installing fire bricks in wood stove

eFireplaceStore highly recommends testing your unit. FREE Shipping by Amazon. However, it is essential if you don’t have a chimney that you take appropriate measures to install it safely. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. If you are unsure of the type of brick your wood stove requires, check with the manufacturer. Notice that stoves which were originally 36” form the wall can often be reduced to 12” (66% reduction). As a local insurance broker, safety is our top concern, especially when we are insuring one of your largest assets.We want to make sure that your wood stove and home insurance are in line and up to code. Your chimney should be cleaned when you have a minimum 1/8 inch of deposits in your chimney or creosote glaze is present. Launched Stovefitter's Warehouse soon after due to fast growth of sales. The lifespan of a wood stove would diminish immensely without protection from the bricks. My parent’s chimneys needed to be lined with stainless steel flue liners before the wood stoves … The biggest concern people run across when purchasing a wood burning stove is buying one too large for their space. Do not install a wood stove – whether freestanding or insert type – into a factory-built fireplace and chimney system, unless the insert you are using has been tested and listed for that system…and in the installation of that particular stove is approved by the manufacturer of the chimney system (not just by the stove manufacturer). To install fire bricks in the stove, loosen the fire brick support bolts that are installed horizontally into the fire grate support on either side of the firebox (#7 on parts diagram). Types of refractory bricks; The most commonly used material is fireclay and sand ceramic. Installing a Wood Stove and Home Insurance. Next, you need to place a block of wood over the brick. Replacing fire bricks in a fireplace that have been damaged will keep the heat steady and the appliance in good working order. All stoves must be installed a safe distance from combustible walls. Before installing wood burning stoves in our existing fireplaces, we had to consider how the chimney for the fireplace would be utilized. You can even use vacuum cleaner in order to clean out all the small particles or ashes completely located inside the wood stove. Subscribe to our friends at & go in the draw to win 2 x 250g of Comvita Manuka Honey UMF 10+. Best Seller in Gas Fireplace Stoves. Firebricks are an additional item used in stoves, kilns, and ovens to prevent heat loss and utilize the fuel with maximum efficiency. When installing a wood burning stove, you must first pick a stove. Free-standing wood stoves have been in use for centuries. In order to retain heat and protect your wood stove, you should replace used fire bricks with a new one whenever you find that the fire bricks are broken. In comparison to low thermal fire bricks, high thermal bricks retain heat, even after the source of the fire has been extinguished. When you use less than the recommended clearance space for a wood stove, you can create the perfect conditions for your home to catch on fire. the stove in the parts box. Next, you need to place a block of wood over the brick. The firebricks line the bottom of the stove and about 8″ up the sides and back. Replacing the broken bricks extends the life of your wood stove. Buyers Guide to Fire Brick. When they are placed in a room without enough ventilation, you can experience all kinds of issues, such as smoke failing to rise out of your chimney and difficulty getting your fire started.. They are designed to maintain the overall look of the fireplace so very minimum work is needed. GIRTech Heavy Duty Fire Brick. Wood stoves can get very, very hot during use. Time to replace with new! Pacific Energy: Alderlea Installation and Operation Guide. The dealer I purchase the stove from is not in business atleast at that location and they were the only lopi dealers in my area that I could find. Since the wood stove is a potentially dangerous device, treat it with respect and show proper adherence to installation procedures. Allow the fire in your wood stove to burn down, and let the embers cool. Wood burning stoves are able to achieve efficiencies of 70% or higher by helping to burn off waste gases that are released by the fire when burning wood.

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