hilsa is the national fish of which country

Secondary data were collected from the daily newspapers of Bangladesh both local and national. ABM Arman Hossain1*, Shankor Bisshas2, Md. Hilsa eggs, fried and spiced up, are also eaten with relish in countries, though some say this has led to over-consumption of the sh. Lower graded Hilsa in terms of quality are separated from the landed Hilsa and from them Hilsa eggs are collected. A Bengali proverb is “Macher raja Ilish” which means “Hilsa is the king of fish” (Sarker et al., 2016). Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) locally known as ‘Ilish’ is very much involved with the culture of Bangladesh and hence it has been designated as the national fish of Bangladesh (Rahman, 2017). Monjurul Hasan3, Md. It is a very popular food fish in the country. For, the population of hilsa -- the country's national fish -- is fast decreasing in its river system. As Hilsa eggs are traded in the country and exported to foreign countries, the trade and export channel should be monitored regularly whether it is done properly or not. In the year 2005-06, about 11 percent of the country's total fish production came from hilsa. Hilsa: The fish that is being loved to death. Our aim is to bring you news, perspectives and knowledge to prepare you to change the world. This despite the increase in Bangladesh's total haul of the fish due to heavy fishing in the sea. About 2% … Each box’s holding capacity is two and half kilograms of Hilsa eggs. As per the prices, each box ranges from 2500 to 3700 taka. It is the national fish of the country and it makes a huge contribution to the national economy and employment (Haldar, 2001). Hilsa eggs are collected from the landed Hilsa fishes that are lower grade in terms of quality. Supply chain analysis of Hilsa egg: Supply chain analysis of Hilsa egg was assessed and determined for better understanding of trade and export channel. Lastly, Catching Hilsa in the ban period should be controlled strictly. Ilish or Hilsa is the national fish of Bangladesh. All Published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Some of the exploited Hilsa fish before the peak spawning season (before ban period of Hilsa) are found to be matured and gravid (Figures 1-5). Selected comments may also be used in the ‘Letters’ section of the Down To Earth print edition. Preservation system of Hilsa egg: The preservation system of Hilsa egg and the materials used for preservation were figured out. About 3225 processed boxes of Hilsa eggs were found to be transported during the studied period (Figure 5). This ban was introduced by the government in 2011 to protect fragile stocks of hilsa, the country’s national fish. The Hilsa fish is actually an oily fish, and is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Main resources The major resources for inland fisheries are major carps, carps, cat fish, snake head and Hilsa. It is a very popular and sought-after food fish in the Indian Subcontinent. The fish has enormous benefits for human health due to its availability of essential micronutrients, minerals, and polyunsaturated fatty acids (i.e., omega-3 fatty acids) in its flesh and other edible parts of the body. Transportation system of Hilsa egg: The transportation system of Hilsa egg was also found out. New Delhi: Lovers of hilsa, the fish considered a big delicacy in most Bengali households, have some good news to look forward to. The Styrofoam boxes are transported to Dhaka, Chattagram and Sylhet by truck or pickup. Hilsa accounts for 12 percent of the total fish production in Bangladesh and has a market value of about Tk 17,000 crore a year or one percent of the GDP. A Bengali proverb is “Macher raja Ilish” which means “Hilsa is the king of fish” (Sarker et al., 2016). The ilish (Tenualosa ilisha) (Bengali: ইলিশ, romanized: iliš), also known as the ilisha, hilsa, hilsa herring or hilsa shad, is a species of fish related to the herring, in the family Clupeidae. Istiaque Haidar3, Aovijite Bosu3, Md. Hilsa has secured recognition as the second geographical indication (GI) product of Bangladesh (“Hilsa recognised Bangladesh’s,” 2017). Hilsa fish is a rich, oily fish packed with many nutrients. Friday, BSF troops at the Kalyani border outpost (BOP) in the southern part of the India-Bangladesh frontier seized 200 … In Bangladesh, it is illegal to catch, carry or sell catch juvenile hilsa (jatka) from November 1 to June 30 or catch mother hilsa during the breeding season, usually September and October. The authors are thankful to the Hilsa fish traders of Chandpur fish landing center and the workers in the channel. Although the price of Hilsa is lower, the prices of Hilsa eggs are much higher due to its demand and unavailability. The aim of this study is to determine the supply chain analysis of Hilsa egg and to assess the prospects for effective management and monitoring of this trade and export potentialities. Not many countries have a National Fish. The fame of Hilsa of Padma-Meghna River in Chandpur district is worldwide. Hilsa exploited from different rivers in different regions of the country are landed in plenty at Chandpur Fish Landing Center which is one of the biggest Hilsa landing centers in the country. Data were collected regarding following topics:-. Together we build journalism that is independent, credible