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Few states are as drive-worthy as California, home to the Pacific Coast Highway (or “PCH”), so named because it runs along the coast. Winding its way along nearly 650 miles (1,040 km) of California coastline, Highway 1 is one of the world's greatest road trips. This coast-hugging route is one of the most scenic in all of California. To get the latest road condition information for the entire State of California, visit the CalTrans website. Skirting the California coastline, the legendary Highway 1 starts at San Diego and ends at the Canadian border. What is California Highway 1 Like? From the sandy shores outside of bustling Los Angeles to the moody seascapes of northern California, the Pacific Coast Highway is truly a journey unto … The southernmost stretch of fabled coastal Route 1 strings together everything that makes Southern California, well, “SoCal”: surf breaks and … But the route’s most iconic section—which passes through Big Sur along the Central Coast—has been blocked for more than a year by a massive landslide. Highway 1 California the book presents the California portion in stunning color, a testament to why it receives the most domestic visitors of all the states, and is consistently one of the top three states visited by international travelers. Driving California's Highway 1 Getting there: It is 625 miles from Phoenix to Cambria. 1-800-427-7623 for current highway conditions. With a couple of fast-food stops, the drive took about 10 hours each way. Sometimes, things are considered classic for a reason — and the Highway 1 road trip is one of those things. The 450+ miles along the way have a lot more to offer, though than a speedy drive. (Technically, the PCH is officially designated as a southern part of State Route 1—also known as Highway 1—starting around Dana Point and ending in Ventura County. California’s Highway 1 is a perennial favorite for adventurous road-trippers—and for good reason. Check Current Highway Conditions Enter Highway Number(s) You can also call 1-800-427-7623 for current highway conditions. The drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco up Highway 1 takes about 10 hours, straight through. Highway 1 is the quintessential California road trip, an undulating strip of asphalt that snakes along the coast for 655 miles, from Dana Point in the south to Leggett in the north with countless views of the mighty Pacific along the way. PDF Downloads: Highway 1 has officially re-opened! We encourage you to check the CalTrans QuickMap and county websites for current San Luis Obispo County and Monterey County road closures and conditions, especially during the rainy season. Stretching over 650 miles along the coast of California, California State Highway 1 is not only a major thoroughfare, but also one of the most (some would argue the most) beautiful drives in the country.

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