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People have used garlic as a food and medicine for more than 5,000 years. Because black garlic stops enzymes responsible for inflammatory responses–which trigger allergies–it also prevents allergic responses (x). The rats experienced the benefits of overall decreased fat. Jonathan Ritter, PharmD, PhD (Pharmacology), 8 Potassium Benefits + Intake, Sources & Side Effects, Ligandrol (LGD 4033) Side Effects & Dangers, Forgotten Sarsaparilla Root Benefits + Side Effects, Amadori/Heyns compounds: These are formed during the Maillard reaction. Specifically, a type I allergy response is activated by the IgE receptor that is on the outside surface of immune cells [2, 1]. The health benefits of black garlic, and some other interesting facts. For those who love garlic but always wished it just wasn’t so pungent, black garlic may be the ideal solution. There are no known major side effects of black garlic, which is considered safe to use as food. It also stimulates the production of two vital enzymes, which prevent oxidative damage caused by the cancerous cells (x). What Are The Side Effects Of Garlic? Here are 11 ways that garlic can improve your health, supported by science. His previous clients include Allergan, Caladrius Biosciences, and Omega Protein. The effects of black garlic are being studied in relation to the prevention and treatment of colon cancer and the treatment of leukemia, where introduction of hexane extract of aged black garlic was found to induce apoptosis (cancer cell death) in a laboratory setting. Processes vary widely across suppliers, with aging treatment ranging from 4 to 40 days. Allergies are related to immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies and mast cells that all contribute to promoting long-term inflammation. Research is ongoing, but this is potentially beneficial news for those with conditions that cause chronic pain, like arthritis and multiple sclerosis (MS). Cytokines play a role in the pain and inflammation present in arthritis, atherosclerosis and asthma. The ingredients of black garlic will easily be absorbed easily and intact and will not react with certain foods when mixed together. Common side effects (especially when eating raw garlic) may include: unpleasant breath or body odor; heartburn, burning in your mouth or throat; nausea, vomiting, gas or. With a sweet taste similar to balsamic vinegar, it’s prized for its health benefits in Asia. Some of these cancer cells are the A549 lung cancer cell, HepG2 liver cancer cell, and MCF-7 breast cancer cell [4]. One study, conducted on mice, found that treating cancers with black garlic reduces the size of stomach tumors. Over time, it may slow down cognitive decline and improve heart function. is a clickable link to peer-reviewed scientific studies. Pregnant and lactating women must also avoid garlic as it is known to have an aspirin like effect which reduces the aggregation of platelets. He was also a Medical Director for Cyvex Nutrition before serving as president of Systomic Health, a biotechnology consulting agency, where he served as an expert on genomics and other high-throughput technologies. As a dietary supplement, take 800 mg (scant 1/3 tsp) once daily, or as directed by your physician. Remember to speak with a doctor before using black garlic, and never use it in place of something your doctor recommends or prescribes. It also lowered the number of cells that cause inflammation and cell damage [1, 2]. This is a detailed article about garlic and its health benefits. So how does black garlic battle the bulge? Garlic contains a high abundance of hydrogen-sulfur donating compounds, which are very important for antioxidant properties to be possible. JNK and p38MAPK  are abnormal cells responsible for the onset of many types of cancer. Black garlic contains phosphorous which helps to build strong bones and teeth, facilitate nerve conduction, filter out waste in kidneys as well as other functions. The cerebellum and the hippocampus are vital parts of the brain, as they control muscle coordination and make memory retention possible. High concentrations of black garlic may kill cancerous cells in patients with stomach cancer. Dr. Puya Yazdi is a physician-scientist with 14+ years of experience in clinical medicine, life sciences, biotechnology, and nutraceuticals. Like ordinary garlic, it can irritate the gastrointestinal tract and cause symptoms such as heartburn, gas, nausea, diarrhea and body odor, especially when consumed in large quantities. Our team comprises of trained MDs, PhDs, pharmacists, qualified scientists, and certified health and wellness specialists. The nutritional power of black garlic is 10 times greater than that of fresh garlic as it has 10 times more allicin, the active compound in garlic, than fresh garlic. It stops the growth and division of some cancer cells such as A549 lung cancer cells and HepG2 hepatic cancer cells (x). One dangerous side effect of ginger ale could be its possible interaction with cancer medications. A study conducted on macrophages (a type of immune cell) suggests that black garlic reduces inflammation by decreasing nitric oxide (NO) production and cells that trigger inflammation. Heal Liver from Alcohol Damage The rats experienced the benefits of overall decreased fat. This helps stop the formation of enzymes which lead to penetration of viruses in our body. However, it may cause a significant decrease in blood pressure in people with low blood pressure. In a mouse study, rodents were given 120 mg/kg of black garlic experienced decreased levels of cytokines TNF-α and IL-6 in the blood [1, 2]. There is insufficient evidence to support the use of black garlic for any of the below-listed uses. So what exactly does that mean? Many compounds have “anti-cancer” effects in cells which do not pan out in a living system. This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Black garlic is available as whole bulbs, spreadable purée or jelly, or in supplement