and fearless. The hilsa is known to be a fast swimmer and can cover even 60 kilometers at a time. Hilsa eggs are separated from the inside of these lower grades Hilsa during the salting process (locally called as Nona ilish) and then collected (Figure 2). It is highly valued in Bangladesh and India(especially in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu). It is a very tasty and delicious fish. It is a very popular fish amongst the people of South Asia and Middle East, but especially with Bengalis and Odias. Collection system of Hilsa egg: The sources of Hilsa and Hilsa egg were found out and collection system of Hilsa egg was determined. The most famous hilsh fish comes from Chandpur District, Bangladesh. Hilsa fish (Tenualosa ilisha) from Hatiya, Ilisha: Bhola, Hizla: Barisal, Patuakhali and from other Hilsa abundant regions are landed in the Fish Landing Center of Chandpur, Bangladesh. It is common knowledge that hilsa sh can survive only in rivers. While the body length of the fish may reach up to 60 cm, but commonly found specimens measure 35 to 40 cm. It is the national fish of Bangladesh. As a kid growing up in Bengal, I used to look forward to the arrival of Hilsa in the markets, soon after the onset of monsoon. The collected Hilsa eggs are traded in the country in two channels; one is Hilsa eggs are sold to the fish traders of Dhaka and Sylhet either directly or indirectly via Chattagram who sells them in the local market to meet the demand of consumers of Bangladesh. Hilsa contributes about 12% to the total fish production and 1% to GDP. Data were collected primarily from direct observation through personal interview following a structured questionnaire with the fishermen, fisher folk, retailer and local transporters. It is the only the second product to get the GI tag after jamdani sari. Due to its export potentiality, the authority should give concern on its trade and make a plan for considering Hilsa egg as a value added product in the country’s market and abroad. On 6 August 2017, Department of Patents, Designs an… We believe strongly that we can and must do things differently. Bangladesh does, and unsurprisingly, it’s Hilsa. You can further help us by making a donation. At that time due to the landing of huge number of Hilsa fishes in the fish landing center, fishes are stored in the ice/freezing boxes. Hilsa's disappearance has major financial implications for Bangladesh. Trades of Hilsa egg: How trade of Hilsa egg is done and who are involved with the process were found out. Thanks to you for watching How To Cut Hilsa Fish Easily with Knife Bangladesh National Fish Ilish Fish Processing At Home. The national fish of Bangladesh contributes to around 12% of overall fish production in the country, which is equivalent to around 1% of the country’s GDP. Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) is the single largest fishery of Bangladesh. Cooked with mustard oil or seeds, it is considered to be a mouthwatering delicacy in Bangladesh and in the Indian state of West Bengal. Hilsa is a highly fecund fish that may produce up to 2 million eggs (Rahman et al., 2017). The whole sale rate ranges from 1000 to 1500 taka/kg depending on the quality of Hilsa egg. Country boat types, with or without inboard engines, are used in inland capture fisheries. Because of both tastiness and nutritional quality of Hilsa egg, the demand of Hilsa egg is good both in the country and abroad. Later, the preserved eggs are traded in our country and exported to different countries in the world including India, Malaysia, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia and some European countries. The eggs are packed in the plastic boxes which are then stored in large Styrofoam boxes covered with ice and then sold to sea food companies of Chattagram, Bangladesh. A fish called hilsa A sumptuous Bengali feast is incomplete without the hilsa. That means these Hilsa fishes can’t be sold at better prices. Hilsa, the ‘Queen of fishes’, will now be found in Allahabad (now Prayagraj) after 32 years! In most cases the Styrofoam boxes are transported to Chattagram by either pickup or train. Hilsa. Hilsa fish curry is the national dish of Bangladesh Hilsa (or ilish) curry is the national dish of Bangladesh, made from the Hilsa fish, and is one of the most popular traditional Bangladeshi dishes. Afghanistan Snow leopard: Panthera uncia Albania Eagle: Accipitridae Algeria Fennec fox: Vulpes zerda Angola Red-crested turaco (national bird): Tauraco erythrolophus Around half a million fishermen are directly dependent on Hilsa production for their livelihood, and another two million indirectly. It comprises 12 percent of total fish production and contributes more than 1 percent to the gross domestic product. The sea food companies further process and preserve the purchased Hilsa eggs of their own way. iMedPub LTD Last revised : November 30, 2020, Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Hilsa has secured recognition as the second geographical indication (GI) product of Bangladesh (“Hilsa recognised Bangladesh’s,” 2017). Hilsa fishery The fish is exploited by intensive fishery for the mature migrating adults in the estuaries and river channels, and to a lesser extent by the capture of the jatka in the river.

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