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So, knowing how your guitar’s electronics are set up is crucial. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. If you are uncertain whether you guitar uses long or short shaft pots, as a general rule Gibson Les Pauls made after 1977, excluding historic reissues, use long shaft pots. It’s safe to say that any component that’s closely related to the guitar pickups (such as the potentiometer) is going to have an impact on your guitar’s tone. 10P B100K Guitar Long Shaft 18mm Linear Pot Guitar Volume Potentiometer Chrome. Assuming you pay attention to the above, you should be equipped with the knowledge you need to make an educated buying decision. Once installed, your pots should bring some life back to your guitar and help to create a great sound. Volume and tone controls should work perfectly without issue. A long-shaft 500K-ohm version fits Les Paul style carved-top solidbodies. How many dial knobs do you have? Guitar pots aren’t complex by any means. Best Guitar Pots For Metal & Other Genres, Final Thoughts, ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career’ ebook. If it measures approximately 10mm then you need short shaft pots. That’s about all there is to know about resistance rating. But when you’re switching out pots, you should notice a difference/improvement. So, knowing how your guitar’s electronics are set up is crucial. Also, take a quick look at your guitar … New pots should make your guitar sound cleaner. Typically used on Carved Top Les Pauls, but can be used on any guitar that requires a 500K Long Split Shaft Potentiometer. Filed Under: Music Business, Music Instruments And Tools, Your email address will not be published. 1 Meg ohm audio taper potentiometer CTS, solid shaft, with hardware. These Split-shaft pots are compatible with 24- spline, fine knurled knobs and feature a precise audio taper. Which pot value should you choose? What Is The Difference Between 500k And 250k Guitar Pots? Knobs secured by grub screws require solid shafts. Here is the latest list that I have. They account for roughly 80% of the guitar’s tone. 3/8th Width The shaft length, diameter and type of splines does affect the fitment of control knobs. They are sometimes called double coil pickups. If your control knobs are push-on types, you need a split shaft. Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career’ ebook emailed directly to you! shaft pots. So, it’s worth thinking about replacements. (Mini A500k) This kit should help you clean up your tone and keep your guitar in good working order. (the threaded section). Includes nut and dress washer. If the threaded portion is 3/8" long, you need a short shaft potentiometer. Tonally, humbucking pickups tend to have a fat, warm sound and long sustain that comes alive with overdrive and distortion. Long shaft (3/4" bushing height) for guitars using a control plate, short shaft (3/8" bushing length) for guitars where pots mount through the body. When Choosing Pots, Does It Matter What Type Of Guitar I’m Using? The DiMarzio pot is durable, long lasting and functional. If you have questions and can’t decide which size pot is right for your guitar, then feel free to shoot me a message and I will be happy to help you out. Does my Gibson or other brand guitar need Long or Short shaft pots. DiMarzio creates some killer pickups. A great product for anyone looking to upgrade their Strat or give their old Strat a bit of a refresh. Knurled 1/4" shaft fits most knobs. 300K CTS LONG SHAFT LINEAR POT. Musiclily 500K Mini Size Long Split Shaft Pot Audio Taper Guitar Potentiometers for Fender Stratocaster Telecaster Guitar Bass Replacement (Pack of 2) 4.3 out of 5 stars 207. The term "Curved Top" means guitars that have a thick "Curved" top that requires a lot of threading to poke through. Helpful if you're planning on replacing the wiring in your guitar. 