form. Black garlic is produced when fresh garlic undergoes a slow Maillard reaction, chemically transforming the garlic and producing the characteristic inky black color. It also has anti-aging properties. Black garlic is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, including Amadori/Heyns compounds formed during the Maillard reaction. Garlic, in general, helps boost our immune system thanks to its antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties than fight germs. Start your journey to optimal health with SelfDecode today. A study on the effect of black garlic on leukemia showed that it can stop the growth of the cancer cells by stimulating the molecules responsible for killing them off. 5) Obesity. More fermented black garlic benefits. Black seed oil is extracted from N. sativa seeds and has been used in traditional medicine for over 2,000 years. May Cause Liver Damage. Black garlic may cause gastrointestinal distress; talk to your doctor before taking it if you have a history of stomach or digestive issues. Taking or eating garlic can benefit cardiovascular health, physical and sexual vitality, cognition, and resistance to infection. Allicin, an unstable component of garlic, is converted into organosulfur compounds, which are more stable and also contain hydrogen-sulfur donating capabilities [5]. In a 12-week human study (placebo) involving 60 people, 30 people were given 6 g of black garlic 2 times daily before meals. Research has found that a person can eat more black garlic with no real side effects. In a 12-week study of 79 high blood pressure patients, they took either 2 or 4 black garlic tablets daily. 4. As a physician-scientist with expertise in genomics, biotechnology, and nutraceuticals, he has made it his mission to bring precision medicine to the bedside and help transform healthcare in the 21st century.He received his undergraduate education at the University of California at Irvine, a Medical Doctorate from the University of Southern California, and was a Resident Physician at Stanford University. Black garlic decreased blood clotting effects caused by platelet aggregation in both human and animal studies [1, 2]. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is a food additive that damages cells in the cerebellum and hippocampus–vital parts of the brain that control muscle coordination and memory. Garlic products sold as health supplements may vary widely … It is a good source of calories, protein, sodium, fiber, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, vitamin C, and calcium. These powerful compounds protect cells from oxidative damage that leads to signs of aging and disease. The side effects of garlic vary depending on the form you take (x). Black garlic is packed full of various antioxidants that help to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative damage to our cells. Garlic can cause bleeding during pregnancy and may risk the health of the fetus and the mother. Black Garlic Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage . diarrhea. This article looks at research into the health benefits of garlic and the … Is better at strengthening the immune system, because it acts as a probiotic. Precautions for Black Garlic: Although black garlic is generally considered safe for consumption, there are some side effects that need to be considered. Compared to white garlic, black garlic has a higher amount of this beneficial component, as 5-HMF is created under very high heat [, Organosulfur compounds: Diallyl sulfide, diallyl disulfide, diallyl trisulfide, and diallyl tetrasulfide [, Pyruvate: This is a key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecule of black garlic. Do not take black garlic if you have a history of low blood pressure. Align your health hacks with your genes for optimal health & cognitive function. Human trials will be required. Studies examining patients with high cholesterol levels found that black garlic may help improve cholesterol levels. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! In a cell study using macrophages (immune cells), black garlic decreased the production of nitric oxide, TNF-α, and prostaglandin E2, which are all key promoters of inflammation. Eat garlic with honey on an empty stomach and after a week something unbelievable happens. It also contains 2-linoleoyl-glycerol, an anti-inflammatory molecule. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve got to do everything we can to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. Black garlic is made through the slow fermentation of fresh garlic via the Maillard reaction. Purées or jellies are also available to use as spreads. Multiple clinical studies have found a potential benefit of black garlic for heart health, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure in humans. A rare case has been reported, in which black garlic has led to a case of pneumonia. The protein chain is also responsible for the release of cytokines, proteins that control immune responses and can increase pain and trigger inflammation. Black garlic also enhances liver function by increasing its metabolic action and decreasing fatty deposits, which lead to liver disease (x). Required fields are marked *. Highly valued for its potent health benefits, black garlic is a fermented form of garlic that benefits nearly all areas of your health. Learn how your comment data is processed. This organosulfur compound is created during the fermentation. Raw or aged garlic reliably reduces total cholesterol and Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL-C), while increasing High-density Lipoprotein (HDL-C). Black garlic may reduce the damage MSG causes to the brain by protecting brain tissue . However, moderate consumption is necessary to reap the benefits… And here’s another plus if you’re on a date at a restaurant and eating something with BG: it won’t cause garlic burps. A plus sign next to the number “[1+, 2+, etc...]” means that the information is found within the full scientific study