how to hang heavy things on plaster walls

Best for: Towel racks on plaster, heavy-duty shelving on drywall and plaster, curtain rod supports on drywall and plaster, and wall-mounted mirrors (over 20 pounds) on plaster. Then, for the second process, the plaster material (in recent times, gypsum-based plasters are used) is mixed with water to get a specific consistency. But no worries! Frequently asked questions about hanging things how do I hang things on plaster walls? Therefore, it's the strongest part of … If you need to hang pictures, you can use picture rails. If you try to hammer in a nail to hang a picture, the nail might actually bend in half. Step 2: Draw Horizontal Line. If you hear the shriek of metal on your drill bit, back it out quickly and start over in another spot. Tap the anchor into the hole you drilled. After moving into a "new" home you might realize that the walls are made of plaster and not drywall. They are a type of wall material for house interiors. Step Six: Hang your heavy item carefully on the screws. Sure. No! I am planning to hang a heavy mirror to my plasterboard wall. The bubble in the middle of the level should be perfectly visible between the two vertical lines. Lucky for me, none of our landlords ever stipulated in the lease that we couldn't hang things on the walls or paint the walls bright colors, the way you hear many landlords do. If you do not feel safe lifting a heavy object, get a partner to assist you. Move the stud finder approximately 16 inches to the right or left of the mark. If the anchor … Then what do you do? How to hang things on plaster walls 15 steps with pictures how to hang items on plaster walls with images how to hang things on plaster walls 15 steps with pictures how to hang things on plaster walls 15 steps with pictures hanging objects from plaster walls old house web hanging objects from plaster walls old house web. Get anchors capable of bearing at least 150 lb (68 kg) of weight. Put a small bit into the drill, and drill into the first mark. Move the stud finder over the plaster wall across the spot where the heavy object will hang. Or else, it would keep expanding, and the walls would start to sag. Here’s what I learned: most light art can be hung in plaster walls using just one simple screw (nails + plaster aren’t usually a good combo, so stick to screws! I think not. How to Hang Heavy Objects on Plaster Walls. Then, screw it out a bit so that you can hang your item on the anchor. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Old House Web: Hanging Objects From Plaster Walls, University of Minnesota: Hanging a Plasma or LCD TV. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Note: For mounting very heavy objects to drywall or plaster surfaces, use wing-type anchors or heavy-duty toggles designed for grab bars. Once it is firm, back it up a bit. Mark the spot on the wall where you want to put the appropriate hanger. I've got you covered in the "hanging heavy things on the plaster wall" department. Step 3: Measure & Mark. Wipe the wall down and scrub it gently with a circular motion. But 16 inches is standard. They are thick, making them the best part of the wall to hang your heavy items on. As earlier stated, wall studs are the frames that support the lath used in the building of plaster walls. For instance, gypsum-based plasters were not the kind of plasters used in ancient times. Do you abandon your dream of having an amazing minimalist design in your new home because of the plaster walls? Step 3. But don't worry! if the object you want to hang is a collection of picture frames, a picture rail would be a great choice. Now hold the picture wire up with your finger and measure the distance from your finger to the top of the frame. One foolproof method to hang heavy mirrors or picture frames is to use a molly bolt. Step Four: Drill a hole into the marked measurement first. ). And, no matter how little a crack is, it is best to fix it as soon as possible. People started using plaster walls in their homes from the 1940s. Oops! As mentioned earlier, the wall stud is where the wooden lath attaches to the wooden frame behind the plaster. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater from New York University and is currently a contributing writer for a national quarterly. The first process includes the securing of lath (usually woods layered over each other) to wall studs - also called frames. When finder passes over a nail, the magnet will react. Move the stud finder approximately 16 inches to the right or left of the mark. You could start a crack in the wall, which is expensive to mend. Screws (and screws with masonry anchors for heavy items) are your best choice for hanging things on plaster walls without picture rail. Picture this! Heavy objects of art will need big size nails for hanging. How to Hang an Object on a Plaster Wall If you want to hang the piece on a plaster wall in a spot that isn’t directly over a stud, you can use a toggle bolt. For lighter items, simply screwing into the plaster with a 1 1/4” drywall screw is usually enough to get the job done. Why? Fun fact: even though plaster walls are usually thicker than drywall, you could easily damage the wall while trying to hang heavy things - like your television, artwork, etc., on it. Step One: Using the Measuring ruler, measure the distance between the keyholes behind your item, if it has two keyholes. Stand back and adjust the hang as needed by moving the object slightly to the left or right. If there are no studs where you want to hang the item, use molly or toggle bolts with an appropriate weight (load) rating for the item. With anchors, you don't need to go wall stud hunting. Lift the object carefully, hanging