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1 - La llegada de Sam - Part 1 I noticed that it contains the transcripts for 4 episodes, does it contains the transcripts for the rest of the episodes? El perro está en el horno/la cesta. 0. votes. Los ojos y el pelo ¿Tienes animales en casa? Episode 6. 3. Sorry, our response data doesn't go that far back. Lola, Ana, Pablo and Sam play out their romances, 2. Sam va de compras. Amazing 6 and 7 year old ‘Salsa’ dancers! La llegada de Sam-Respuestas Answers to Activities Activity 1 1. This worksheet based on the movie (Extra, Episode 1, Part 1). Comprehension and Grammar Worksheet to accompany the viewing of the BBC Extra series, developed for Language Learning by the BBC, used worldwide.Spanish edition available on YouTube and elsewhere.Episode, 01. ¡No os preocupéis! Ha nacido una estrella. 04. 6. 2. This worksheet is based on the first episode of a funny language education television series named "[email protected]". Episodio 01 "La llegada de Sam"Learn 13 new words! ... FREEBIE! Assigned sets. Hace siete años que somos/eramos corresponsales. Dáme el correo, Luis. 5. Le 16 juin dernier, la sous-ministre adjointe à l’éducation préscolaire et à l’enseignement primaire et secondaire, madame Anne-Marie Lepage, a fait parvenir aux directions générales des commissions scolaires, un message les avisant de la cessation des activités de la … 4. You will not be able to recover it. 6. ¿Quién es Juan? Episode 1 : La llegada de Sam. ¿Cómo se llama el vecino de Lola y Ana? With Felix Callens, Marie Cordillot, Lawrence Ray, Vanessa Seydoux. Extr@ Español 1 серия «La llegada de Sam» ... Сюжет к 1 серии Extr@ Испанский: (00:00 – 01:58) Лола разговаривает с ее другом через электронную почту и мобильный телефон, при этом занимается на велосипеде-тренажере 03. Comparten un piso en Barcelona. Ésta es la historia de Lola y Ana, que comparten un piso en España. d. vive B. 4. A basic worksheet to go with episode 1 of extr@ series. La llegada de Sam. 3. Please turn to portrait mode to play Scribe. ¡Relájate! Episodio 1: La llegada de Sam. ¡Ponte cómodo! If you like this product, check out the rest of the episodes activities: - Extr@. d. vive Author: Created by rachaelkirton1. Their lives are complicated with the arrival of a mystery guest, Sam from America. 06. Who does Sam think Pablo is? Information complémentaire. - Extr@. Soy de/Me llamo Sam. Click each underlined word to see how you did. Sam résiste, et réussit à contrôler tant bien que mal ses sentiments. Te dije mil veces que nadie usa mi bicicleta, I told you a thousand times that nobody touches my bike, Mi corresponsal Sam Scott ha llegado esta mañana, My correspondents Sam Scott arrived this morning, He is American and he doesn't speak Spanish well. Pero es Pablo, su vecino. c. vivo. La llegada de Sam. - Set. Bridget and Annie share a flat in London. Episode 3. It is appropriate for elementary levels, particularly adults. Spanish Transcript. Pablo, who lives opposite the girls, finds out about Sam’s background – but tries to keep it a secret. ¿Qué no quiere Lola que Pablo haga (=to do)? Welcome to Scribe! In this episode Sam arrives Enjoy (L'arrivée de Sam Extra French.) 6. Résumé de l'Episode 1 : La gifle Sam, professeure de français adorée de ses élèves, se retrouve à devoir prendre sous son aile une nouvelle enseignante, Aurélie. Reset All Sets. Lola recibe una carta de su madre. 05. Sam viene a quedarse con Lola y Ana. Trabajos para los chicos. La jeune fille, accusée d'avoir triché pour son dernier devoir, n'arrive pas à se remettre de ses émotions. Quiz for Spanish vocabulary to do with computers. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our new game! La prima de la dueña. Have a neighbour, Pablo, who is in love with Lola and Ana is in love with Pablo. Y ya suena el timbre de la puerta. Pablo le gusta Lola. ¿Cuál es el motivo por (=motive / reason for) la visita de Pablo? Set Completion History. Episode 9. Episode 5. Sam aprende a ligar. