glad to have one there. My very best friend in the world had a labor that wasn’t progressing and finally agreed to have an epidural after over 24 hours of labor. We have a family member staying with us for a few months who has some health issues, the most minor of which is celiac, and some other grain intolerance issues. When you’re ready to stop, you can cut down the amount of time she nurses before bed by moving books after nursing. Written on March 9, 2017 by: Casey Ames. I don’t have a GP right now, because the one that I had been seeing that I was kind of ‘meh’ about didn’t take my insurance when I changed jobs. After using the weighted blanket for a while, the user should experience improvement on sleep - alleviated symptoms of insomnia, restless sleeping, stress, or, The longevity of a weighted blanket depends on its quality. And he kept biting (and being bitten by) his very best buddy, usually when they were playing together and one would take the other’s toy, etc. IME, going to bed later doesn’t help at all – you just end up with a cranky pants toddler who got even less sleep and still woke up early. Having a doula definitely helps if you are not getting one – s/he can help you manage your pain in a way that doctors and nurses (and most partners) cannot. The urgent care clinic near us also accepts appointment for routine physicals and well visits. I also highly recommend the Hypnobabies course. However, choosing the right weight is not that straightforward and sometimes requires trial and error. When choosing a weighted blanket to share with your partner, make sure that the weight is comfortable for both of you – not too heavy or not too light for both. And I strongly second the advice to draw up a written agreement if you haven’t already. To calculate the exact weight of weighted blanket for toddlers, get the 10 percent of their body weight, and add or subtract one pound depending on the child’s preference. Deep touch pressure is the pressure from firm hugging, holding, cuddling, and squeezing that causes a calming effect on the body. We fired her for that. Each time it was a spat over a toy that she instigated and lost. Good luck!! DS was both a biter and a bite-ee, and there was a period of about 2-3 months when all the kids were bite crazy. It is, therefore, to choose the right weight of a weighted blanket so that deep touch pressure can take effect. I guess we need something like a Paleo meal planner? What Are Your Best Habits? She basically just writes my maintenance prescriptions and checks my blood once a year and that’s it. Unfortunately you may have to try an earlier bedtime. I was already 3 cm dilated when I received pitocin and had a “very favorable cervix” to being induced. The largest autism/weighted blanket-specific study included 67 children with autism, ranging in age from 5 to 16 years old. I can see how it could be hard for two adults to monitor that many kiddos. Ours is almost 18 months, and is a typically early riser (sleeping past 615 is a luxury!). If possible, use your weighted blanket on the bed alone. Please be advised that weighted blankets are not recommended for children under the age of 2 years old. We got blackout curtains around this age and it was such a big help. That didn’t always work, but it was a treat when it did for mom and dad! I kept having flashbacks for a month or two after the baby was born. Woohoo! Twins are great but I feel like I got 3 kids without getting to enjoy 3 separate babyhoods – I hate pregnancy but I loved the first year period. If you decide to buy a removable cover for your weighted blanket to help keep your blanket clean or to change the fabric, color, or design, make sure to check its weight. I had, almost some PTSD about my first labor. Here’s how to care for your weighted blanket to make it last longer. It lasted for about a month, then stopped except for exceptional circumstances (ie, last month my 2-year old tried to sit on / push another kid out of a chair he wanted, got bit in the back.). We mixed a very thick paste of baking soda and baby oil, and applied to a wet scalp. I am pregnant with #3 and planning on going back to the hospital because 1. If you think you will be more comfortable at a birth center and you mentally prepare yourself for self-management of labor pain, you can absolutely do it and it’s not crazy. You do you. But I don’t regret it and I don’t regret getting an epidural at all. [Ed. Tour both, ask your midwife and then decide. So, when we refer to toddlers in this article, we are referring to children ages 2-3 years old. If the user does not observe any of these improvements, then the weighted blanket is not working as it should be and acts just like a regular blanket. In that book, she talks about food for infants through age 4 or 5. Didn’t care about “natural” as much as “no needles”. I got her book Child of Mine. I need some anecdata. I wonder if that may be it. My state (MA) is 4:1 (or 9:2) for toddlers, which are 15 months-2.9 years. He’s gone through spells off and on where he wants to be up at 4, 4:30, 5:30. We said no computer or phone calls unless kiddo is napping. How is your bedside manner? The benefit was that I actually had two months joint-pain-free post epidural! Offer formula on waking and then before nap and before bed. I lather him up, let it sit for 1-2 min, then massage with brush and rinse. – Ina May Gaskin books But I would definitely not want to rule it out by going somewhere that didn’t even offer it as an option. She also bit once or twice. just to cuddle and feel the closeness of the bodies. After about a week she started going back to sleep with a little reminder. For about two weeks, I was really sad about it. They get sent home after 2 bites. It was the right choice for me. I