it on the bolts. How to Hang Art on Plaster Walls. The set up of plaster walls goes through a three-coat process. If possible, just use the pressure of your hand. Plastic anchor screws without wings work best on plaster walls, as they grip the plaster well. If you keep getting resistance after drilling 1/2 inch, you've reached the stud. Hanging Heavy Things on Masonry-Plaster Walls I used toggle bolts to hang these floating shelves: Before we became homeowners, we lived in many rentals in New York City. Not sure if … I had to do a little research myself for this one as I’ve never worked with plaster walls. Measure the 16 inches from the initial wall stud to the left or right sides to find another wall stud. Step One: You have to first look for the studs. Step 2. Insert the anchor into the hole and pull it back out. Measure down that distance from the pencil mark you made on the wall and mark that spot. Choose heavy-duty plaster anchors capable of bearing the TV’s weight. Measure the spot on the wall where the screw will go and mark an X. Use a level to draw a line to the area of the second mark. Plaster is more easily damaged than drywall, so it's recommended to tap into the supporting studs where possible. Don't have access to any magnet wall stud? Even so, it is possible hang numerous pictures throughout the house. After investigation, I found 2 solutions of 'No Stud required' hanging kit. Put the hole over the X that you’ve marked on the wall. Boom! How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete (Different Methods), Best Torque Converter Top 5 Picks Of 2020, Best Spark Plugs for 350 TBI Reviews 2020, Top 10 Best Penetrating Oils Reviews and Buying Guide – 2020, How to Select and Replace an Axe Handle: Guide for Beginners. Undoubtedly, hanging heavy things on a plaster wall via a wall stud is the best choice you can ever make for your plaster wall. Step Three: After marking the measurements on the wall, connect the measurements on the wall with a level by drawing a horizontal line. Step Two: If your item has two keyholes, like a mirror, mark the measurement on the part of the wall where you want to hang your item. Being flexible and durable, you can arrange the pictures stylishly together. If the room is frequently humid and the walls are often moist, this method will not work well, since moisture will cause the adhesive bond to weaken quicker. Hanging Heavy Mirror on Plaster Walls Step 1: Use a Molly Bolt. How to Hang Heavy Objects on Plaster Walls Step 1. Put the drill in reverse, insert a bit slightly smaller than the width of the eye bolt and drill all the way into the stud. Weigh the picture. I will take you through the step-by-step process required for you to safely hang things - light and heavy, on your plaster wall. Even though plaster walls have been around for quite a while, some of the materials used in ancient times have been replaced with other types of materials. And if you do not mend the crack, trust me! For these purposes, a picture is considered light if it weighs 5 lbs (2.25 kg) or less. You have an amazing minimalist interior decoration of how you want your private space to look. A note of warning: If you do not like seeing pencil marks on your wall, cover the area where your item is going to hang with the painter's tape. Be careful when drilling for studs. Before we get started, though, there are a few tools you’ll need, most of which you … Screw it back into place to activate the plastic anchor. A note of warning: the only disadvantage with using a wall stud is that it might not be in the ideal position where you would like to hang your things. Putting a nail through a plaster wall will only lead to the nail hole chipping the plaster around the shank. Hanging art or photos on the walls can make a house feel more like a home, personalising your space. The easiest option is to use a professional-duty stud sensor, … Wipe away the moisture with a dry non-abrasive washcloth with a circular motion. Try using anchors. [1] X Research source Also consider the standard humidity of the room when choosing this method. Rinse the cloth in the water and wipe away any soap residue. Move the stud finder over the plaster wall across the spot where the heavy object will hang. Check for Air Ducts, Pipes, and Wires. Move the stud finder approximately 16 inches to the right or left of the mark. Her work has been featured in commercials, regional magazines and business publications throughout North America. Once you've done that, hanging a heavy object like a large mirror, television or work of art becomes a safer and simpler task. Once perfectly mixed, the plaster is applied to the lath, layer by layer. Simply attach these hooks to the picture rail and hang your pictures on them. They are usually installed by an expert and are a traditional way to hang pictures. Put a small bit into the drill, and drill into the first mark. Fixing a crack in a plaster wall is quite expensive. Step Four: Drill holes into the marked areas. Press … One of the questions I get asked regularly is how to fix heavy items such as a TV to plasterboard or drywall. Though there are several methods of locating studs, or supports behind the wall, the most reliable is using a magnetic stud finder. Self Drive or Redidrive Plasterboard Fixings. Ensure that the hole is a bit smaller than the mouth of your anchor. Draw a horizontal line connecting the two marks with the pencil, drawing it along the level's top edge. These easy methods ensure that you hang heavy things on your wall without damaging it. Simply hanging something heavy on a plaster wall can result in damage to the wall and the object if you don't tap into the supporting structure behind the plaster. This