neumann u87 vs u87ai

I've read so much bias … The Neumann Model U 87 multi-directional condenser microphone. We all know that it can also be used as a drum microphone. It is indeed out of the range of everybody. Frequently renewed discussions and speculations about the subject of Neumann U87 VS U87A caused me to do some research. For many professionals, the Neumann U87 … Thanks to its distinct sound signature, it’s considered by many to be the best condenser microphone of the 60s. The U87 … The original Neumann U87 mic was released in 1967, and was meant to be a successor to the famous U67. As a result, I believe to be in a better position to provide the answers to the often misunderstood differences in the specifications for the original U87 … If you want a standard while recording vocals, then the Neumann U87ai is the one for you. I am getting a new Neumann U87ai and was wondering what the differences were between the original U87 and and the ai. From the eBay seller’s description: “This is the original Neumann U87, serial number 21773.This was the first version of the U87 …

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