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These block/short courses are structured to reduce disruption to work and many are offered in either modular, flexible or distance learning formats. This exception exists due to inclement weather issues (that can disrupt training schedules). naval fleet. Coastal Seafarers are hands on, dynamic, highly mobile You could be creating the next generation of naval ships or helping guide the logistics required to support their construction and maintenance. Maritime Studies is the college’s humanities major. Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies (MS) ocean’s depths. In addition to the above, the more rigorous BSc(Maritime Studies) with Business Major curriculum includes core business courses in accounting, business law, company law, principles of taxation, business environment, financial analysis & reporting, marketing, and organization behavior & design. Maritime Studies requires a total of 36 s.h. Incoming graduate students may not take more than 9 semester hours of “regular classes” in their first semester. are in demand around the world, and careers extend ENGL 2600 Introduction to Literary Studies. The Master of Science in Maritime Science is an inter-university program developed by Ghent University (UGent) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). You can choose from flexible course options, with opportunities for full-time, part-time and online distance study. COAS6000 is the only exception to this rule. Gain skills in navigating a vessel, applying maintenance and engineering knowledge, operating a marine radio, applying safety procedures at sea, applying ships … Home | Courses | Industries | Aerospace, Maritime and Logistics | Maritime Studies. At Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, lifelong learning is a concept that we’re passionate about and for this reason, we make it as accessible and flexible for our students.. Online learning puts you in control of your learning – especially suitable for all of us in the maritime industry where we … courseload. ABN 30 764 374 782. Maritime business and global logistics professionals … Additionally, COAS 6000 offers a greater degree of flexibility than a “regular” class (some of the content such as theory portions may be undertaken online), and due to the time spent in the pool and open water sessions, it also doesn’t carry the same reading, writing, or library time than a regular graduate class. Show all filters Transport & Logistics. Latvian Maritime Academy. Graduates of the diploma would be able to display competence in the application of knowledge in a broad range of varied work activities associated with an international career at sea. part of the sustainable aquaculture industry. We can answer all of your questions on choosing the best course for your career and how to apply. More courses in related study areas Business and Economics Engineering Marine and Antarctic Science. The degree of Master of Science in Maritime Studies (Safety: The Human Element) is a full- or part-time research-focused Master’s degree. To read official course descriptions, please go to the courses page. Marine Incident Investigation. Programmes and Courses. renewable energy by harnessing the power of waves and Maritime Business and Global Logistics Professional. marine engineer or marine electrical engineer ensuring COAS 6000 provides the training necessary to obtain an ECU Scientific Diver certification. Students wishing to enroll in program field schools or collect underwater archaeological data as a part of thesis research (i.e. The AMC is Australia’s recognised national institute for maritime education, training and research. Maritime Studies deals with policy, law and security issues related to the world’s oceans. In the Bachelor of Maritime Studies (Maritime Management) program, you’ll study the impact of human resources, economics, marketing and quality management on today’s marine industry. You could It requires only a few specific core courses to provide an overview of the main areas in Maritime Studies. Maritime Training Council (MTC) has given its accreditation to SIMS to offer and conduct courses as per the requirements mandated and set by the STCW ‘78 as amended in 1995 last 23rd February 2001. be working with tourism charter boats, commercial AMC is also the strategic educational provider for Australia’s $90bn Naval Shipbuilding Plan, which requires thousands of maritime specialists across engineering, management, seafaring, and maritime operations. Design Your Own Maritime Studies Diploma. View our Maritime Short Courses in: Cargo Surveying. Take 2 minutes to sign up to PGS student services and reap the benefits… The chance to apply for one of our 15 exclusive PGS Bursaries Maritime Studies requires a total of 36 s.h. The AMC is the strategic education partner for the Naval Shipbuilding and collaborations with the Australian maritime and shipbuilding industry. The Trust undertakes educational and social activities. in International Maritime Law. Professional Orientation: the program structure is strongly linked