3.9 out of 5 stars 15. Worth a look for anyone with a humbucking or split coil setup. On metric pots, the bushing is narrower compared to imperial pots. Others only need the pots to be mounted to the pick guard so you can get The wiring kit comes with more than just potentiometers, which probably explains its price point. Description. $9.85. That’s not so bad when you consider the price. Fender Stratocaster Strat 5-way Wiring Kit. Les Paul). There are no limitations one way or another. Likewise, 250k pots are generally best for single coil setups. For the most part, pots are either rated 250k or 500k and you should buy a pot that’s matched to the type of pickup you’re using. To close, here are some considerations for pot-swapping. EP-4986-000 Measure only the threaded part of the shaft. LONG SPLIT Shaft 500K Electric Guitar Potentiometer Pots Volume Tone Switch. For tone control only. If in doubt, check the customer reviews to see what people have had to say about the pot or wiring kit you’re thinking about buying. P.S. Some guitars have thicker bodies than others The MI0321 is not of much use to you if you don’t have two pots and a three-way toggle switch on your guitar. So, 250k is best for single coils while 500k is best for double coils. CTS 250K Audio Taper Pro Guitar Pot w/Long Brass Shaft & Bushing. A significant part of your buying decision will likely come down to whether you’re looking to refresh old pots or give your guitar an upgrade. Also note that depending on your guitar, the pot shafts won’t be a perfect fit. 63. Want to learn how to do that? IKN Small Size Guitar Pots B250K Long Split Shaft Potentiometers Linear Taper, Pack of 2. 6mm split shaft with 3/4" long threaded bushing. They should also be smooth. £8.95. They also tend to offer more high-end clarity and a bell-like tone. Naturally, the 500k push-pull pot is perfect for DiMarzio humbucking pickups but they also work great with split coil pickups because of the well machined shaft and push-pull mechanism. Browse our huge selection of guitar and bass pots and replace or upgrade your guitars volume and tone controls with the best quality pots available from CTS, Bourns, Fender, Alpha, Alps and more. Also, in some cases, the pots you buy won’t fit properly. These are the highest grade pots available from CTS. P.S. Alpha potentiometers are among the world's most widely used guitar tone and volume controls. We recommend measuring the threaded portion of the pot you have. Are they single or double coil? So, make sure you know what you’re getting and that it will work correctly with your guitar. Each CTS pot includes a flat washer, lock washer, and two hex mounting nuts for custom height adjustment on a pickguard or control plate. Seymour Duncan YJM-500 Hi-Speed Volume Electric Guitar Pot 500k, CTS 450G Series 250k Short SOLID Shaft Audio Taper Potentiometers, Fender Stratocaster Start 5-Way Wiring Kit – CRL Switch – CTS Pots, Kmise MI0321 Guitar Wiring Harness Prewired Two Pickup 500k Pots 3-Way Toggle Switch Chrome, WD Music WD500 Full Size 500k Pot Split Shaft. I still recommend to pull out a pot and measure the bushing to make sure. Long shaft guitar pot. $8.49. Add a switch to your guitar using the existing holes in your pick guard or body. You’ll hear guitars with humbucking pickups being used on rock and metal, but depending on the style of guitar and pickups, you’ll also hear them being used for jazz and blues. Since humbucking pickups are already warmer than single coils, most players don’t want to lose whatever high end they have. Also check the value of the pots in your guitar before changing pickups because countless Les Pauls have been buried in mud by Gibson’s decision to use 300k pots. Pots with longer shafts are the preferred choice for guitars that have a carved top, such as a Les Paul. Though potentiometers aren’t terribly expensive, it doesn’t make much sense to have to constantly replace them. Unlike most standard pots that have pot metal threaded bushings and aluminum shafts, our CTS pots are custom made with solid brass... $5.99 But do check your Strat’s setup before purchasing this piece of gear, as it may not be an improvement over your current equipment unless your guitar is old, or your pot is a cheap one. Or you can check out the table below! So which size do you need? Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 13. When you buy via a link on our site, we’ll possibly earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Low torque, carbon resistive element, great replacement in many applications using passive humbucker or single-coil pickups. Great prices, too—luthiers and repair shops can save big on orders of 50 or more. For a quick refresh, it’s hard to argue with the CTS pots. It’s not that hard – it’s just good to know. 4pcs 100K-Ohm Long-Shaft Guitar Volume Tone Audio Taper Potentiometer Pots. So, it better be good. Likewise, 250k pots are generally best for single coil setups. Again, this product is perfect for owners of Strat style guitars where a five-way selector switch and three single coil pickups are used. We show you what you need to measure to decide. Either way, it’s hard to argue with the WD Music pot, as it’s amazing value for the money. This kit comes with a GRL five-way switch, a CTS 250k with split shaft pots and a Switchcraft output jack. $6.17. 500K LINEAR CTS SPLIT SHAFT POT . Free shipping . If you need to mount the potentiometer to a thicker-topped guitar (Gibson Les Paul) you’ll likely need a long shaft pot in order for it to be securely mounted. Well, Seymour Duncan doesn’t disappoint. You might be interested in killing some of your guitar’s frequencies, or maybe you want to replace your guitar’s cheap pots. Do I need a long shaft or short shaft pot? The WD500 will act as a perfect replacement for pots that are starting to fail and could even be a bit of an upgrade over your existing pots. But it’s not as good as other products on this list. Buying tips. From full size to mini pots, long shaft and short shaft pots, blend pots and stacked concentric pots, push/pull pots and more, we have the pots you need. One main difference is the size of the bushing on the pot. How to tell what size pots your guitar uses. I think the shortest P-P pots are the new CTS with the little PCB, but they're only shorter than a Bourns by about 1/16". long shaft pots. Earlier, we looked at the Kmise prewired pots. Not that guitar pots are especially expensive, but the WD500 is quite cost efficient. When Start players are looking to replace their guitar’s electronics, these are usually the components they seek out. Item added to wishlist. You’ll see humbucking pickups on a variety of guitars, but perhaps the most relatable example is a Les Paul style guitar. You don’t need to use one type of pickup for a certain genre. The push-pull feature works great and doesn’t have any negative effect on your signal. They have a bit of a thinner tone, but that’s also what makes them perfect for certain genres like blues, funk and sometimes rock. Here’s another option for humbucking guitarists, especially those who have two pots and a three-way pickup switch. Ironically, pots can play an important role in your tone and getting the right potentiometer(s) for your guitar could make the difference. They are extremely relaible and outlast many more expensive types! This is a common question when it comes to Les Paul guitars, as they do use both depending on the model. CTS Guitar Pot, 1000k (1 meg) Split Shaft Premium 450 Series with 9% Tolerance, Log Taper . It’s no surprise that they also deal in guitar pots. A500K $5.63 $ 5. Aside from that, the Kmise is a great product. But it is worth mentioning that the installation process will require soldering, and there are no instructions that come with the potentiometer. And, it’s still a quality piece of equipment. Dunlop’s Super Pot Potentiometers are made to last a lifetime—they’re resistant to dust and corrosion for a smooth, quiet audio-style taper. Long = 3/4 inch / Short = 3/8 inch. Either way, here are the best guitar pots and where to buy them. Item removed from wishlist. (ex. Under that umbrella, you’ll find short-shaft, long-shaft, and push-pull (for split-coil designed guitars) pots. Les Paul USA) shaft won't fit in the cavity. 500K pots are standard controls for humbuckers, and 250Ks are usually used for single-coil pickups. Guitar Pots ; Click on photo for larger view: GUITAR POT, CTS, 24mm DIAMETER, 500KA, KNURLED SHAFT FOR PUSH-ON KNOBS. These robust pots offer 10% tolerance, which makes them a little less accurate than pro pots, but that’s not a problem if you’re still a beginner or developing guitarist. Best Solderless Guitar Wiring Kit 2020; Change Your…, 9 Best Stratocaster Pickups For Your Guitar 2020…, 11 Best Telecaster Pickups 2020 Compared [Guide With…, 10 Best Electric Guitar Strings As Of 2020, & What…. Long shaft pots are often necessary when the pot is passed thru the actual top of the instrument. EP-4888-000. Buy View Add to wishlist. Guitars that have the pots mounted to the pickguard or models with thinner tops will require short shaft pots.

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