Home and Garden video tutorial shows how to hang heavy art on lath and plaster walls. You even got cool picture frames in the hopes of hanging them on your wall once you settle in. However, because the wall studs and lath are already coated in plasters, you can exactly tell where the wall studs are at. But, if you have no idea which part of the plaster the wall studs are at, a magnetic stud finder would help you out here. This is really very easy and simple to do. They are thick, making them the best part of the wall to hang your heavy … If you need to, your magnetic wall stud would decide this for you. Keep the stud finder moving until you find a second stud and mark that one as well. You have your plaster wall. This little beauty is called the Redidrive. The weight of the piece you would like to hang and the thickness of the wall will dictate the size of the toggle bolt you will need to use. Back it out, and screw the eye bolt in. How to Hang Mirrors & Pictures on Plaster Walls Without Nails. But, the horizontal line is only necessary if your item has two keyholes for hanging it on the wall. Then, continue by screwing the anchor into the wall till you can't screw it in anymore. It gets worse. (Only one side could be pined in the stud). The nails just go in after a little distance. You might need to measure more than 16 inches, depending on how the wall was built. A fun fact: Using an anchor ensures that the screw firmly hangs on to the wall without the use of a wall stud. How to hang heavy things on plaster walls using a wall stud Generally speaking, it's best to hang heavy pictures on a wall stud. Utilizing Wire Hooks Choose a press-in wire hook for items weighing up to 50 pounds (23 kg). Mark the spot with a pencil. Soak a non-abrasive washcloth in the warm water; place a bead of mild soap on the cloth and work the soap into a small patch of suds on it. Step Two: Use the measuring ruler (for accuracy). Or perhaps you can't find any wall stud in the right places? You have successfully hung your item. Since you won't need to screw into a wall stud, you should use an anchor screw like a Toggle bolt or a Molly bolt. This is the standard spacing of boards behind a wall, but it can vary to as much 24 inches, depending on who built your house. Step Five: Screw the long wooden plaster screws into the two drilled holes. Hanging stuff on plaster walls can be challenging. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This hanging kit might include a holed molding hook or an anchor hook with a transparent cord. Art completes the look of your home when hung properly. It is one of the … There are several brands of lightweight … In my case, the mirror could not be hanged by mounting the hook in the stud exactly. Drill a hole the diameter of the anchor. You can’t use anchors designed for drywall, so choose carefully. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It's often sufficient to … But, if it only has one keyhole, there probably won't be any need to measure anything. Mark the site at which you want to hang the object on your wall with a pencil. Using Wire Hangers Use wire hangers to hang heavy frames. Step Six: Carefully hang the item on the anchor. What You Need. It is usually installed at the top of the wall, above the door or window.Once installed, you can attach a hanging kit to the picture rail. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. But, by following the easy steps and methods, you can hang heavy stuff on your plaster walls without causing any damage. These methods of hanging heavy things on plaster walls ensure that you do not damage your plaster wall. Hang your picture Hold up your picture where you would like it to be, then mark a line along the top of the frame. Step Three: Mark the wall stud areas with masking tape. How to Hang Heavy Objects on Plaster Although plaster walls are thicker and denser than drywall, they're also hollow so require heavy-duty fasteners to secure weightier objects. Cat McCabe has been a freelance writer, editor, director and actor since the early 1980s. As earlier stated, wall studs are the frames that support the lath used in the building of plaster walls. Sometimes a stud finder thinks it's found a stud when it's actually found a metal pipe or conduit. Hammering big size nails on lath and plaster wall is not possible. Although plaster walls are a thing of the past, they have not exactly stayed in the past. Repeat Step 3 to install the second bolt. If you’re unsure what to pick, toggle bolts or molly bolts … You indeed won't find them by running your hands on the plaster to feel the texture of the wall studs - unless you are an expert in that field. Tap-In Expanding Anchors. Move the stud finder over the plaster wall across the spot where the heavy object will hang. But, now that you're moving in, you realize that hanging your picture frames and other heavy stuff of yours seems impossible, and it is no thanks to the plaster walls. Boom! Undoubtedly, hanging heavy things on a plaster wall via a wall stud is the best choice you can ever make for your plaster wall. So, what are Plaster walls? Trust me; you do not want that to happen. These easy-to-use fasteners are best for light loads (less than 10 pounds). As a result, it has transcended from generation to generation, and quite a few people still use plaster walls in their houses, offices, etc. It is a much easier way to hang heavy things on plaster walls. 2. Once it finds a wall stud, you would know. Step Five: Using a hammer, carefully and slightly tap the anchor into the drilled hole. With your painter’s tape, rip off a piece and poke a hole in the middle of it with the pencil.

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