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Meanwhile, looking one box over to the right, 25% of bios of peopled named “ahmad” were (incorrectly) labeled “ahmed.” Another 13% of people named Ahmad were incorrectly labeled “alec.”. Our AI-powered baby name generator will find a unique name for your baby. How To Implement Custom Regularization in TensorFlow(Keras), DeepMind Makes History Yet Again By Solving One of the Biggest Challenges in Biology. But still — wouldn’t it be cool to have the first baby named by an AI? He is the creator of the revolutionary “Pocket Sand” defense mechanism, an exterminator, bounty hunter, owner of Daletech, chain smoker, gun fanatic, and paranoid believer of almost all conspiracy theories and urban legends. This tells me I didn’t have enough global variety in my training dataset. Guess I’m back to square one when it comes to choosing a name for my future progeny…Dale Jr.? I just finished Exercise-4 of Dr Andrew Ng's most excellent Machine Learning course. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I wouldn’t want to leave that responsibility to taste or chance or trends. Although I wanted to create a name generator, what I really ended up building was a name predictor. It took this embedding vector and attempted to reconstruct the input name’s characters. Data Collection. For the sentence “He likes to eat,” the top names were “Gilbert,” “Eugene,” and “Elmer.” So it seems the model understands some concept of gender. ... His work focuses on Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, and Discrete Applied Mathematics. Project idea – The idea behind this ML project is to build a model that will classify how much loan the user can take. As we discussed, it has some powerful applications in ecommerce. A Glimpse About Supervised Learning. Add your code in In this case, my model had a precision of 65.7% and a recall of 2%. The purpose of this field is to transform a simple machine into a machine with the mind. Deep learning neural networks have shown promising results in problems related to vision, speech and text with varying degrees of success. So evidently this model has learned something about the way people are named, but not exactly what I’d hoped it would. It is a machine learning category where the output is already defined. Once I prepared my dataset, I set out to build a deep learning language model. First, some background. Here are some sentences I tested and the model’s predictions: “He was born in New Jersey” — Gilbert, “She was born in New Jersey” — Frances. I was pretty unimpressed with the model’s ability to understand regionally popular names. Names are largely arbitrary, which means no model can make really excellent predictions. In this tutorial, we’re getting started with machine learning. But in the case of our name generator model, these metrics aren’t really that telling. I trained an algorithm to generate name embeddings for the 7500 common baby names using a neural network called an autoencoder—a neural network trained to … Baby Name Generator We trained our AI to create unique baby names based on the … If you’ve built models before, you know the go-to metrics for evaluating quality are usually precision and recall (if you’re not familiar with these terms or need a refresher, check out this nice interactive demo my colleague Zack Akil built to explain them!). Use either cv_split_column_names or cv_splits_indices. Machine learning is a booming field in computer science. These algorithms learn from the past data that is inputted, called training data, runs its analysis and uses this analysis to predict future events of any new data within the known classifications. What can Wikipedia biographies and Deep Neural Networks tell us about what’s in a name? If this sounds interesting read along. She will grow up to be a software developer at Google who likes biking and coffee runs. But the process of learning can be very onerous, depending on the approach. She will grow up to be a software developer at … Machine learning involves training a model with data so that it learns to spot or predict features. Machine Learning Algorithms: There is a distinct list of Machine Learning Algorithms. Loan Prediction using Machine Learning. Once I had my data sample, I decided to train a model that, given the text of the first paragraph of a Wikipedia biography, would predict the name of the person that bio was about. : My child will be born in New Jersey. Multi-class classification is the classification task with more than two class labels with no normal or abnormal results, such as plant species classification. Because I didn’t want my model to be able to “cheat,” I replaced all instances of the person’s first and last name with a blank line: “___”. It’s a useful way to debug or do a quick sanity check. The Machine Learning Algorithm list includes: Linear Regression; Logistic Regression Once I had a model that could translate between names and their embeddings, I could generate new names, blend existing names together, do arithmetic on names, and more. I have tried looking at a text problem here, where we are trying to predict gender from name of the person. So the bio above becomes: __ Alvin __ is a fictional character in the Fox animated series…, This is the input data to my model, and its corresponding output label is “Dale.”. Please like and share! Machine Learning Teacher Myla RamReddy Data Scientist Review (0 review) $69.00 Buy this course Curriculum Instructor Reviews LP CoursesMachine Learning Machine Learning Introduction 0 Lecture1.1 ML01_01_Machine Learning Introduction and Defination 15 min Lecture1.2 Ml02_01_ETP_Defimation 15 min Lecture1.3 ML03_01_Applications of ML … To account for this massive skew, I downsampled my dataset one more time, randomly selecting 100 biographies for each name. Before you start reading the code, I want to share a little bit about Supervised Learning. Neither of these Dales fit my aspirational self-image. Embeddings are an important machine learning technique. What if a computer program could find the ideal baby name. Embeddings are an important machine learning technique. If it’s been a while since you’ve read a Wikipedia biography, they usually start something like this: Dale Alvin Gribble is a fictional character in the Fox animated series King of the Hill,[2] voiced by Johnny Hardwick (Stephen Root, who voices Bill, and actor Daniel Stern had both originally auditioned for the role). You automatically put it in a bucket, the girl names bucket or the boy names bucket. Its focus is to train algorithms to make predictions and decisions from datasets. Their hipster friends just named their daughter Dale and it was just so cute! Most names are unambiguous (Paul, Jane); some are ambiguous (Pat); some change genders over time (Hillary, Vivian), so you need to know the birth year as well as the name. It’s fascinating to learn from the best scientists. The least popular names (that I still had 50 examples of) were Clark, Logan, Cedric, and a couple more, with 50 counts each. My network took 10-character names as input (shorter names were padded with a special character), ran an LSTM over them, and generated a vector of 64 floating-point numbers that roughly fit a gaussian distribution. Well, it seems the model did learn traditional gender roles when it comes to profession, the only surprise (to me, at least) that “parent” was predicted to have a male name (“Jose”) rather than a female one. The method of how and when you should be using them. Although these are technically incorrect labels, they tell me that the model has probably learned something about naming, because “ahmed” is very close to “ahmad.” Same thing for people named Alec. What follows is a study of applying machine learning to achieve semblance of human-like logic and semantics for alternative name identification. The model labeled Alecs as “alexander” 25% of the time, but by my read, “alec” and “alexander” are awfully close names. I trained an algorithm to generate name embeddings for the 7500 common baby names using a neural network called an autoencoder—a neural network trained to reconstruct its input after the data has been squeezed through a bottleneck (called a latent vector) that allows a limited amount of data through. In the past decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. In this post, I’ll show you how I used machine learning to build a baby name generator (or predictor, more accurately) that takes a description of a (future) human and returns a name, i.e. The most common example is the Spam Detection method. Here’s a tiny corner of it (cut off because I had sooo many names in the dataset): So for example, take a look at the row labeled “ahmad.” You’ll see a light blue box labeled “13%”. Computers drive cars, fight parking tickets and raise children. Start by learning the keys to picking a name and what common pitfalls to avoid.Then browse our inspiration lists or use our Baby Names Finder to search for names by letter, meaning, origin, syllables, popularity, and more. To account for this, and because I wanted my name generator to yield names that are popular today, I downloaded the census’s most popular baby names and cut down my Wikipedia dataset to only include people with census-popular names. Plus, the names of people with biographies on Wikipedia will tend to skew older, since many more famous people were born over the past 500 years than over the past 30 years.

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