rather than the abstract. Selfhacked LLC does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. TNF-α activated cells promote the inflammatory response and increase blood flow, swelling, and defensive cells to the area [1, 2]. Black garlic treatment significantly lowered markers of liver injury (AST, ALT, ALP, and LDH levels) [2]. Their average blood pressure decreased by 11.8 mm Hg [6, 7]. Black garlic has more benefits than regular garlic, without the typical garlic smell. One study found that 21 days of treatment at 70 degrees and 90% relative humidity was best for black garlic’s antioxidant abilities [1]. It had many uses, including as a diuretic, antibiotic and anti-parasitic. Garlic may increase the risk of bleeding, so it is not recommended for patients with chronic bleeding disorders or after surgery. This prevented an allergic response [2, 1]. Those are just three variations of the many benefits and side effects being claimed. Side effects and Precautions. Garlic lowers blood pressure. Nfr-2 factors bind to antioxidant response elements, which trigger the release of various enzymes [5]: All of these enzymes are important because they become powerful antioxidants, transforming damaging oxygens and nitrogens into nonreactive states that can significantly harm cells in the human body [5]. Join SelfHacked today and start the journey of improving your life. Black garlic (Allium sativum L.) is a fermented product of garlic made by treating fresh garlic for an average of 10 days at high temperatures (40 to 60 °C) and high humidity. All of our content is written by scientists and people with a strong science background. Below is a summary of the existing animal and cell-based research, which should guide further investigational efforts. The black garlic also decreased fatty liver deposits and rebalanced liver cell diameters to optimal size [2]. In rats, black garlic extract helped decrease Purkinje cell damage caused by MSG [2, 1]. May Cause Diarrhea. Garlic pills are considered safe for consumption, but there are some garlic side effects and interactions you should consider before taking garlic supplements. Scientists believe it removes fat cells by preventing them from forming (x). This is very early research on cells only, and no particular conclusion can be drawn from it about the effect of black garlic on cancer in a living animal or human. May Cause Nausea, Vomiting, And Heartburn. Our science team is put through the strictest vetting process in the health industry and we often reject applicants who have written articles for many of the largest health websites that are deemed trustworthy. Black garlic also lowered triglyceride and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and increased HDL (good) cholesterol levels [ 2 ]. If this protein chain is over-stimulated, it can lead to inflammatory conditions, auto-immune diseases and cancer. He has a history of peer-reviewed publications, intellectual property discoveries (patents, etc. It could not be determined if it was an immune reaction or a case of toxicity [9]. With its unique sweet flavor and jelly-like consistency, it is widely known in Asia for its antioxidant properties [2]. It also increases the production of tumor suppressors such as PTEN. Black garlic has various antioxidants [4]: Black garlic also contains nitrogen oxide, which has strong antiviral and antitumor effects [3]. It undergoes a Maillard reaction, which causes different compounds to form during the reaction. Hydrogen-sulfur donating compounds are vital to antioxidant effects, as they activate the Nfr-2 factor [5]. Joe Cohen won the genetic lottery of bad genes. One of the most amazing benefits of the black garlic is that it improves and works on your heart health. You can find it in specialty stores or online or can even try making it at home by using a rice cooker and allowing it to age over a period of three to four weeks. This reaction reduces the pungency of garlic and produces antioxidant Amadori/Heyns compounds. The … The side effects of garlic vary depending on the form you take . Amadori/Heyns compounds are strong antioxidants, and compared to fresh garlic, black garlic has up to 40 to 100 times more of these compounds [, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural: This is an antioxidant that also has some anti-inflammatory effects. In 2012, a study on the effects of black and raw garlic on the immune system was performed with 21 volunteers. Those findings led researchers to suggest it may be applicable in fighting leukemia. In a rat study, black garlic significantly decreased bodyweight, stomach fat, and fat cell (adipocyte) size. Apply twice per day for a week, or until irritation subsides. Talk to your doctor before taking black garlic if you have diabetes. It has a high demand and profitability as a nutraceutical product.. Some of the potential black garlic health benefits include reduced cancer growth, better heart health, improved cognitive function, regular blood sugar levels and enhanced immune health. Black garlic doesn’t have the same pungent odor as fresh garlic, and it could have a variety of health benefits. Black garlic is a functional food produced from fresh garlic (Allium sativum L.) via fermentation with the whole bulbs or peeled cloves in a chamber in which temperature (60–90°C) and humidity (70–90%) are regulated for a period of time. Aged black garlic has been used in Thailand, Japan, and South Korea as a traditional food for centuries but has been introduced in global markets only in the recent past. A chemical present in garlic essential oil, known as allyl sulfur is the crucial element here. 5. Rats with induced oxidative liver damage were treated with black garlic. It then prevents the survival of cancer cells, leading to their destruction. (x). All we can really say for now is that eating black garlic as part of a healthy diet won’t hurt. Is a better antiseptic against viruses, bacteria and fungi than regular garlic. 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