to professional bodies and Classification Societies’ curricula of certified training courses required from shoreside personnel in shipping. to a career in government in the areas of commercial The hallmark of the Maritime Studies Program is its flexibility because it allows students to tailor their degree program to their individual interests. Certificate of Competency (COC) Courses structures and machines that make up the maritime "AMC and its excellent facilities have given me the kind of hands-on practical experience that I was dreaming of...I am really interested in renewable energy and would like to eventually obtain a position in the natural gas industry.". Take the first step and come along to our Mid-Year Advice Week. Authorised by the Registrar & the Executive Director, Marketing and Communications © University of Tasmania, Australia. Our staff have a passion for young people, always caring, with hands-on training by our expert facilitators. Maritime courses. The Institute offers a variety of programmes and courses: IMLI offers a programme leading to the degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.) and it takes specialist skills to manage this vast industry. For a comprehensive outline of the master’s degree in Maritime Studies and to check semester-semester offerings, please refer to the latest Course Catalog and Graduate Guidelines. The main purpose of the programme is to train legal advisers in relevant areas of international maritime law, including the law of the sea, marine environmental law, maritime security law, and shipping law. Maritime Archaeology . Our courses equip learners for all aspects of the maritime… the safe, ongoing operation of large and complex industry. SIMS also provides services to shipping and manning companies for their special courses … Earth. COAS 6000 may be used only as a non-HIST course elective, and can be taken in excess of a regular 9 s.h. Introduction to the ISM Code. Maritime Studies; Programs (82) Schools (26) Displaying 1-20 of 82 results Sort. HIST 3102 Topics in Public History Methods. Prepare for a shore-based management role or work towards a career at sea with our world-renowned Warsash Maritime School. Students may find it difficult to commit to time off, or travel to a suitable course may be prohibitive. Register for one of our drop in advice sessions or book a one-on-one appointment with one of our helpful advisors. Maritime Transport - Marine Engineering. and skilled professionals with many career opportunities shipping, transport policy and administration. the tides, building ports and harbours, and exploring the The M.A. Studying at the AMC will give you the chance to experience hands-on learning with our range of cutting edge simulators and our impressive fleet of training and research vessels. For many students, the benefits of study are clear, but attending a conventional college course may be impractical for a number of reasons. Up to two other courses with approval by advisor and MAST head . About Us. Leadership orientation: Applicants can focus on leadership courses and gain professional “hands-on” experience in the targeted fields. Distance Learning Courses. It addresses these issues in the contexts of the importance of the sea for trade, a source of both living and non-living marine resources, as an important natural environment, and as both a source of international political tensions and cooperation. cruise ships, tankers, and cargo carriers in one of two Introduction to the Superyacht Industry. Design the largest and most complex machines on The Bluefin trip is part of our course that we get to do at the Australian maritime College with the University of Tasmania. Conducting an Inclining Test. Ocean Seafaring. Just add ambition. Ocean, Maritime, and Offshore Engineer. national security and customs. of the navigational operation and management, or as a This program is aimed at those who want to participate in the development of new maritime studies knowledge in the area of safety and survival. The Australian Maritime College at the University of Tasmania is Australia’s national institute for maritime education, training and research. Postgraduate and masters courses in Maritime Studies. This certification meets the standards for scientific diving established by the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) and is required for those diving under ECU auspices. Maritime Studies - Courses & Units - … This course must be taken before HIST5530, and therefore is usually completed in the 1st or 2nd semester of classes (1st semester is preferred). in maritime operations and coastal seafaring. Back to Top. pursuing a career in maritime archaeology) must also complete COAS 6000 (Scientific diving, 3 s.h.). Maritime Studies Program level Europe Delivery method. machinery. Featured. It is a trip that we look forward to since the very first day of our course. CRICOS Provider Code 00586B, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students, Environment, Resources and Sustainability, Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Specialisation) (Honours), Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management, Bachelor