don’t know if things would have worked out if I hadn’t been at a hospital already. It’s up to you! She was right and im glad she did because baby was born 2hr later. The epidural at least helped to control the sharp pains, even though it couldn’t alleviate the significant pressure from pushing. As with using a weighted blanket on toddlers, speak first to your doctor or health experts before using a weighted blanket on them. It has lots of holes in it but is thick. But over the past several years, weighted blankets have spread beyond the therapist’s office and into the home. I’ve had two hospital births – one with an epidural and one without. I want her to be all body positive, and definitely do not want to stigmatize what she is doing, but I feel like I am struggling. Most blankets come with an age range of 4 years and up, but Dr. Landa doesn’t recommend that any kids use them while sleeping, as they can be too heavy for a child to move. All in all my labor was around 6 hours, pushed for 20 minutes, only three rounds. Now, after having it for almost three months, he happily snuggles under it at bedtime and knows it helps him fall asleep. For GP, I’ve had one, but I’m rarely sick, so I’ve actually completely forgotten where it is, and might just need to get another one. note: This link was deleted because it was broken, sorry!]. I’m too lazy/busy to look for a new OB or midwife practice, and I generally like my doctors (they did not get to the hospital in time for the birth of my kids, it was just whatever random ones were around) and 2. It turned out that she had scar tissue around her cervix from a biopsy that had been done over 15 years ago! As much as people complained about it, I kind of liked a previous insurance company that assigned you a GP if you didn’t pick one yourself. Are you also the poster who has family with Celiac? Lots of ways to have a baby – you do you. At this age they are are OK to know what to do in private and what not. But what weight should you choose? I wanted to be somewhere where I would have the *option,* since it was hard to know ahead of time how things would go. When Casey is working on Harkla, you can find him at the … Fillers like plastic poly pellets melt so don’t wash it in hot temperature while glass beads are safe to wash in hot temperature as they don’t melt. I used a special cradle cap brush (from Amazon), and scrubbed it all off. I’m glad I’m not the only one with “doctors and nurses don’t believe you that you’re having a baby, like, now” stories. This size is perfect for travel and even works as a weighted lap pad for adults. Because of its ability to help alleviate symptoms of sleeping disorders like insomnia and clinical disorders like autism, it is often called a therapy blanket. My LO had it pretty bad starting around 2-3 weeks and I think we made it worse by not doing anything about it until the pediatrician said it was okay at the 1 mo. Teaching it is OK to touch yourself in private – and it is NOT ok for anyone else to touch you there, or for you to touch grown-ups there, and continue talking about permission. And then my pre-pregnancy energy came back for the first time in two years, and I suddenly felt like myself again. “We touch our v*lva and our b*tt in the bathroom or the bedroom.” At this age, privacy is too complex a concept, so a straightforward rule is better. Weighted blankets are supposed to be amazing to help fussy sleepers fall asleep -- so Kat tried it for her 4 year old. What are the factors that affect a weighted blanket weight? So, how heavy should a weighted blanket be? But we’re not trying to lose weight, just avoid wheat and corn (and some other grains that don’t really pop up regularly anyway). Weighted blankets are filled with small beads or plastic poly pellets to weigh it down. But what weight should you choose? Can you share tips on how to end nursing? 16 kids with 2 teachers is a high ratio…my state is 6:1 for toddlers, and toddlers starts at 16 months. I had mostly good experiences both times. I had a private recovery room with a couch, rocking chair, and private bathroom, but the bed was one of those awful things that loudly adjusts the pressure in the mattress every time you move (it’s supposed to keep bedridden patients from getting bedsores), so it was still hard to get much sleep. It worked. For what it’s worth, my recovery was the same for both. In the earliest of those studies, published in 2008 in the journal Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, researchers asked 33 adults to rest under 30-lb. (But then again, he is 4.5, so that’s probably par for the course.) Always consult a doctor or an occupational therapist before using a weighted blanket, especially for children below eight years of age. A small sized weighted blanket is an excellent choice for toddlers. I thought I was ahead but have recently been feeling behind. The nurse flushed it out in like 10 seconds, for no copay because it was my checkup. Do your research and compare from the best weighted blankets adults available in the market. One temporary heartbeat drop does not mean the baby would not have been fine with a 20 minute delay – they almost certainly would have been. In the past year of births: I had an unplanned c-section, another friend planned for and received an epidural, my good friend absolutely and firmly planned an unmedicated birth including lots of meditative birth classes but about an hour in changed her mind (and was so glad she had access to meds), another friend sort of planned an unmedicated birth and was able to carry that plan out, another firmly planned an unmedicated birth and had that, and three other friends were “we’ll see” and ended up with epidurals.

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