paul mitchell utp toner instructions

I like to leave the toner on until Kelli’s hair takes on a violet hue. Ok so this is how and what i used! Five sheer, lustrous shades allow you to neutralize, enhance, warm up or cool down lightened locks in a flash. Shampoo and dry the hair. The toner I use is Paul Mitchell’s UTP (ultra toner platinum) with 5 volume. Step 4: Tone to the Silver/Gray using Paul Mitchell The Color UTP+UTA+8A+20 volume and for the Ash Gray Balayage parts … Oct 26, 2014 - Use Paul Mitchell's UTP toner to make your bleached hair turn platinum. Paul Mitchell Ultra toner Ash Ultra toner White Want white hair?? I focus the application on the roots then pull it through the rest of the hair toward the end of about a 5-10 minute processing time, then I condition. Step 3: Tone with UTP and 10 volume Clear for about 15 minutes processing to a very pale yellow. Flash Finish™ sheer rapid toner imparts an ideal tone in under ten minutes—it’s fast, easy and conditioning. How to get white hair??

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