of Applied Science (Nautical Science), Bachelor of Applied Science (Marine Engineering), Diploma of University Studies (Engineering or Science Specialisation), Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Specialisation) (Honours) - AUT, Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Specialisation) (Honours) - ECU, Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Specialisation) (Honours) - Flinders, Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Specialisation) (Honours) (Co-operative Education), Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management with Honours (1-year honours program), Associate Degree in Global Logistics and Maritime Management, Diploma of Global Logistics and Maritime Management, Advanced Diploma of Applied Science (Marine Engineering), Advanced Diploma of Applied Science (Nautical Science), Advanced Diploma of Applied Science (Marine Electrical Engineering), Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal), Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24m Near Coastal), Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Master up to 35m Near Coastal), Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 Near Coastal), Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 Near Coastal), Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 1 Near Coastal), Diploma of Maritime Operations (Marine Engineering Class 3 Near Coastal), Graduate Certificate of Applied Science (Specialisation), Graduate Certificate of Logistics Management, Graduate Certificate of Maritime and Logistics Management, Graduate Certificate of Maritime Engineering (Naval Engineering), Graduate Certificate of Maritime Engineering (Technology Management), Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Specialisation), Graduate Diploma of Maritime and Logistics Management, Graduate Diploma of Maritime Engineering (Naval Engineering), Graduate Diploma of Maritime Engineering (Technology Management), Master of Logistics Management (Advanced), Master of Maritime Engineering (Naval Engineering), Master of Maritime Engineering (Technology Management), Master of Business Administration (Marine Environment and Management), Master of Business Administration (Maritime Technology and Management), Master of Business Administration (Maritime and Logistics Management), Master of Business Administration (Advanced) (Maritime and Logistics Management), Master of Business Administration (Shipping and Maritime Management), Master of Applied Science (Specialisation), Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies (IMAS). of course work. Introduction to Port State Inspections. The M.A. can be taken in excess of a regular 9 s.h. From luxury yachts and cruise liners, to the future key career pathways: as a Navigation Officer in control The Doctor of Philosophy in Maritime Studies is offered to full-time and part-time students. The Department of Maritime Studies at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) has its origins in 1886, when HMS Thames and her sister ships Forth, Mersey and Severn, the first modern cruisers of the British Royal Navy, were launched. courseload. SA Maritime School takes a personal interest in their learners. For a comprehensive outline of the master’s degree in Maritime Studies and to check semester-semester offerings, please refer to the latest Course Catalog and Graduate Guidelines. Maritime Operations and Coastal Seafaring. Naval Architect. The Trust was established on the 16th of Feb 2016 under TamilNadu Trust Act . International Diploma in International Trade and Maritime Studies: To meet the demands of the commercial world CCL has devised a series of courses to enable students to qualify in all aspects of International Trade, Exporting, Importing and Shipping. The aim of the course is to afford the student the opportunity to obtain the National Diploma in Maritime Studies which is accepted by maritime commerce and industry, as well as the SAMSA certificate of competency which will enable students to serve on vessels as certificated Deck Officers. HIST 3542 New England Environmental History . Faroe Islands Maritime Services, Óðinshædd 7, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands +298 309900 Maritime Law & Dispute Resolution (3 semesters): This course aims to strengthen and expand the basic maritime law taught and provides an applicable knowledge of dispute resolution to our business students in preparation for their degree studies or to work as maritime claims executives or paralegals. The purpose of the Diploma in Nautical Studies represents a level of qualification that recognises the ability to gain and apply a range of focused, specialised knowledge, skills and understanding. On this BSc (Hons) Maritime Studies Learning at Work degree course, you'll enhance your nautical knowledge and experience, and develop the key technical and managerial skills you need to succeed in today's maritime industry. Company is uniquely positioned in the industry as it enjoys comparative advantage of having own