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altitude- 2,276 meters. In the morning the family god is worshiped with the food except meat. The village deity is taken…, Phagul or Suskar is celebrated in February-March and goes on for a fortnight. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. This video is unavailable. The timing of the holiday depends on the location where this is celebrated. Out of the 15 days, the first three days are really important. Fair and Festivals in Kinnaur Himachal Pardesh. A coder ! A Nature Lover ! About Losar Festival Himachal Boasting rich imagery, enchanting ritual dances and splendid cultural celebrations, the Losar Festival holds a special place in the lives of the people living in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. Tribal festival in Kinnaur. On this day a feast is served. It is known as new year, ' Lo' means year and 'sar' means new . Losar, which is also known as the Tibetan New Year is a festival based on the culture of Tibetan Buddhism.. Losar festival Kinnaur Losar festival Kinnaur. Copyright © 2020. Loser is famous in the month of December. (Dholru) is the first month of the lunar year and also the very first day of the month is … The festival is celebrated by worshipping the local deities and spirits. --. Poltus, rice, pulses, vegetables, meat, halva, chilta and pug are the principal dishes prepared on this occasion. Losar is Tibetan New Year, mainly celebrated in Tibetan Buddhism areas like Upper kinnaur, Lahaul Spiti, Ladakh etc. It is said that their holy deity leaves for Kailash Kinnaur. Sazo is celebrated in January. In Lippa, the festival is celebrated under the name of Lamoch. People celebrated Losar Festival, on the first day of the lunisolar Tibetan calendar, at Dharamshala. A few days before Losar, it is customary for families to fetch small branches of a thorny bush and place it on the doors. Flaich Ukhayang Festival in Kinnaur in Kinnaur: Get detail information on Flaich Ukhayang Festival in Kinnaur & other adventurous activities in Kinnaur. But it also celebrated in various Buddhist dominant region. These are celebrated in the honour of different deities and … Love my freedom ! On this day it is usual to get small twigs of a throny bush and place it on the doors. Festivals of Kinnaur District represent the rich cultural heritage as well as the cultural diversity of the country. Love Meditation & Yoga ! ‘Lo’ means new and ‘sar’ means ‘year’. A medley of cultural events, traditional performances and also ancient rituals are an essential part of the New Year celebrations. Phagli: It is also known as Luskar is celebrated in Phagun month coinciding with mid-February and March. On the last day a feast is prepared and people worship kali on the roof of celebrate this festival with huge significance. The Losar festival marks the beginning of the New year in Ladakh/Tibet and is considered to be the most important festival of the region. ... Two or three days previous to the losar festival khepa is experiential. Losar: While the elderly person betow their losuma shalkid or blessings. Losar predates the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet and has its roots in a winter incense-burning custom of the Bon religion.During the reign of the ninth Tibetan king, Pude Gungyal (617-698), it is said that this custom merged with a harvest festival to form the annual Losar festival. distance- 113 k.m approx. We drove into Losar about 5:00 pm. Festivals in Kinnaur India is a land of festivals, inhabited by a society that believes in celebrating nature in all its glory. In Sirmaur area, Chaitraul Festival is celebrated in April and May, it is also well-known as the festival of pictures. kinnaur- mud- kaza- losar tour programme; day 1: reach chandigarh and transfer to hotel at simla. Tribal Festival is being celebrated since 1994 from 30 October to 2nd November every year at District Headquarter Reckong Peo and this... Loser is celebrated in the month of December to welcome the new year. People take their baths in the natural hot springs and some even go the Satluj River to cleanse their bodies and souls. This festival marks the beginning of the New Year in the areas bordering Tibet. The deity is brought out and the villagers dance before her. Loser is celebrated in the month of December to welcome the new year. One or two members from the family where death might have occurred Marking the beginning of the Tibetan new year, Losar is an important festival of Ladakh. Snow continues to play a major part in February's festivals and Himachal's Winter Carnival is also held this month. The Tibetan Buddhist festival, Losar in Lahaul & Spiti is the celebrated to welcome the new year in February or March. It is a festival of flowers celebrated in the month of September. after lunch sightseeing simla kali bari, paddle through mall area. Loser is celebrated in the month of December to welcome the new year. Zanskar, Greater Himalayas And Dhauladhar, Enclosing Valleys Of Sutlej, Spiti, Baspa And Their Tributaries. This Himachal Pradesh Tourism website is a software developed for providing the best Travel information about Himachal Pradesh alongwith the unseen tourism attractions, cuisines, lakes, religious points and other facts. On this day a feast is served. On this day, the locals bathe in the natural springs.