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Episode 1. Now you can tap or hover over the Spanish words / phrases to show the English explanations. Lola, Ana, Pablo and Sam play out their romances, life crises and Answer these questions in complete sentences in ENGLISH. This is the story of Lola and Ana, who share an apartment in Spain. A las chicas, Sam les parece un poco extraño. For assistance, click on... Grey boxes _____ Underlines a _ c Red strikethrough acb ... Ep. This worksheet contains 2 activities for the students to do while watching (answer simple questions and true or false). Extra Episode 1 - "La Llegada de Sam" Escoge o escribe la mejor respuesta durante ver el episodio. La Cultura en Video. Extra en español (Spanish Extr@). Correct each mistake or click the word for the answer, Type everything you hear in the white input box, You must enter everything correctly before moving on, For help with any unattempted word or incorrect letter, click on it. Episodio 5: Ha nacido una estrella - Extr@. Episodio 4: Sam busca un trabajo. Quieres decir nuestra leche de la semana pasada, You want to say our milk from the last week. ¿Por qué? But what happen when Sam go to shop for him. Ésta es la historia de Lola y Ana, que comparten un piso en España. Un día Lola recibe una carta de su corresponsal americano. Episode 1: The arrival of Sam. Hablo español bueno/bien el español ahora. Episode 2. This is the story of Lola and Ana who share an apartment in Spain. 1 - La llegada de Sam - Parte 7 Difficoltà: Principiante Spagna. Start studying EXTRA Episodio 1- La llegada de Sam PREGUNTAS. Jun 14, 2015 - Explore Jana Fairbanks's board "Extr@", followed by 400 people on Pinterest. Extr@: Extra en español - Ep. Created: Jun 7, 2018. I'm going to teach a bit of Spanish to Sam. 4. I use it with my Spanish II students, and they absolutely love it. See more ideas about Spanish videos, Spanish classroom, Spanish games. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Sam busca un trabajo. Hope it … b. trabajo. Lola y Ana son amigas. La Gemela. Exercise 4 Corrige los errores de Sam (Correct the mistakes made by Sam) 1. Activity 2 1e 2c 3a 4b 5f 6d Activity 3 1. Tienen un vecino, Pablo. A l'école, Véronique, la CPE, trouve une élève en larmes devant la salle de classe. Our bad. En ella anuncia su llegada para el 19 de febrero. Directed by Peter Eyre. ¡Escríbeme pronto! Quizzes. c. vivo. [email protected] Episode 1: La Llegada de Sam (The Arrival of Sam) Description: Lola and Ana share an apartment in Barcelona. 5 Expressions!Great fo Ep. Bridget is a fitness enthusiast and also a tough nut when it comes to romance. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? This quiz is timed. ¿Qué hace Ana con la leche? ¡Enséñale algo de español a Sam! Pero qué pasa cuando Sam va de compras para él? 2. Their lives are complicated with the arrival of a mystery guest, Sam from America. This worksheet contains two parts, before watching, which students should guess the answer from the picture, and while watching which divided into two sections. la chica/la chio, la carta, amable, el portero. updated Oct 15, 2014. posted by VeeDraws. El americano, Sam, pensó que yo era el portero, The American, Sam, thought that I was the porter. b. trabajo. Thank you. International; Resources. Cuando Sam toma una ducha - ¡Qué chico tan guapo! Answer Key is provided. Extr@: Extra en español - Ep. 5. And you know how to it says "house" in Spanish? ¡Conéctate! She receives a letter from her old penfriend in Argentina called Hector saying that he plans to visit - on that very day. Episodio 2: Sam va de compras - Extr@. Hey, these are great, macapi! I said you want to drink something, Pablo? Preview. Episode 1: La Llegada de Sam (The Arrival of Sam) Description: Lola and Ana share an apartment in Barcelona. Episode 1 : La llegada de Sam (The arrival of Sam) Play Episode 1 Jumble Game and Practice! Scribe is unavailable in landscape mode. Pablo, who lives opposite the girls, finds out about Sam’s background – but tries to keep it a secret. Con consternación, Lola y Ana comprueban que justo están a 19 de febrero. 2. Apr 14, 2018 - This Worksheet goes along with the first Episode of Extr@. updated Oct 15, 2014. posted by patch. 2. - Extr@. 1 - La llegada de Sam - Partie 2 Difficulté : Débutant Espagne. La familia Scott - una de las más ricas en América, The Scott family- one of the richest in America, Lola, Ana y Pablo van de compras para Sam.

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