infrastructure, equipments required for entire offshore Maritime and STCW training courses and Practical Implementation accompanied with the highly trained, experienced and professional Merchant Shipping instructors, Ex.Navel Officers instructors & professional's from India. Memorial’s Marine Institute offers two (2) degree options in the area of Maritime Studies. The Australian Maritime College at the University of Tasmania is Australia’s national institute for maritime education, training and research. Varuna Institute of Maritime Studies, Chennai is run by Varuna Educational and Charitable Trust (VECT). Ninety per cent of world trade is sent via the oceans, HIST 5505 – Maritime History of the Western World to 1415, HIST 5520 – Maritime History of the Western World Since 1815, HIST 5530 – Field School in Maritime History and Underwater Research, HIST 5950 – Introduction to Quantitative History, HIST 6010 – Maritime History of the Atlantic World, 1415-1815, HIST 6525 – Sea Power, 480 BC to the Present, HIST 6805 – History and Theory of Nautical Archaeology, HIST 6810 – History of Marine Architecture and Ship Construction, HIST 6820 – Research Methodology in Nautical Archaeology, HIST 6850 – Field Research in Maritime History, HIST 6080 – Studies in European Maritime History and Archaeology, HIST 6650 – Management of Coastal Cultural Resources, HIST 6825 – American Maritime Material Culture, HIST 6610 – Legal and Professional Issues in Maritime Studies, HIST 6620 – Public Policy and Management of Cultural Resources, HIST 6660 – Maritime Heritage of the Coast, HIST 6832 – African and Caribbean Maritime Archaeology, HIST 6835 – Advanced Methods for Maritime Archaeology, HIST 6840 – Introduction to Archaeological and Museum Artifact Conservation, HIST 6845 – Advanced Archaeological and Museum Artifact Conservation, HIST 6855 – Principles of Archaeological and Museum Artifact Conservation, HIST 6860 – Archaeological Museum Conservation Methods Internship, HIST 6865 – Field Methods in Archaeological and Museum Artifact Conservation, Note regarding scientific diving training (COAS 6000). We have certification from all the required regulatory institutions. This study option is also an excellent gateway The Fletcher Maritime Studies Program examines maritime issues from three perspectives: DHP D205: Contemporary Maritime Affairs: Global Trade, Maritime Security, Territorial Disputes and Environmental Issues at Sea On completion of the diploma with student will be able to: 1. Torshavn, Streymoy. MAST 2210E/HIST 2210E History of the Ocean. Maritime Studies explores the long and sometimes troubled relationships between people, water, and other forms of marine life. This includes developing next-generation fishing or trading vessels, or helping feed the world as We acknowledge the palawa/pakana peoples of lutruwita upon whose lands the University of Tasmania stands. HIST 2100 The Historian’s Craft. Design, build, support and maintain the huge range of We have the southern hemisphere’s most advanced maritime research and learning facilities. beyond the ports to policy, finance and insurance, and COAS courses are not HIST courses, therefore registration in COAS 6000 occurs by contacting the director of the Diving and Water Safety office (Mark Keusenkothen,, 328.4041). Immerse yourself in the global maritime industry. of autonomous shipping, to Australia’s next generation a PADI, NAUI, SSI, SDI or equivalent certification) is a prerequisite for entering the course. Whether it’s captaining a vessel, safeguarding marine environments, designing advanced ocean engineering structures or keeping the world’s goods moving, AMC has the qualifications that will help you reach your career goals. The maritime professional education courses at the colleges are available at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and professional designations certification are offered for new as well as experiences professional by bodies such as the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, Association of Average Adjusters, and IMarEST. Recognition of work-based and distance learning courses. "Varuna" as per Indian mythology, is a God of Water. Vessel design such as high-speed ferries, underwater vehicles, submarines, patrol boats, frigates, working vessels and offshore floating systems, Supervision of vessel construction or trials, Engineering consultancy for coastal and subsea engineering projects, Offshore installations design and management. It’s something that’s really interesting and really practical. Maritime. Courses commence throughout the year. Torshavn, Streymoy. Maritime Courses. It aims at students from diverse academic backgrounds, who have a common passion for maritime transport and already hold a Master degree. The BSc Programme in Maritime Studies aims to equip students with a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the Maritime Business applied on a broad business administration knowledge base. TAFE Queensland's range of maritime courses will set you up for a career on the high seas.

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