…, Dakhraini festival is celebrated in July. On the next day these throny twigs are removed and thrown far away from the village and a feast follows in the night. The Losar Festival in Nepal is often called the festival of highlanders as most of the communities which have ethnic belonging to the mountains such as Sherpas, Gurung, Tamang, Thakali etc. Lippa losar festival in Kinnaur (H.P) 2017 देव-भूमि KINNAUR. Festival in Kinnaur: Travel Guide - Get information on famous & tourism Festival in Kinnaur. Altogether I am "A Crazy Man !" The Fulaich Festival in Kinnaur is about the flower-watching and is celebrated in the month of September. In this…, A small village situated in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh in north India, Nako is…, Sangla Valley situated on the bank of River Baspa valley is lesser-known part of Himalayas…, It is a haven for nature lovers. night stay at simla. People meet each other and offer greetings and best wishes of the New Year. time- 4 hrs approx. Tibetan people call Tibetan New Year “Losar”. On this day the people take their bath in the natural springs and few even go to Satluj river for bathing if they happen to live near the river. We provide the information about Destinations in Himachal, temples, cuisines, hotels, activities to do etc.. Losar is festival in tibetan Buddhism. It is meant to ward off evil spirits. The festivities for the Losar festival in Ladakh last for about 15 days. Gochi in the Bhaga Valley is an unusual festival when the villagers celebrate the birth of male children. People visit neighbours and friends and exchange greetings. In this festival the sprit of Kanda (Peaks) called Kali is mainly worshiped, the festivals lasts about a fornight and is celebrated all over Kinnaur. I was fortunate to witness this rich culture of my village. Watch Queue Queue. The village deity is brought out of the temple…, Flaich Ukhayang is a festival of flowers celebrated in September. Losar Festival Celebrations. VPO Keolidhar, Teh. Love my freedom ! Kinnaur-Himachal Pradesh Surrounded By The Tibet To The East, In The Northeast Corner Of Himachal Pradesh, About 235 Kms From Shimla Is A Tremendously Beautiful District Having The Three High Mountains Ranges i.e. Two or three days before the losar festival khepa is observed. The term Losar comes from two words of the Tibetan language, lo which means new and sar which means year. Chachiot, Distt Mandi, H.P India, is one of the largest tourism information portal for Himachal Pradesh. I am what I am !! Losar festival in Kinnaur. Few days before the festival, seeds of five to seven types of grains are planted with each other in small basket full of earth by … This festival is celebrated in the month of the July. Losar Festival in Kinnaur in Kinnaur: Get detail information on Losar Festival in Kinnaur & other adventurous activities in Kinnaur. Karze or Karzey. Losar is the most important Tibetan festival that combines sacred and secular customs - prayer, hanging prayer flags, folk dances, and gatherings. It is destined to district off wickedness feelings. Lonely Planet recommended one place in Losar: “The first Spitian village (coming from Manali Losar (Spiti-Kinnaur Loop) Himachal Pradesh, India Evening of July 28, 2017 About mid afternoon we began to see raindrops on the windshield. Losar, a religious festival of Himachal Pradesh to celebrate the uniqueness of Tibetan ethnicity in Himachal Pradesh. About Losar Festival of Ladakh. This festival is observed in the month of January. Love tours & travels ! This Festival is celebrated on the Ist Sawan – 16th July. The temples and houses of the region are properly cleaned, as it is believed by the natives that these sites become the resting places of the deities on this day. It is celebrated in the month of February/March. This year Losar (New year festival) at Lippa Village has been celebrated on 23-25 December 2018. After this these flowers are distributed among the villagers. Losar: Losar festival is celebrated as New Year in December. Each day of the festival is called by different names and several peculiar functions are held each day. On this day in the morning a special preparation of parched barley mixed with butter milk is taken by all the family members and they put on garlands of chilgoza visits to the neighbours and friends are reciprocated and greetings of losuma tashi meaning happy new year are exchanged. Zongor and loskar flowers are brought from the kand peak and their garlands are offered to the goddess. In 2020, Losar … It is meant to ward off evil spirits. This is celebrated in various places where there is a certain number of Buddhist population, be it in India, Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal or Pakistan.. Losar festival celebration in Nepal is a major procession that remarkably holds a higher rank in some communities of the mountains. All Rights Reserved. Also known as the Tibetan New Year, the Losar Festival is celebrated magnificently in various states with tribal and Tibetan population, such as Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. It is also known as Shegtsum in Lahaul, Dhakhrain in Jubbal as well as Kinnaur. Similarly, the district of Kinnaur has its own set of festivals which they celebrate with complete gaiety and reverence. The 14th Dalai Lama (1998: p. 233) frames the importance of consulting the Nechung Oracle for Losar: All The Valleys Are Strikingly Beautiful. Losar festival in Nepal is the biggest festivals that widely celebrated throughout the country. The celebrations of Losar in Ladakh continue for 15 long days and this Buddhist festival falls about the time of the winter solstice any time between 8th and 30th December. The festival is celebrated over a span of fifteen days but its true grandeur is seen from February 24 to February 26. My Home District: On this day, people have fun with each other and put garlands of chilgoza flowers on. This festival is celebrated in the month of the July. Losar is celebrated to welcome the New Year. My Beautiful Himachal: The Swarga i.e paradise of the Kinnaur is at Raldang a mountain peak which is group of Kinner Kailash peak. day 2: dep simla & arv at sarahan via kufri, fagu, narkanda. Later, the branches are thrown far away from the village. Losar is an important festival for every Buddhists but it is more important to Buddhist monks. Although Losar is the celebration of New Year in the Tibetan Buddhism’s lunar calendar, it is celebrated in the eleventh month of the year in Ladakh.

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