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The 20 graham crackers would be 20 individual small rectangles — breaking the squares in half. The kids helped make this creamy, dreamy dessert, so it came together in no time. I love pineapple desserts! So I decided to make this for a cookout. It just doesn’t tell you where the recipe came from. So happy you liked it! Hi, Annette! Made with a graham cracker crust, that’s easy to make and canned pineapple, its the perfect summer sweet treat for kids or for a crowd at home. Learn how your comment data is processed. Twitter. Facebook. We did think it looked a little boring, so we added some shredded coconut and diced pineapple over the top. I’m happy to hear your family liked it, though. I am testing new desserts for upcoming holidays. If you love pineapple desserts, be sure to check out this Pineapple Cake Fluff recipe! I’m gonna try it tomorrow with pie filling cherrys. Old family recipes are the best! IF f so for the amount of posted ingredients would one or two crusts be the needed amount. I just updated the recipe so it should easier to understand now. Make this a float by dishing the ice cream into a glass and pour pineapple juice over it and top with whipped cream. Creamy and smooth mixture of whipped cream, cream cheese and juicy pineapple, mounded on top of vanilla wafer crust is finished with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries to complete the Pineapple craving. Trusted Results with Pineapple dessert no bake. Hope to see you at the party! Thanks so much, Gina. I moved to to my 15×10 pan and it felt like it fit much better. This creamy no-bake pineapple cream dessert is an oldie but a goodie. The luscious pineapple cheesecake is a mixture of cream cheese, crushed pineapple, and whipped topping, and it is super easy to mix and chill in the graham cracker crust. I added pineapple tidbits to the top, and I personally thought this was the right amount. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you’re looking for an easy no bake dessert for summer potlucks, gatherings or just for your family, give this one a try! Since this isn’t a cake, and there’s nothing difficult or fancy about it, I just left that part off. You can use any type of canned pineapple and shredded coconut., 1/4 cup toasted shredded coconut for topping, Cherries and pineapple chunks for garnish. This easy desserts has a 15-20 prep … Could you please post that version as well? This is a quick and easy no-bake pie. Since I’ve never even seen that around here, I used Cool Whip, instead, but any whipped topping would work. Always so fun to find and try one of grandma’s recipes! Pineapple Dessert Recipes. Hi! No Bake Pineapple Dream Dessert topped with coconut is cool, creamy and perfect for summer. Thanks, Hi, Julie. ! 12493. My sister in law hates pineapple, I don’t know if the consistency would be the same, but you could definitely try it. Do you think I can use canned mandarin oranges? Other Lush Recipes. I had the coconut left over from making tropical fruit dip, but if you don’t have any on hand, don’t worry about it. If you love this dessert (and I know you will), don’t miss my Piggy Pie Dessert! Thank you. Required fields are marked *. The original recipe calls for Dream Whip, but I used whipped topping, instead. 1 / 35. Thank you for sharing this super easy and delish recipe!! I’ve added that to the recipe now. Made this tonight and it was a huge hit! OK I know it’s available year … (ALMOST) NO-BAKE PINEAPPLE DREAM DESSERT. . Keep in mind that the cheesecake layer may also be used as a sweet dip. . Using a standing mixer, cream the cream cheese until smooth and creamy. Its best served cold, so its best to keep refrigerated until ready to serve for best taste and results! In a large mixing bowl, mix the crushed graham crackers, granulated sugar and melted butter until well combined. We don’t have Cool Whip in Australia, could you offer an alternative please? And the best part? My mom is wanting this very much bc the nursing home has really sweet desserts and wants something more fresh! Thanks! It sounds like a bowl type dessert. Get Recipe. Came out nice and firm. Roast the coconut if you have time. Easy to make, this is heavenly! Allrecipes has more than 220 trusted pineapple dessert recipes complete with ratings, reviews and serving tips. The perfect no-bake, one-pan dessert. . Easy peasy. Surely, I was lucky enough to learn this very easy and time-saving treat – the 5-Minute No Bake Crushed Pineapple Cream Pie. Jan 20, 2018 - This No-Bake Pineapple Lush Dessert is silky, rich, and light. Surely not 20 whole Graham crackers? I am curious to know if these cut like bars or is it fluffy? Cream cheese, pineapple, whipped topping and graham crackers – so simple! It is wonderful in cake! The Dream whip that she said the original recipe is not a prepared whipped topping, it is sold by the cake mixes in grocers across the southern U.S. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday. You'll want to make this easy vintage dessert ...A cool, creamy no-bake vintage dessert that’s easy to make and perfect for summer... To Find Out All The Yummy Ingredients And The Step By Step Directions To Follow for this Delicious recipes, Please Head On Over To Next Page Or Open button.

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